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  1. You know what would help? Give all Sagewrights a special "Alertness" personality trait. It gives them something akin to Honed Hearing and Hawkeye. Letting them see more of the field as they move would at least give them a better chance of escaping. And it should be easy enough to do.
  2. After a bit more playing and thought, I finally have a feature request that I think could be fun. What if, when starting a new game, we could select what traits would show up throughout the game? What I'm envisioning is something that works a bit like the second wave options in XCom. Before you start the new game you have this list of all of the various traits and you can check which ones you want to show up. In an ideal world, there would be three identical lists, one for each base class. Now, I can hear some of you saying "but you could just select nothing but good traits and have uber soldiers!" Yes, yes you could. But I see that as a win, as it lets every player out there fine-tune the difficulty of each game. If you want an easier time, don't select many of the negative traits and custom pick the right traits for the classes. Want a really hard time? Make sure that all your Caberjacks have a chance to start Puny. Or perhaps you're like me. Perhaps there are just one or two traits you absolutely hate and want to turn off (Infertile and Asthmatic, I'm looking at you!). Point being, it would be fun and let every one of us play the game the way we'd really like. Oh, extra special bonus points if in addition to selecting the traits you could also select the likelihood of them showing up!
  3. I just wanted to note that I'm doing much better now, mostly thanks to all of your kind advice. I will state that this game has a pretty darn steep learning curve. Well, the battle part is a learning curve. I still think the bloodlines are a bit more down to luck than skill. At least in the beginning. Anyway, just wanted to say thanks to you people who helped me out! I'm doing much better!
  4. This seems a bit more accurate in my mind. Personally I think the battles are just about right for a "normal" difficulty. I do think the AI is a bit easy to outsmart once you learn what tactics work for each enemy, but I'm not sure that's really anything that could be changed. Bottom line, this feels about right for "normal." Now, that being said, I do think that there are a couple of big spikes that need to be smoothed out. The first time Bulwarks appear can be a really hard battle unless you've got a few Caberjacks. And unlike other folks, I found a lot of the Defend the Keep battles to be really rough if you want to come out of it with your Regent intact. My biggest problem is that the Regents tend to be under-leveled compared to the enemies. And if you forgot to equip armor on them, it can be really rough. Domain management feels about right, with a few caveats: After 6-7 games (and finally a success!) I found that the Sagewrights Guild just wasn't worth building. Ideally you'd want to build it early, but I kept putting it off in favor of things that helped me survive. But I guess it used to be too powerful. To me it feels like they went too far in the other direction. The big difficulty in domain management is really down to the RNG. If you start with too many infertile heroes, you're just screwed from the get go. You can also get screwed if your first generation is too far in one direction gender-wise. I had one game where the only suitable partners I had for my keeps were all kingmakers. About 30 years down the line I was royally screwed (no pun intended) because I had almost no women (save the ones I emergency recruited). I will state that as it is now the difficulty is MASSIVE if you're a new player or not used to this sort of game. Even coming from XCom it took asking for help here to really start finding some success. But I'm not sure if that's a difficulty thing or just a lack of useful tutorial information thing.
  5. I had 1 active hero, age 67. My youngest regent was 78 and none were partnered. I had no trainees left. So as a last ditch I recruited more heroes. I had all of two females, and one of those was infertile. I've played through the entire game at least twice. And there was no way a bunch of level 1 scrubs we're going to beat wrinkles and bulwarks. Especially with no armor or weapons research.
  6. I plan to eventually write a review (which will be positive, despite my own difficulties) but I feel like doing so before it's close to release is a bit premature. But I do plan to write one. As for the poll, I've already suggested it to a couple of people. That and my wife has asked me for a copy as well, mostly due to watching over my shoulder.
  7. Sure, some of the figuring stuff out is just part of games like this: I wouldn't expect otherwise. But at the same time, games like XCom have different difficulty settings, which they're working on right now. While not all difficulties should be easy, I figured that input like this might help when thinking about the easier difficulty settings. And really, I've had to restart six or seven times now just to even get a feel for the game. Which is too be expected, especially when the game is in beta, but once it hits retail I'm not so sure everyone would want to do the same thing. Some of this is frustration, but I think parts of it are valid when it comes to discussing possibilities for different difficulties.
