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  1. Just got to the final battle and also got the 0HP Chalice freeze and had to reboot. I'm yet to finish the last battle, but so far it's really good, I love the intensity. If I win it, it will really feel like I beat the challenge. It's rare to get a last level that actually challenges you. Please don't nerf it too much :-) Just a suggestion if someone hasn't already mentioned it, is this: When the Chalice is fully charged, it automatically forces you into the last battle. At this point I was a little time off getting my latest generation to level 10. Can we be given the option to prepare for the battle? i.e let the timeline and infractions occur so my heroes can still level up, because after all it is the Chalice itself that initiates pulling the cadence in, not the cadence overwhelming us. Update: Just finished the last battle, it was very good. Waves coming in on top of each other was a real challenge.
  2. Thanks for the tips guys. I've the swing of it now, keeping heroes supplied and experience growing at the same time. Four keeps is a must, and good tip about not investing too many sages. I found a good balance by alternating keep building with one other research, that way I can keep a small edge on the battlefield as things get harder but also keep myself in the business of making babies. At first it was frustrating but I'm really enjoying the mechanic now.
  3. This is a call for help in how to manage my Bloodlines. I have been an avid x-com player since the original came out in 1994, so I'm no stranger to this type of game. I have only been playing Massive Chalice for a couple of days and am enjoying it a lot. I especially like the Bulwark enemies, very clever. So far I haven't lost a single battle or a single hero in battle. What I am losing is Heroes to old age and my bloodlines are slowly dying out. Even with a minimum of 3 keeps pumping out babies, I still can seem to replenish my stock. The bottleneck here seems to be research. All actions have to be queued up under one research stream. In X-com, research wasn't affected by the need to replace troops; you could order the troops and arrive a few days later. So far I had managed to get my bloodlines up to level 5 when suddenly a whole bunch died on me and I was suddenly left with level 1's and 2's that I had to scrounge from a recruitment boost. By then I couldn't recover and now I'm stuck in impossible to win fights with cradles and bulwarks. I have a crucible and a sagewright's guild but I can never seem to get my guys back to experience after the oldies have died. And why the hell does everyone die at the ages 60-63? Surely some of my guys are kick ass enough to at least make 80 0_o Anyhoo, anyone who feels like helping a fella out, I'd be grateful....
  4. Is this post still going? I'm off the forum for a month and it still here? Wow! How do you know Tim was calling you a jerk? He didn't mention your name, so how do you know it was you? Oh wait! Were you the only person to ask for a refund for your donation? Hmmm, now let's think about that.....
  5. I agree about the environments, most of them only have two or three points of interest, taking out the pleasure of exploring. Getting stuck sometimes is a good thing and I just didn't get stuck in Broken Age. Breezing through the second time, I really only got enjoyment from few of the interactions, Harm'ny Lightbeard was one and the hipster lumberjack was the other, but they only had one use each. It would have been nice to have to see them on multiple occasions with newer speech branches.
  6. Congratulations Double Fine and thank you! Thanks to 2 player productions for making such a great documentary. I loved it when Tim read out the marketing research notes for Psychonauts, that was hilarious. I really felt for Camden, he looked like he'd been up for a week straight, and Oliver drowning in a sea of bugs. Great work everyone, and I wish you all success for the game. Was that a tear I saw Tim? hahahaha
  7. Yes good luck guys, it's been a fun ride and you have made a beautiful game, I will be gifting a few copies to my friends and I'm sure they will like it!
  8. I think I'm gonna go with the cream propulsion thingy Shay uses to fly around, more power ;-)
  9. I agree. I think The Dead Eye God is Shay's father, for some reason. But I think Marek is not part of the Ship's programming. Why would he first let Shae use the ship to catch young girls, and then let hem wreck it? Does Shae's mother know what he is doing with him? The game seems to want to show how easily apparently positive motivations like love and care can lead to enslavement and repression. But I have no idea how this is going to work out in Act II. Looking forward to it so much!!! Because of the choosing process, at least that is what I think......Shay must choose the creatures himself. Marek seems to know the ship's systems very intimately, therefore he must have some knowledge that the ship itself is actually Mog Chothra. If he knew this, then he would know that 'saving' these 'creatures' would actually mean kidnapping maidens. His making a point of getting Shay to choose which creatures to save, which is a bit suspicious. Or Perhaps Marek somehow boarded Mog Chothra accidentally and is using Shay to help him escape, but why would that involve kidnapping maidens? The other issue is Mog Chothra's maiden feast cycle. The maiden feasts seem to coincide with Shay's meddling, it is he who is choosing the maidens, not the Bassinostra. The Bassinostra doesn't allow Shay to go to these 'dangerous systems' and it is Shay who has to bring the ship there. So what is happening if Shay is not involved? Is the Bassinostra kidnapping maidens automatically? I guess we'll find out.....
