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  1. I have this problem as well. On Mavericks Psychonauts ran OK, but after updating to Yosemite, the game crashes immediately on startup! Is this a known issue? Will there be an update addressing this issue anytime soon?
  2. Somebody needs to start, though. Otherwise we get stuck in a cycle. Sometimes we might be better than others, but it is still dangerous to judge, because you do not understand the situation of the other. I don't believe judgement carries any more weight and consequence than anything else. Will TenNapel change his opinions because of being judged for them? I find that unlikely. So from the perspective of development as a human being, it does not do much. I'd say the best way to teach people is to lead by example. If you look at all the great men and women in history, their greatness was mostly in what they did, not what they said. Of course, speeches are great, but would ring empty without accompanying actions. And so it should be with us. If you preach tolerance but are judgmental in your own way, you are unlikely to sway others to be more tolerant.
  3. That was exactly the point. I didn't understand your putting verbal abuse on the same level as Doug's expressing his views on a blog. I don't want to validate Doug's opinions here, in any way. I must disagree here. Criticism (constructive) we need, assessment, discernment, but not judgment. Judgement in people is often rash and something we do without proper deliberation. We constantly judge others exactly because we feel insecure ourselves and feel the need to make ourselves feel better. Thus we judge others, to see them in worse light than ourselves. Small disclaimer: I am talking about judgment on a personal level, not societal. Of course, judgement is critical in things like law. On a personal level, we would get much further with compassion and forgiveness, in my opinion. I assume you (or your parents) paid for those games. You supported him that way even so. If you support him to make another game, you support his creativity and the things you respect in him. Not his opinions. And the more he focuses on making comic books and games, the less time he'll have for writing nonsense online.
  4. If you shout expletives, people have to ignore them or go out of their way to avoid them. You are at complete liberty not to read his blog and articles -- conversely, you need to to make it a point to come across them -- personally it's not until now that I've come across most of the stuff he wrote, as a result of this discussion. But more and more I feel we are mixing two discussions into one here: A) Separation of art and artist. I still maintain there is a distinction. I will continue watching Polanski's films and playing TenNapel's games, because they hold a quality of their own, separate from the actions and opinions of their creators. That said, I am against rape and pedophilia, and pro homosexual marriage and LGBT rights. B) Bigotry and being judgmental. Yes, bigotry might be a big word and probably is tossed around more than necessary here. Please note that I never called SurplusGamer a bigot. I did say he was judgmental (which he accepted and said he thought that was OK) and I also pointed to the fact that I thought his stance was hypocritical -- especially considering my view on point A and the way he put it in words. I think being judgmental is enough, and in fact, is the beginning of all kinds of bigger vices. Just look where it took Doug. I don't know SurplusGamer as a person, so I cannot say more. He's probably a fine wee fellow.
  5. If it is a form of aggression where you actively want to harm someone, how is TenNapel guilty of it? As far as I know, he expressed his opinion. He neither drafted the laws nor is actively working on pushing them through. In terms of degree of culpability, how are Doug's rants about homosexuality on his blog any different than SurplusGamer's rants about Doug over here?
  6. In this line of reasoning though, your extent of judging doesn't end with opinions either. It ends with the practical and real act of supporting his project or not. Which can be likened to voting. I think I'll stop there. You are convinced of the truthfulness of your position (just as TenNapel probably is of his, no doubt) and seemingly unwilling to think about it (though I do not know what is going on behind the mask). I'm not trying to win an argument here (which is an impossible feat on the Net, anyhow) and don't want an acknowledgement of defeat from you. I'm just hoping it might make you think about it. Of course opposing gay rights and not supporting someone because of their opinions is not 100% the same thing. It cannot be. As I said earlier, different time, different situation, different people, different issues...you'll find differences, that for you will prove the allegory doesn't stick. But allegories aren't about being 100% bullet-proof. They are about the concept. And the concept behind the two is the same, no matter how much their real-world expressions differ. Both start with judging others -- primarily for being different, in one way, or another.
  7. Well, exactly. That is the infinite cycle I speak of. Of course, the mere fact of being judgmental doesn't make you a bigot. But what you then do with that judgment can. I myself try to be as non-judgmental as possible. Do I always manage? Hell no! Especially with the internet around. But I think it is important to try. And to keep on trying, again and again, every time we fail. Just here, the beginning of the sentence: That is the root of the problem. The difference between person A and person B. Only if we are ever able to get over this way of thinking can we achieve anything.
