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  1. Oh well thats ok! I'm sure someone can release an xpadder profile. I'm happy to use anologue stick accelerated mouse if thats all I can use
  2. I hook my laptop up to the television to play some games. Will this game feature gamepad support (360 controller) so I can do this? Sorry if this has already been asked, I searched but couldn't see anything definitive Thanks!
  3. AWESOME Dialogue is my fav things in adventure games, kinda why I don't like modern ones as much, cos of the lack of dialogue interaction
  4. Might be interested in this (Warning: some adult humour/themes/content): http://www.escapistmagazine.com/videos/view/jimquisition/5090-Beneath-A-Steel-Skyrim
  5. I really love dialogue gameplay. You know, where you can pick different hilarious/interesting/varied responses to a conversation another character is having with you. This is probably my favorite bit of adventure games. How much would you like to see dialogue options appear in the DFA game?
  6. - Woodland (European fall forests, the kind of thing Robin Hood would slink around in): Shafts of warm light falling through auburn leaves, a silhouette of a robin flies past in the distance. Leaves fall gracefully to the ground like snow on a calm winters day.
  7. ^ Pretty much this. I'm bnot really "mad" though at those people, I just can't understand it. DF can sell as many backer things as much as they want, I never backed this project to feel special, I backed it because I think it will be a cool game.
  8. TL;DR - What makes adventure games special/interesting for you? Sans nostalgia? Ron Gilbert in the latest episode talks about what makes adventure games special, apart from the simple nostalgia that everyone enjoys? What made them special back then? The reason I personally found adventure game's special was exactly that, the "adventure" - I felt a tremendous amount of freedom to explore, because the game's had me in control of so many different things. I could attempt to mix and match objects, I could select different dialogue options, I could traverse a variety of areas on the map, I could even try to "push" an angry pirate and this would illicit a funny little line of dialogue I would never have heard had I never tried that action. Adventure games, are, in a way, giving you control over actions and items that most game's just put in cut scenes, this gives you a tremendous feeling of freedom and allows you to explore so many more different things. I remember in Curse of Monkey Island, when I pushed Murray off the plank into the sea, it was such an exciting discovery, because my previous experience with games had never even let me "apply canon stick to talking skull" to further the story. And discovering that is incredibly fun.
  9. Delays are inevitable. I have studied film making, it's just like that. This is a creative process, not a corporate video, so delays are to be expected. Don't stress yourself over it. Except that the documentary isn't a creative process by its nature You should move out of the corporate offices my friend. Doco's are a creative medium if the creator wants them to be 2pp is defintely one of those creators. Leavem alone, they are doing a double fine job
  10. Love these videos! Delays are inevitable. I have studied film making, it's just like that. This is a creative process, not a corporate video, so delays are to be expected. Don't stress yourself over it.
  11. Lol, I love that hotel, so well painted.
  12. None at all, if thats what Double Fine want. If Double Fine want to read forum posts and listen to feedback, that's their choice too. Obviously they have to know their market, but the whole point of a kickstarter project (in my opinion) is to cut out that publisher dynamic which reduces creative freedom. If anything, we all want more creative freedom for this game, so I say, keep people's opinions on the forums and if DF wanbt to read them they can, but ultimately, they are not beholdant to anyone.
  13. Yeah, if it is a subtle message or a fun way of looking at a message, I would be all for it. But I don't want it to be depressing.
  14. As someone who does film making, I could see how they could use the 25%, however, they would have to make it really good. As in, oscar worthy and get it put into theatres etc.
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