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    Owner/Host of the BoredCast! Network - podcasting site. Find us on iTunes! Search for boredcast network or ankob Shows: - A New Kind of Bored - Hosted by Anthony and Josh. Tech news, film, gaming, and funny stuff! - Tell Internet Gomer says Hey! - A podcast adventure with us and The Andy Griffith Show. Join us as we review and discuss each episode of the iconic 60s TV comedy. [url=www.facebook.com/boredcast]BoredCast! Network Facebook[/url] - like the page! [url=www.anewkindofbored.com]BC!
  1. My Grandpa taught me how to play Zork when I was like.. 7 or so. He had an IBM clone that he bought back in 86. It was like 3 grand. hahha He handed that computer down to me when I was 9, misplaced it around 1999. That thing worked flawlessly. First point and click was KQVI, that game scared the crap out of me. The dwarves and the minotaur.... ack! So suspenseful! I hated dying. First LA game was DOTT and that's what got me hooked.
  2. I have a couple of podcasts. See my sig and click that junk. One is my buddy and I telling stories and hanging out. It's mostly nerd commentary on current issues or cool stuff or games that are coming out. The other is an episode by episode discussion of The Andy Griffith Show. Yeah... we're not old. Like 30 and under not old. I also have a couple of records from the last few years that's on iTunes, but even I don't listen to them, so meh. Meh meh meh. (Hollywood Black, The Western Civilization) My goal is to get you Double Finers to like the BC!N facebook page. You don't even have to listen. I just want to feel awesome about something. sigh.
  3. That's the story. I downloaded it last night, but I'm not sure when I'll get around to playing it. I'll let you know next year bro.
  4. Most recently, would have to be Heavy Rain. My wife and I went to the game store and after browsing and arguing for 30 mins on what to get, we just asked the clerk to suggest something. Neither of us had heard of it and we loved it. More of a movie than a game, but yeah, we liked it.
  5. All I know is this. Film scores have been sucking for some time now. I feel as if most composers are writing looped pop songs with an orchestra instead of actual thematic elements and movements. Take like.. EVERY superhero movie in the last decade. There's always some dumb tribal drum or electronica loop thingy going on. And most of the music is screechy and atmospheric.
  6. yuxss1kBQWw I keep coming across Oingo Boingo references all over this site. Turn your speakers up.
  7. Does the forum support Tapatalk? I'd love to have me some DFA on the go.
  8. End of disc 1 on Final Fantasy VII last night. 7th or 8th playthrough? I have a stupid list though thanks to the Playstation network having sales. And not having enough time to play. This is my bounching ball of gaming: FFV FFVI FFVIII FFIX Journey Forza 4 GT5 Brutal Legend NCAA Football!! EYAAHAHA I realized a few years ago that I although love gaming, I'm just not very good at it. I usually can't beat the final boss and just "pretend" I do so I can look up the ending later on youtube.
  9. too much benadryl... just got on forums.. can't keep eyes open..
  10. Getting married! We celebrated our 3 year anniversary last week. Don't have kids yet, but that will probably end up replacing my wedding day.
  11. sweeeet. hope you like it scarecrow. 7 episodes in right now. we're trying to get some samples programmed, for that super-pro pro feel. "psshooooooooooo zap zap zap BOOM, 'YOU ARE LISTENING TO BLAH BLAH BLAAAAAHHHHH'"
  12. Hello everyone. I'm Anthony. I'm a big fan of Tim Schafer's games, though I didn't know he was the mastermind of all of those great projects until a couple of years ago. I'm super excited for the DFA though! I'll probably only mention this a single time, and only in this introduction thread. But here's my shameless plug. Check out my signature below and profile for more info. I own/host a podcasting...thingy, and I do a couple of shows. We talk about geeky stuff mostly, in our geeky stuff show that is. Mostly... A New Kind of Bored - That's the main "flagship" show. It actually got started because of the Double Fine Adventure! A New Kind of Bored, you can look for it on iTunes using the search criteria "ankob" or "boredcast network" K, I'm done. I'm also reallllly into cars. Especially VWs and other euros.
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