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  1. Man, that Justin Bailey, though. He's like Double Fine's cheat code, making sure future projects start with a full arsenal and, like, sexy leotards for the staff. It's a pleasure to watch him work. Microsoft was totally right about the summer camp thing, though. Summer camps mean nothing to me, and worse, they're usually used as kind of a nostalgia shorthand, because everyone who matters went to summer camp, right?
  2. I don't know how a company that's supposed to be a professional organisation designs a game that's ten times larger than the resources they have available, particularly one that was sold on getting an 'old hand' at adventure games to get one last crack at it. They've known there were scope problems since the beginning of the project - we were seeing videos about the scope problems back last year, and clearly that problem wasn't taken seriously or else we wouldn't be in this situation. What's worse, it's sucked up funds that other teams from Double Fine could have used to make new games. I'd be glad that I at least got a documentary series out of it if 2PP hadn't gone to like a three-month release schedule, and it looks like I'm at least going to get half a game, but still. This is bullshit, and it reflects badly on Tim, Double Fine and the Kickstarter process. At least now we know why Psychonauts and Brutal Legend took so long and still released unfinished.
  3. Well they did roll the cameras for another couple of weeks to make sure there was a nice capper on the events of the episode, so it's not entirely due to 2PP biting off more than they could chew.
  4. I think Ron giving three pages of criticisms isn't intended as a slight; the whole point of playtesting is to see what's not working. If there wasn't anything Ron could say to do, it'd be time to ship.
  5. Does the slacker backer total take into account that the price changed during development, or does it just multiply the slacker backer total by $30?
  6. I'm guessing that the original plan includes a lot of ideas that were thrown around in isolation and there's likely plenty of fat to cut before we start losing muscle. I'm reminded of the peyote trip in Full Throttle that got cut and ended up growing into Psychonauts.
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