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  1. Thanks for sharing that! It's probably too late to get Kinect Party retrofitted with it, but clearly sharing images is going to be something we want to keep exploring going forward. So if we do a new version of KP, or even another title, we'll definitely look into this type of sharing functionality.
  2. Hey All! Sorry for not responding sooner - I was sucked in the vortex of GDC. First off apologies once again for the grand, confusing, finale to our KP adventure. But it sounds like everything is functional now (even though those 2 names are incomplete and the trailer is missing). If anyone is running into additional issues, can you let me know? You guys are seriously the best for sticking with it!!! We are The Fellowship of the Kinect Party.
  3. @Doublefan - thanks for logging the complaint! Wish I could also share the other thread I have going with Microsoft. There are lot of very important people aware of the problem, I'm hopefully when people come in Monday morning it will be promptly fixed. @Slashee - I think you're right - they likely pulled DFHAT down when Kinect Party went up to prevent a different, and also annoying consumer problem: If DFHAT stays up then people can buy Kinect Party and DFHAT without realizing Kinect Party includes DFHAT. Of course - that only matters if you can actually get Kinect Party... Once you guys pointed out the NZ marketplace portal I can see from the states, I was able to spot the missing DLC package pretty quickly. On the US page, you can see the "base game": http://marketplace.xbox.com/en-US/Product/Kinect-Party/66acd000-77fe-1000-9115-d8025841125c?Page=2 But on the NZ page, it's not there at all: http://marketplace.xbox.com/en-NZ/Product/Kinect-Party/66acd000-77fe-1000-9115-d8025841125c Well, at least that's the current, hopefully "soon to be fixed" situation.
  4. Oh that's super helpful - thanks so much for the link, I actually didn't realize I could get to the NZ marketplace page from the US. Bringing in the big guns - those are named incorrectly, and you're absolutely right, it doesn't look like the "Base Game" is there at all. ((( What a frustrating twist to this already frustrating saga.
  5. The DLC is there but the game doesn't appear to be... much to my frustration after paying 400 points for what I thought was the game only find it was just an unlock for a non existent item. Oh. My. God. You HAVE to be kidding me!!!! This is absolutely outrageous I'm about to send this info to everbody at Microsoft, as well as Tim Schafer, who can send it even higher up the chain. But before I do, and I apologize in advance I'm asking for a favor on top of costing you those points, but can you check out the online store for MS and confirm that these downloads aren't available?
  6. There is a possibility it released today!? If anyone has a free moment, mind checking for it on Xbox Live Marketplace?
  7. Umm.. I'm going to totally jinx this - but the most recent email from msft tells me that it's close. Tim has personally been talking to various people over there to get the issue escalated and I really think there are only one or two remaining issues and it'll be out. Of course I'm at a loss as to what exactly those "issues" are, and why the whole process went from 2 weeks to 3 months... Still - we will get this thing done if it's the last thing we do!!! (EDIT: Hopefully this is not the last thing we do.)
  8. Hey Skullinane, I'm afraid I don't have a great answer for you. Kinect Party shipped with a newer version of the Kinect SDK, and it's possible that something got broken in the transition, especially since I don't believe microsoft QA was testing for play fit compatibility. I'll look into it and see if I can get anything concrete for you though!
  9. The game has actually already been rated and is completely ready to go. It's just a matter of getting it through their certification process, and while I know that can be challenging for a new title, this one is virtually identical to the already shipped title. Short version is it really should be out!
  10. Well you guys - I'll admit it I'm frustrated! I was actually told a likely concrete release date, but kept it to myself in case things didn't work out. Lo and behold they did not (it was last week). I've contacted MS again for a status update. I feel like a seriously broken record at this point, I'm sorry guys, I really, really, really hope it comes out soon! @Bar, If you do hook it up to a projector feel free to share the video with us. I'll show the team, they'll love it.
  11. Oh wow - thanks for the update! Strange I thought the xbox live app was taken down from the marketplace, but either way I'm really glad it's finally resolved for you!
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