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  1. Figured I could ask in this thread as well since I suspect that I am missing something really obvious when trying to download act 2.

    I followed all the steps described above and put in my key and selected the backer beta. But when I try to update it chugs for a little while and then Steam times out. I tried updating other games in my library and it went perfectly...

    Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance!

  2. Voted something is missing.

    Kinda torn on my impressions of the game. As a regular game purchase I would have been extremely satisfied. Great writing, story, art etc and I had a really good time with it. But as backer for a non-defined "old-school adventure" it really clashed with my subjective expectations on such a project. The most important things for me was great writing and entertaining intricate puzzles that have some form of twisted logic to them. The writing delivered but I found the puzzles extremely dissapointing.

    Many I found to be barely puzzles, they were more lika tasks. Like, you need to cut something, you go to another screen, pick up knife, use knife on thing that needed cutting. Other than many of the puzzles were straightforward and obvious I really miss the more layered puzzles from the old Lucasarts titles. By that I mean that a seemingly easy problem would often send you off on a long chain of different puzzles to be able to solve the original problem. See picking up one of the map peices laying in front of you in Monkey 2. A simple thing to do, you would think, but the game required you to figure out, and solve multiple puzzles, just to fulfill that original objective.

    So, yeah, I certainly got value for my money, especially counting in the rad documentary. But my own personal preferences would have been more fulfilled of the fantastic presentation had been thrown out, replaced with VGA graphics and MIDI soundtrack in favor of development and budget focused on the crafting of puzzles.

    Also, cutting the game up in two parts didn't really do anything good in regards to my enjoyment of the game.

  3. Even if it is far from my ideal scenario, I am fine with the release plan considering the state the project is in. The game looks stunning and I have faith that the creative forces behind it will deliver on the story and puzzle side as well.

    However, to be completely honest, the recent updates left me worried. It´s admirable that Double Fine is working hard to deliver an uncompromised vision of the game and seeking solutions to do that. But from my own experience working with commercialised artistic products this often leads to an unsustainable economic situation for the creators. Unfortunately, doing the best you can within time- and monetary constraints is the only realistic goal you can have as an creator (not citing this as some absolute truth, just my viewpoint). Given the history of previous Double Fine games development and that it is an established company with industry veterans I would have hoped a lesson had been learned regarding the balance of producing great games with the economic realities of a business. Sure, it is a common problem in game development but that doesn´t mean it needs to be accepted as a natural law of the process. I would really like to see Double Fine going from a struggling company that produces charming and original games to a sustainable one so we all can enjoy more cool games.

    The last update left me with two distinct reactions. First, the delays and talks about delivering on all their ambitions raised my expectations tremendously. Maybe not a rational response but still my true gut reaction. Secondly, I will probably never kickstart or back any potential crowdsourcing project from Double Fine in the future. I would rather wait until a finished project a released publically and then assess if I find it interesting. From my personal perspective I prefer to not put down any money up front if no clear plan is present or if there is signs of failing to sticking to it.

    I didn´t back Massive Chalice even if it seems to be right up my alley. I´m sad to say this is because I don´t trust Double Fine to deliver a product within the budget given and within a reasonable timeframe from my own subjective, totally arbitrary, wants. And even if it probably wasn´t the intention, waiting to reveal the full extent of the problems with Broken Age until Massive Chalice was funded came of as shady and dissapointing to me.

    With the pessimism out of the way I still eagerly anticipate Broken Age and will continue to enjoy the excellent documentary.

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