  8. Well, his extent of judging begins and ends with his thinking the gays' views are repellent. Apart from that, he probably goes about his daily business and makes no difference to him. It still is the same club. No matter what he is. That kind of speaks for itself. If you fight bigotry with bigotry -- how do you suppose to get out of the circle? You know, that is the basis of bigotry, putting yourself on a pedestal because of someone's opinions, or personal realities (race, sexuality...). It never will matter who the other category is. It is the putting yourself on a pedestal that is. It might not sound logical at first, but the only real way out is through humility. That is, if you care about solutions.
  9. @Surplus: BTW, I don't think you are miserable and I completely agree with your point about it being ridiculous if you had to research everyone to be in the clear. That is of course not a feasible task and only if you did that, THEN your life truly would be miserable. Being a hypocrite isn't not treating everyone the same all the time. That is nonsense, because every time and every situation is in its very principle different, so variations are necessary. Being a hypocrite is preaching one thing and living another. And sometimes that may be hard to distinguish, because we usually preach it about one aspect of life, but live it differently in a different aspect. Don't give money to the project if you don't want to -- that is fully and irrevocably your right. But maybe try to think about why exactly you aren't doing so. Because in the end it isn't about whether you gave the money or not, but the reasoning behind it.
  10. What I find interesting about your post is how precisely it proves my point. The terminology and attitude is very similar to that of racists, homophobes etc. -- the only difference is who you are targeting with your approach. You have a problem with the fact that TenNapel judges other people for their homosexuality, in general, without caring about the individual lives of those concerned. As if their homosexuality defined everything else about them. But you do the same to him. That's what is hypocritical. When you fight for the rights of LGBT, you fight for all of them. Sure, there will be despicable people amongst them (as in every other group you might think of) -- rapists, thieves, murderers, you name it. But you fight for their rights along with everyone else's. Because the expression of their sexuality has nothing whatsoever to do with whether they are murderers or not. And whether they are good accountants or not. It is a right they have as human beings. And in the same way, TenNapel's game has nothing to do with his opinions. He judges them. Shame on that. You judge him? Then welcome to the club.
  11. Generally speaking, and of course, depending on the extent of the artist's active involvement in promoting things like this, it can sometimes be hard to separate artist from art. But I think that more than not it relates to discovering new artists, where a negative aspect of their personality might mean you aren't willing to invest time into figuring out more about them and their art. I think a really good example is Roman Polanski. Yes, he is a pedophile and a rapist, but it doesn't change the fact that he is (for the most part) a great filmmaker. I won't change what I think about his films just because I know what he did. I know some people do, but that is really a form of bigotry. In the reverse direction, I won't change my opinions on him and his past just because of his films. The two sit separately with little crossover. In a way I think that is what makes a really good artist -- that you in fact CAN separate him from the art. True art goes above and beyond, and isn't just a blanket expression of the artist's opinion. I really like TenNapel's work (a majority of it) and personally never felt he was forcing his views on his audience. There were some blog posts, as mentioned, but as far as I am aware, it didn't go further. First and foremost he is a talented artist. And incidentally, he also blogs about his opinions, with which you don't have to agree. But as long as he doesn't force them on others, it feels weird to judge him for it. Because if you do, you are essentially doing the same thing you are judging him for. So I think that is where you draw the line -- does the person use the money for promoting his bigoted opinions? If he does, then it is absolutely clear you cannot support him and his work. But if he doesn't use the money for that and yet you still judge him for his opinions, you are as bigoted as he is.
  12. And it's here! http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1949537745/armikrog Looks amazing.
  13. Amazing, thanks! I'll give it a week or two and then will dive back in (and hopefully finish this time round)!
  14. It's strange how a lot of people here judge everything in terms of Broken Age. The way you write it makes it feel as if BA was the only focus and all else is just a means of getting more cash to run the show. The majority of these games are coming to most of the platforms for the first time. A lot of work was undoubtedly put into porting the games. They easily could have released them directly on Steam, the Mac App store and similar platforms first, to get the most cash from willing buyers, and then when interest tapered off, come with the Humble Bundle to rekindle attention. Instead, they decided to go for HB first. And I really respect that and think it says a lot about Double Fine and how much they care about the people who play their games. As a Mac owner who has only had one console (Wii) in his life, I've never had a chance to play these games before (except for Psychonauts, which was extremely buggy), so I directly feel the impact of this. Thanks Tim, and thanks everyone else at Double Fine for your amazing work and love!
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