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  1. right on thanks for the tips guys. i went ahead and grabbed Dropsy as well as about half a dozen of those games from GOG. will keep you guys posted!
  2. heya guys. i am on a mac and looking for some good point and click adventures. Obviously by virtue of being in this forum you can probably guess my taste: Monkey Island 1+2 are my favourite. Followed by Tentacle and Fate of Atlantis etc. Any one got any solid recommendations for something similar I could pick up on Steam? Thanks
  3. just bought The Cave on Steam for Mac. I am really enjoying it. One question tho; while I am playing, the screen will randomly shift to any 2 of my other characters....it is incredibly annoying. I have looked around and don't seem to see any similar complaints. is my keyboard sticky or something? maybe i am inadvertently hitting some "switch character" short cut? does any one have a similar issue? thanks guys ty
  4. Agreed, sh$t happens, but the fact that it is near approaching the end of the month and we have no updates etc is a little disheartening. Honestly, if i was told the next doc was pushed till next month, i would have no problem with that. its the lack of communication that is unfortunate.
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