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  1. Didn't say it was difficult. Didn't say it was poor design. Not saying it is anyone's fault. Not saying anyone has to agree with me. I was simply saying i personally found it immersion breaking. That is my opinion. This is a feedback forum. The sarcastic responses are unwarranted. ("are you kidding me", no I am not, I am providing feedback)
  2. I liked the idea of the head shrinking teleportation puzzle, but I found it immersion breaking. I ended up having to name all of the rooms, write down all of the connections on index cards, then diagram the entire ship's layout on a whiteboard. Once I did that, it was easy to figure out the puzzle, but I had to stop the game to do that. Features that would have fixed this issue are: * Give me a way to tell the name of the room I am in * Give me a map, that tells me what room I am in, and how it connects to all rooms I have explored (directly and indirectly) To get an idea of what I ended up doing, check out the attached images. In general I have been having a great time with Broken age. This particular puzzle is the only time I have noticed something annoying. My favorite line so far: "Wolf costumes aren't going to crochet themselves".
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