  10. Ok so here goes my take........... Marek seems as if he doesn't belong to the Bassinostra but he actually is a function of the ship's programming. All of the 'dangerous' star systems Marek gets you to visit, like Prima Doom, correspond to a village, which are presented to Shay in the form of a space rescue simulation. So Prima Doom being the last star system is actually Shell Mound. When each Bassinostra child reaches a certain age, Marek is activated and encourages the child to hack the ship. This is why the Mog Chothra only appears in cycles. He then goes about 'rescuing' the creatures. The first system Shae goes to is Meriloft where one creature is left behind, the sad girl who didn't get picked. Then in the second system, Sugar Bunting, Shae tries to rescue them all, but the last creature does something funny when he picks it up and he is lost. This is Vella who escapes. The third system, Prima Doom is Shell Mound, Shae picks up two creatures, but the third one is moving really fast; once again this is Vella. Shae picks her up but then gets hit by a giant laser and knocked unconscious. His story then overlaps into Vella's when Mog Chothra opens and their worlds are swapped. When rescuing the 'creatures', Marek always makes Shae pick the ones to rescue himself. He is also the one who supplies the 'dangerous' star systems, therefore he must be in collusion with the ship. The ship trains the subject from birth with toy missions, and then Marek is activated to trick the subject, in this case Shae, into performing 'real' missions. The ship even tells him a Sacrifice Girl legend. Where I am unclear is the 'why' of it. I like some of the other speculations, like food processing to feed Shae, or perhaps breeding. I'm more inclined to think breeding because Shae has to 'choose' who to rescue, and then the ship will sort out who will be most suited to a pairing. You all may remember a door in the ship which Shae cannot open? The mother says it's a surprise for Shae and he is not allowed to know? Well, I believe this is where the candidate for Shae's partnering is being prepared. The other big question is who is the Dead Eye God? Initially I thought he was the future version of Shae by the way he spoke, but after Shae's exit from Mog Chothra it is not apparently so. That and I think he called himself 'Alex' In any case, its a good bit of writing, kudos to Tim on such an interesting story and I can't wait to see what happens when Vella takes on Marek and the Mother, or when Shae meets the Dead Eye God.
  11. I've just finished the game and I have to say I was mostly satisfied with it. The story ramped up slowly, but got more and more interesting towards the end of Act 1 with a satisfying conclusion. Also a lot of Shae's non-sensical activities with the grabbing arms made a lot of sense after I finished Vella's act. I really enjoyed the story and it left me with a lot of questions and I like how the ending became a reversal of the beginning. I really hope to see more difficulty in the puzzles going into Act 2, one thing about the puzzles in Act 1 was some rather obvious over-hinting about what to do from speech dialogue, e.g. the talking tree, you guys would know what I'm talking about. Hints are good, but when it's overdone, it's basically telling you what to do before you even know why you need to do it. A lot of the puzzles I figured out this way simply because the dialogue hints were too strong. It's much more rewarding when you see the problem first and then figure out the solution. Great job, I was mostly satisfied with it, and I think I'll reserve my judgement for Act 2, I've already bought a few copies on steam for my friends, who are casual gamers, so I'd really like to hear what they have to say about it.
  12. I was also from a lower backer tier, I assumed the special credits would have been a separate section in the actual credits listing people as the more generous backers etc.... I actually thought the lower tier backers would actually be in the credits as well. It is disappointing for me, because I thought my name would at least be in there with the 90,000 others, but I suppose I should have known :-(
  13. While I haven't finished it yet, I would definitely say Harm'ny Lightbeard, I'm a lukewarm fan of Jack Black, but I have to say his Harm'ny had me rolling on the floor laughing. His dodgy cult leader was perfect! I also loved Marek, though I haven't seen his whole story yet.
  14. Thank you Tim and team for making Broken Age. It was a pleasure being a backer, and given the chance, I would back again. Having the documentary was great.
  15. I hope this feedback is constructive. I haven't finished act 1 yet but I have made fair progress in both Vella and Shay's stories. Two things that struck me while playing. One was the points of interest, there seems to be a considerable lack of them, things to click on and explore while you go through the puzzle. These things, in my opinion, expand the world you're in, they draw you in and also produce red herrings, possibly helping to make the puzzles a little more ambiguous. The other thing is a lack of inventory, so far I've finished a number of puzzles with each character and I only have one or two items in my inventory. By this time in other adventure games, I've usually accumulated quite a lot of items in my inventory. These two issues combine to make the game a little too streamlined, a comment I've read from other people. I also haven't come across the combining of two or more items. It feels less adventurey, if that makes any sense. Because of these limitations, its too easy to see a clear solution through to the endgame. I sincerely hope act 2 will address these issues. I am, however, enjoying everything about the game, the art is amazing, and the areas are interesting.
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