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  1. Oh yeah Dead Synchronicity! I backed that one too. You don't see many dark adventure games. I love the stark, angular art style. Check out the playable demo on the Dead Synchronicity Kickstarter page. (There's an extended demo available for project backers.) https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/fictiorama/dead-synchronicity-tct-a-dark-point-and-click-adve
  2. Here's an interesting little adventure game currently on Kickstarter: Shrug Island. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/iggynore/shrug-island It's a story of two friends returning home after a season and trying to find each other again. The impressionistic artwork and sound design are really intriguing. Music plays a bit part of the game; the characters sing to the land and each other, transforming themselves and the world around them. The game is based on an animated short film (there's a link to it on the Kickstarter page) and a previous mobile game.
  3. I do think the launch of the next-gen consoles is slowing down crowd-funding a bit. Or maybe the Kickstarter community is waiting for a few more games to get released. I've now got 30 or more games queued up. But there's always one more worthy project to back. Take Dyscourse for example. It's not being billed as an adventure game, but its branching storyline and artwork certainly suggest it. A bunch of castaways are stranded after a plane crash and must work together to survive. Or must beat each others' brains in until there's only one left standing. Or... who knows? Survival is tricky like that. I think it was mentioned in this other thread that there's a special bonus feature where several prominent indie game developers (including Tim of Legend) get stranded on their way to a game conference. Hilarity and cannibalism ensue, I'm sure. They're 69% funded but have just 3 days left to make goal. http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/owlchemylabs/dyscourse-survivors-choose-wisely
  4. Mighty No. 9 is funded already. I hope they can reach the console stretch goal. It would be so much better to play on a large screen with a controller in hand.
  5. Elementary, My Dear Holmes! has launched on Kickstarter. The development team at Victory Square Games describe it best: Seems like something us Double Fine fans could appreciate! The development team sound like they have a deep appreciation for the old Sierra and LucasArts adventures and want to make something every bit as fun and funny as those classics of yore. Check out the names of the reward tiers for a trip down memory lane... Check out the concept art and the pitch video on Kickstarter: http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1375982935/elementary-my-dear-holmes
  6. I agree! Project Phoenix does look promising. Of course, they don't need any help to meet their goals -- they're already funded! I might still kick in for the game, but I want to find out more about the gameplay and the real-time tactical combat. And about the reactivity and non-linear elements. I really don't want to play another "story-on-rails" JRPGs. Some of them seem like they took a passable anime movie and decided to interrupt it with meaningless dialogue choices and the occasional level grind. If Project Phoenix can address those problems, I'm all for it!
  7. Legend of Iya got funded earlier today -- it was an amazing finish! I'm glad the developer will finally be able to bring this game to life after so many years. Candle had a huge jump in pledges this weekend too, and looks like it will make its funding target with a little help. Just three days left now! http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/spaniardmike/candle-a-dynamic-graphic-adventure
  8. Now that American McGee (on Facebook) and Tim Schafer (on Twitter) are starting to post and tweet about it, I think the Candle campaign should start building momentum. The early bird packages at $10 are nearly gone!
  9. Hey, Backers of Adventure! There's a recently launched Kickstarter adventure game called Candle whose animation and images are all hand-painted using watercolor and ink. Teku Studios, a new developer based in Spain, has drawn upon Mayan and Aztec influences as well as African folk art to create the look of the game. It strikes me as a more vibrant and organic Machinarium. (An adventure game with art inspired by the indigenous cultures of Mexico... now what does that remind me of...?) The main character in Candle is Teku, a little masked doll with candles for hands. Much of the gameplay and puzzle-solving involves the interplay of darkness and light. There's still a few early backer slots left, which means you can back the project and get a copy of the game for just $10! http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/spaniardmike/candle-a-dynamic-graphic-adventure
  10. My first adventure games were text adventures, played on a friend's Commodore 64. We loaded up the games using cassette tapes, not disks or CDs. Do the kids today know what cassette tapes are? Dang, I'm old. Anyway, I remember typing "CLOAD" and other mystic commands into the primitive Commodore 64 keyboard and loading up one of several adventures. There was one about a wild west ghost town, one about a vampire's castle, one about... well, it was a long time ago. I got into graphic adventures with Kind's Quest 3, and have basically played the entire Sierra and Lucasarts canon. But I have a special place in my heart for Manic Mansion, Day of the Tentacle, and of course, the Monkey Island series.
  11. I supported the Double Fine adventure, being an old-school Adventure game fan from the days of Zork. Those old text adventures taught me how to use a keyboard! After backing DFA, I signed up for Wasteland 2. I had great memories of Wasteland, and have played all the Fallout games as well. A great setting for an RPG, so different from all the trolls and goblins and wizards. And now, reading this forum thread, I discovered the Banner Saga. Looks like a great team behind that project, and a lovely art style. I contributed to that one as well. This Kickstarter thing is awesome. I've been buying indie games and supporting indie devs for several years, but not all of them had an easy way to do fund-raising/pre-orders before.
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