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  1. I've been thinking about the events system. A couple things I'd enjoy are seeing events make use of the massive timescale, and also some that give the player a little more knowledge about how their choices impact the outcome. For example a relic quest might look something like this: Relic Quest Stage 1: Hero comes to you asking to go search for a Relic. Choice: Allow or decline. Stage 2: Hero asks for help searching for location and implies somebody SMART would be best. Choice: Pick another hero to help. RNG: Time it takes to research, better chance to find the location if the two heroes have a higher combined intelligence. Stage 3: The heroes narrowed it down to two location. One requires STRENGTH, the other require DEXTERITY. Choice: Where do you send him? Stage 4: He ask for the help of another hero. Choice: Who do you send with him? RNG: Did you send them to the right place? If no, go back to stage 4. If yes, go to next RNG. RNG: See if heroes succeed based on their Strength or Dexterity as appropriate. If they succeed go to 5a, if not 5b. Stage 5a: If heroes succeed, they report back with the relic. Stage 5b: Heroes don't come back. Eventually they another hero from the same blood line comes back and says they want to try to find the relic that great uncle/aunt was looking for. Return to stage 1.
  2. What if we started with more buildings? As it is now it's pretty clear that you have to another couple keeps very early on. New players might fall into the trap of researching some armor or items, then realize they are all out of heroes when it's too late to do anything about it. It could also maybe be determined by difficulty. Easy starts with three keeps, normal with two, hard with just one. Maybe you could start with a sage guild or crucible too, or maybe you get your first on through an early mission similar to the first mission, and then after you've liberated one you can build more.
  3. I just opened steam and it started updating MC. If it's not hybrids I'm going to cry a little.
  4. I'm guessing it has to do with inbreeding. It's not very clear in the UI how that's handled so it may be a bug in that system.
  5. Do you enjoy watching games develop and having the opportunity to provide feedback? Then get it now. Do you want the best gaming experience you can have on the first time through? Then wait.
  6. I also just finished the final fight with my all alchemist party, and they steam rolled it. I did not lose a single hero, nor did the chalice get hit once. I was very saddened to discover that that my bees disappeared when new enemies spawned. I really wanted to just sit back and let the bees do all the work. (During keep defense I filled the choke points with bees, and sometimes heroes magically got XP stinging to death a foe I never saw). So in conclusion, I now think alchemists are quite powerful. I do still they had something more interesting at 1st level though.
  7. I'm about 200 years into it now, and they alchemists have definitely become less boring. I think it is mainly the first few levels that were frustrating, when I could not do enough damage to one shot anything, and I frequently ran out of bombs on all my guys as a result. Acid and bees both help tremendously. I think it terms of raw damage alchemists might be the best option for levels 2-9, though I still miss caberjack's knock back and the ranger that the hunter can offer.
  8. I completed my first run through of MC with a balanced party, and now after all the talk about alchemists being the weakest class I decided to give it a go with all alchemists all the time (except for a couple early battles when I couldn't support a full roster of them). Right now I'm at about year 100, so I'm going to give some preliminary impressions. Early on I found it more challenging that the standard party, and also more boring. I decided to do an experiment with an all caberjack game for comparison. That subjectively felt more interesting to play, but was also quite brutal. Around year 50 I had two masive defeats in a row, which lead to losing a region (which happened to be the one that granted Caberjacks a strength bonus). I lost a few alchemists in battle early on, and had one massive defeat, but my current game their holding strong. My current thinking is not that the alchemists are weaker than the other classes, the problem is that they are less interesting, especially at early levels. Caberjacks and hunters both start with two interesting abilities. Sometimes stealth is the best options, sometimes shooting it with a bow. Sometimes a caber attack is the best options, sometimes a knockback is. For alchemists, I always want to toss a bomb, the problem is that I sometimes run out of bombs. I have to ask myself if it's worth it to use this obviously better attack, or to use the clearly inferior attack so I can use my good attack later. The easy fix is probably to add some additional effect to the alchemist's basic melee attack that makes it useful in certain situations. Maybe some kind of status effect. Maybe something that makes the foe easier to hit or lowers armor? I've also noticed that alchemists don't have any way to delay attackers like the hunter's flarrow or the caberhack's many kinds of stun.
  9. I think a lot of people will still use it, especially the repeat players. Gamers like new challenges. Once we've beaten the game one way, we impose new challenges on ourselves to make it more interesting. (I once beat Final Fantasy tactics using a part of only bards, dancers, and mimes. Why? I wanted a new challenge.)
  10. I think it would be fun to have some personalities you can earn in the tactical battle. Seen a Lot If a character is the only one left standing at the end of a battle. Maybe a major increase to damage resistance. Team ______ If a group has three or more battles together, they earn a team name and get bonuses when they are near each other.
  11. One thing I think would be fun is to give relics different traits in addition to the extra damage. This might be something like knocking back an enemy, applying acid damage, or granting heroes protection against aging. Thoughts?
  12. I find that the lack of feedback can also be frustrating, and that it frequently feels like a random coin toss. There are some that are clear, like when the choice is to do something or do nothing, other times there are several options and I'm not sure which one might cause what. (There was one where I could "get out of the palace" by watching a hero in my minds eye. No idea what the benefits of seeing a play vs. going to a tavern might have been.) Also I'd like to feel like the stats of the characters involved in the quests mattered somehow, which right now it doesn't feel like.
  13. What if same-sex heroes just got periodical auto adoptions without needing to use the chalice powers?
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