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  1. Pretty much the first adventure game I actually recall playing. Never managed to get the good ending.
  2. - Dota 2 - Gotham City Impostors - Starcraft 2 - Alternativa - Tribes - TF2 - League of Legends - DLC Quest Haven't touched some of them in quite some time, but lately I rotate between those.
  3. 1. Tim is making a game. Must buy. 2. Ron will help with it. Must buy. 3. It will be an adventure game. Must buy. 4. We are allowed to peek into the dev's fantastical creative work with no constraitnts. MUST BUY! 5. Can get Concept art? Must upgrade. And believe me, had I the money I would've gone all the way up the rewards tiers. As to why I'm a fan of both Tim and Ron, despite being new to the genre (only 7 years give or take, with not much time to actually play all the adventure games/point and click I wanted to), I admire their work and wanted to help them and all the backers on slapping the Big Companies who don't realize how there's market for these. Also Tim told me to do it. I OBEY!
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