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  1. Make the box a two-piece job with a slip-cover. Supply two slip covers - vertical and horizontal - to satisfy everyone Come to think of it, if Doublefine doesn't go with horizontal, I'll make my own slip-cover anyway. With blackjack and hookers! (I guess you could also just print the box one way and provide the alternate slip cover instead of two covers + plain box. But that kind of boring thinking didn't get us where we are today!)
  2. Octagonal tubes are the way of the future. Sadly they're not an option, so horizontal is my preferred choice - when it's stacked with other boxes it doesn't matter, but I want the art to look its best when the front is on display.
  3. I say release the hell out of it. Haters will decide it proves you're all talentless hacks who waste money, fans will decide it proves that you're awesome geniuses - they thought that already anyway. The rest of humanity will be better entertained and informed than they would've been without it.
  4. Steam says I have 6 hours played, but I spent a lot of time AFK or alt-tabbed so I guess the actual time playing the game was much less. I started with Vella and got her to the second town before switching to Shay and finishing his story. That Act I ending was unexpected and awesome. I had suspicions that something was up with playing Marek's UFO catcher game, though I still hadn't connected the dots 'till afterwards. I agree with most of the voices saying that the puzzles felt simplistic, and perhaps some of the hints were a bit heavy handed. A bit more depth in some things would've been appreciated.. but overall I found it pretty satisfying and I'm eager for Act II. Loved: - The navigation scarf crochet puzzle - Marek - Vella's voice sometimes reminding me of Laverne - Giving Wil Wheaton wood so he'd give me a freshly produced stool to make a talking tree puke sap into a bucket hat. - This cool Backer shirt. - I've been slack keeping up with the doco and forum chatter, so most of the game was fresh and surprising! Unexpected rewards for laziness!
  5. Oh yeah, I'm still fine to play. I had been waiting for update notifications on the thread, but I guess maybe it doesn't work like I thought 'cause I haven't had any in forever despite new posts.
  6. I agree that Shay's start felt very restrictive, boring, and tedious, but I wrote that off as being intentional and reflecting his own existence at that point in the story. I haven't played a lot further yet. Feeling optimistic.
  7. 'How would that work..more details? Well.. it was intended as a humorous suggestion based on an episode of Star Trek: Voyager (short version: Their medical hologram had a "hallucination" where people were trying to convince him he was a real person inside a simulation). But if such a thing were to be in the game, I'd expect the infected doctors' reactions to vary with their personality. Some may simply perform their duty and participate in their imagined simulation, whereas others would become introspective and refuse to treat patients (Who they believe to be simulated). They may become casual about endangering themselves and others, neglect needs like hunger and sleep, or try ending the simulation through disastrous means! If they come to believe they live in a consequence-free world they could do anything, from running off to fulfill their dream of being a bartender, to flying away into space to find the invisible wall enclosing the simulated area (video game style). Normal citizens would get annoyed when socializing with the delusional doctors. Citizens who are long term friends of the victim would become more upset/sad. Of course, to cure the condition, you need... A SPACE HYPNOTIST! Or counselor, I guess. Or a holodeck and some phasers set to stun, so security could stun them, drag them in and have them wake up there believing their simulation has just ended.
  8. How about a psychosis especially for space doctors, where they become convinced that they aren't real people at all, but simply a simulated holographic AI medic?
  9. "What a piece of junk!" Very nice :wow:
  10. A timer would be spectacularly handy for that succession game we're talkin about over in the other thread. I don't even notice time passing 'till I look back at my screenshots and realize how many stardays have passed :ahhh:
  11. I'm not sure that you've done anything... cannibalism has come up a few times from other posters. The idea should always be on the table when there's Space Chickens about. They're so tasty!
  12. Dang cool little ships. Maybe having tons of these swarming around shootin down raiders wouldn't really be within DF-9's scope... But it would be neat to have a cute little work/security shuttle (Like a space van/minibus) to ferry folks direct from a landing bay out to distant work sites.
  13. Related, but maybe not what you were thinking of: Very unscientific micro-singularities that pass through your base occasionally, sucking people together and dragging them along with it. Enemies take being sucked into bodily contact with each other poorly. Wait, no.. that sounds kind of amusing and not too too ridiculous. I must try harder.
  14. Nice work! I'd been contemplating those but didn't wanna risk a pathing-related disaster with my current base. Good to know they're viable. External refineries are many kinds of awesome. External oxygen recyclers don't work so well. You can be fooled into thinking it works if you build them next to oxygenated rooms, but they don't actually do anything other than make your techs' jobs more interesting. That's a neat idea too.. even without a parasite your citizens will know they live life on the edge, never knowing when that door might suddenly pop open :ahhh:
  15. I'm okay to start whenever.. depending on the timing of Alpha 3. Starting before it hits is fine with me - can't wait for every upcoming feature before getting something underway. A couple more questions first though: How long in real time should players get to play their term? A few days? A week? What works for you folks? Will the order repeat 'till the base dies ? Or do we go through the order a fixed number of times?
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