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  1. Partnership with Adult Swim Games

    Yes, this was also by Dave!
  2. Get used to the name "Grasslands"

    Indeed, it was no longer a top secret code name after that episode but we never got around to changing it.
  3. I do see the black outline in the IGN video. Hmm...
  4. Headlander Footage

    Hi, all. There's some recent footage of Headlander and Gnog over at Venus Patrol's Twitch channel. http://www.twitch.tv/venuspatrol/v/18553783
  5. Shouldn't say much about this either but it's not too difficult to think of reasons why.
  6. It's closer to 4 than 40, not counting people outside of Double Fine.
  7. Partnership with Adult Swim Games

    The original prototype was also a side scroller.
  8. Partnership with Adult Swim Games

    David Earl, who's worked on previous Double Fine games.
  9. Partnership with Adult Swim Games

    I consider Headlander being part of AF an experiment. A prototype had already been created prior to the AF that it was featured in. I don't think that's true for any other AF pitch (maybe Brazen if that counts). People always reacted positively to the prototype so we always felt like it had a good chance of being made. We do our best to get as many AF games made as possible. We've pitched all the games from the public AFs and the vast majority from the earlier ones.
  10. Hi, aratuk. There are currently no plans for an iOS version.
  11. I'm not on the project so I really shouldn't say much but here's the latest dott changelist description:
  12. Estimated release ?

    I just saw people working on it as I sat back down at my desk!
  13. A little video filmed in the past week for Maker Camp 2015.
  14. Any chance for a Brütal Legend modding kit?

    Unfortunately, I would say chances are slim at this point. The main problem is BL wasn't created with mod support in mind so it's not something that can be quickly added and it would be difficult to find the time for such an undertaking.
  15. http://www.ew.com/article/2015/05/19/elijah-wood-tim-schafer-broken-age