  8. Well, chalk up another loss for me. Though thanks to your kind advice I did get the farthest yet. I got to year 85 before I really knew that I'd lost! But still, I'm growing more frustrated and I just can't figure out what I'm doing wrong. Well, I do know that what I'm doing wrong has to be in the domain management side of things. I was doing quite well in the battles up until I didn't have any more heroes or the heroes I had were woefully underleveled. But man, the domain part is just way too hard! But this time I wrote down my research order and a few notes so that maybe I can get some better advice. So here's what I did. First Keep was stocked with my two highest level Hunters with some decent stats (Tranquil AND Hawkeye!). This first bloodline served me quite well for the first 40-50 years. I then noticed that I had a few decent bonus regions. A Increased Dex for Hunters and an Increased Intelligence for Alchemists. Recruited New Heroes Built Keep (+Dex for Hunters) and installed my best two hunters. Combined with the first keep I was flush with good hunters for a while. Steady Hander - this was a HUGE boon. Thanks for the suggestion! Keep (+Int for Alchemists) - installed the only alchemists I had and they didn't produce a SINGLE child. And they were BOUNTIFUL! Crucible - Installed one of my best Hunters with Tranquil. I don't think I really saw a benefit. Recruit New Heroes - was hoping for an Alchemist to replace the dead one in the keep. Only one I got was infertile. Installed it anyway. Adopted a baby girl - Installed in alchemist keep just to get A child. Keep (XP Bonus) - Installed a Caberjack, as I really needed them and had NONE beyond the regent and consort. Recruited New Heroes - around this time my second generation had died off and I wasn't getting anything to replace them. I think this was when things just turned on me and I should have just quit. Hunter Armor - Pointless at this point, as I was already under leveled and nearly out of heroes. It was all downhill from there. Having gotten this far, I have NO IDEA how you guys can play with just two keeps. I had THREE and couldn't keep up with attrition due to old age. I went the first 60 years without a single combat death and I was still running out of heroes just due to old age. I don't think my Alchemist or Caberjack keeps every produced a single child. And I made sure that both were young and had at least average fertility (save for when I was alchemist blocked and resorted to adoption). Where did I screw up? What am I doing wrong still? I feel like I have a decent handle on the combats, but the monsters quickly start outpacing me around year 60 or so. You guys have been great so far, now I'm looking for a bit more help!
  9. Tonight marks my seventh successive loss with this game. As such, I think I have a few suggestions for the developers to make life easier for those of us who aren't tactical geniuses. * Thanks for at least including a losing end cinematic that doesn't make me feel completely awful. Even if "the only loses are those who don't play" is a bit of a bitter pill. * More guidance and tutorial on bloodlines and how they inherit traits/stats would be great. I really felt pretty clueless for the first couple of games. * More description on the items you can research would be great. I had no idea how useful the Steady Hander was until someone else here pointed it out. I thought it was a one and done consumable item. * Right now it feels like if you don't get an absolutely perfect start that you're screwed. Only you won't know it until about 50 years down the line. * I had two bloodlines that didn't produce a single child. They were both average or higher fertility and in their low thirties in age. But not a single child was born. * It feels like there's almost no way to recover from a bad battle or even an infertile couple or two. Every game I've had felt like it was going great at around year 30 but by about 60-70 it was clear that I wasn't getting any more heroes and that I was screwed. * Things just feel too difficult across the board after about year 40ish (right around when Bulwarks start showing up). I was doing well for a while but then the current generation of heroes died off and I had no one to replace them. Which means that from that point on you're just gone. * One thing that would help is increasing the level of the new heroes recruited if you have something like 4 or fewer heroes available to fight. If you get unlucky in the bloodlines you just keep falling further and further behind. * It would be nice if the easier modes had a substantial fertility boost for your regents. Getting more heroes would help immensely. * I'd like to be able to see all of the territory bonuses before I place my first regent if at all possible. I'd be nice to plan ahead but when you place your first regent you just have to guess. * I'd like the ability to replace a regent once they can no longer have children. I had a couple of longevity regents who just sat there taking up space for DECADES without producing any children at all. Bottom line, this game is a lot of fun but it just feels utterly harsh and overly punitive to anyone who's not a perfect tactical and management genius. Every game I just grow more and more frustrated.
  10. I feel like my biggest problem is that around year 50-60 it starts feeling like my heroes are all really underlevled for the monsters I'm fighting. It's rare to have anyone at level 3 and I've yet to see anyone higher. They just get flattened in two hits and die. Which then makes the problem worse, as I'm stuck with lower level raw recruits. That and it seems like a good quarter to a third of my heroes are all infertile. I'm pretty sure that I'm doing something wrong in regard to the bloodline section of the game, but I don't really know what I'm doing wrong. This game feels incredibly complex and there's not a whole lot of guidance for that. The tutorial threads have helped, but it still seems a tad confusing. What's worse is it seems like my second generation is inheriting all of the bad traits and none of the good ones. My Caberjack bloodline is all Asthmatic, Puny, and Slow, for example. Not one of them inherited Bear Strength.
  11. First of all, this is a lovely and fun game. I want that to be known right up front. But man, this game is utterly difficult and punishing. Over three games I have yet to survive the first keep invasion, if I'm lucky enough to get that far. And the worst part is that I really don't know what I'm doing wrong. Which is just making me incredibly frustrated and has just killed most of my enjoyment. The tactical combat doesn't feel all that bad at first, but by the time Bulwarks show up I just get destroyed every time. I've had multiple party wipes and I've just go zero idea how to prevent this. Am I supposed to be higher than level 2 when they show up? I tried starting out with 3 keeps, one for each class. But this doesn't seem even remotely sufficient to keep up with the attrition I experienced. Even worse, for some reason my bloodlines kept pushing out horrible soldiers that died at the drop of the hat. They were all level 1 or 2 runts with terrible traits, despite the fact that I tried to marry two people with the best combination of traits possible. I tried running a balanced team (2 Cabers, 2 Hunters, 1 Alchemist) but it seemed like that wasn't sufficient. And then after a while I was only left with Cabers to choose from, since everyone else had died. Is there even a way to recover from this? I would dearly love to have a bit more advice on creating and maintaining bloodlines. Right now I just feel utterly clueless and the unrelenting hordes of enemies just don't let up. Maybe this game just isn't for me? Maybe I'm just terrible and not the target audience? Should I just give up? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. In game advice would be even better.
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