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  1. I just finished it and I had a smile on my face the whole time. The writing was great, the art was gorgeous, and the performances superb (Christopher Lloyd! and Wallace Shawn!). I find it an interesting contrast to Broken Age. King's Quest made me feel everything I thought Broken Age was going to. Don't get me wrong, I liked Broken Age, but it felt overambitious and like it just fell a bit flat. Whereas King's Quest was a simple love letter to the originals that was a joy to play. All of the puzzles were quite easy, but somehow satisfied me in a way the easy puzzles of Broken Age's first act could not. I'm sure I could find some flaws if I thought about it, but there's enough right with this game that they don't really matter to me.
  2. This happened to my girlfriend's save yesterday on a 2008 aluminum Macbook. Similar to OP -- she'd just obtained the tear gas canister and gone back to the main Shellmound screen. Then she opened her inventory and clicked Shay (she had not started his story yet) and she was sent back to the beginning of Vella's story. Then she clicked Shay again and it went to his story. I took over to speed-run her back where she had been, and was just spacebar skipping through Shay's breakfast and somehow ended up standing on Shay's bed unable to move or interact with anything.
  3. Nope, I've only got one account and never sign out. However, if I recall correctly, the problem occurred after I launched the game from Steam and a UAC elevation prompt came up which I accidentally declined. The game started normally after declining, but saves were gone, even after quitting and restarting, until I went hunting for them in the AppData folder.
  4. Just experienced some kind of glitch with my save file. Playing on Steam (Windows 8), after two play-throughs, I went back to start my third and the game acted like it was my first play-through: all cave paintings gone, guitar/skull/thespianship award were the initial treasures. Looked in C:\Users\Me\AppData\Roaming\Doublefine\TheCave and found auto.sav, prefs.sav, unlocks.sav, and screen.dat, all just created. There was also a folder called 76561198000901979 that had another auto.sav, prefs.sav, and unlocks.sav, with modification dates of three days ago (when I finished my second play-through). Copying these older files over the newer files in TheCave folder seems to have restored my old data.
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