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  1. here's the "world tree"..i like how this came out..
  2. philwillis, dude, that's wickid!! and thanks for teaching me what an "ampersand" is.
  3. hey cellusious, those are amazing man!! i'm not joking when i say i would prefer all our games to look just like your pixel art.
  4. what do you guys think of these names? - Hashtag - Bitmap - Tandy
  5. goddamn fucking piece of shit!!!
  6. what the fuck? this forum just censored my shit word!!
  7. holy shit that's a wickid idea jezzanotabelle!! i'm gonna consider that near the end when i have time. it might be too much visually, but i like it.
  8. here's some castle tiles. they're not nearly up to the standard i usually set myself, but i'm seeing how quickly the end of AF is approaching and i need to get these in a.s.a.p.
  9. here's some environment set pieces. i'm starting to think this is gonna look pretty cool.
  10. for the last 2 days, i've been snacking-on safeway's "select" strawberry swirl cookies. these cookies are wickid; sweet and delicious and fills you up just right.
  11. it was down to these 2 logos for the final. i was going for a "cold steel" look with the blue one...but Brandon and i both agreed that the gold one is more fantastical and nerdy.
  12. here were my initial work-ups for the logo. i was checking out 80's vertical scroller games for inspiration. when i say "inspiration", i mean "to steal".
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