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  1. The Complete Edition for the PS4 has a freaking 90, that's AMAZING! They were showing that through yesterday, but now they're showing the reviews just for "Broken Age Act 2". I really don't like that reviewers are individually rating Act 2, as it's not MEANT to be episodic, the game is meant to be one giant continuous game, it was just a product of the development cycle they had to release it like this. I don't think there's anything we can do to change metacritic's mind, but I really feel they should only be showing reviews for the whole game in its entirety (IE how reviewers are reviewing the PS4 edition)
  2. After getting 3 years of documentary episodes, and AMAZING first act alone (and a sure to be amazing 2nd act), I'm starting to feel like I way underpaid for this game and experience. Is anyone else considering buying it on another platform for convenience / to support DF?
  3. Not voting because I didn't do this tier, but come on: Tim wants the horizontal so badly. It'll look beautiful, you KNOW what it'll look like that way.
  4. Oh wow. Oh man. That was just great. This episode really got to me, my heart goes out to all those wonderful folks who got screwed over by the perfect storm of bad news. It was really hard to watch the first 1/3 of this one, I never thought I would see a game developer as consistently cheery as Double Fine be so desolately sad. Obviously this three year journey was rough, but I can only hope that everything will start heading the other way with this giant release. Also, great job on 2PP for getting my favorite moment of this entire series: When everyone is meeting and sad around 22 min, the whole episode has been about everyone's struggles and stresses, then out of nowhere THE most consistently stressed looking person on the team, Ray, busts out the Boston Market line and you could just FEEL the room relax. That was beautiful.
  5. Yup! Do it man. Like many others said, I feel the temporal nature of the documentary was what made it so spectacularly fascinating - it's still cool now, but knowing that us backers were the very first line of hearing about all the newest stuff on this amazing game is what really made it all worth it!
  6. What a GREAT episode. Sad as everyone is saying, yes, but then again no story is without it's sad moments. I love the game, I really wish you all could get more sales out of this fantastic thing, but I'm really hopeful that a lot of buzz around Act 2 (and NOT doing an early backer release....darn reviewers) mixed in with solid reviews (because then reviewers will have to write new reviews for the full 8-10 hour game that includes increased difficulty, so it'll be a more balanced play experience) will definitely shoot some sales up. ALSO, as a bunch of others are saying, you should ABSOLUTELY mobilize us, your fan base! We backed you, meaning we believe in you, so when Act 2 comes out you should not focus on selling *us* the game, but instead focus on getting us to spread the word! Maybe even do a contest for most creative ways of getting the game out, I dunno. Make a spectacle of Act 2 coming out, let this release be the perfect smooth release that Act 1 definitely didn't get
  7. One of the things I'm consistently seeing in this series is a slow but sure wavering feeling towards of openness of this whole project. And that's more than fair. It was SO cool of Tim and the team to open up to us, and he literally couldn't have made this game without us, but there were a BUNCH of negatives to having everything so public (the internet freaking out over the Act 1/2 separation, the review embargo, random details getting leaked because some jerk backer decided to). So while I don't think he shouldn't have done this project, I DO think he should refrain from doing kickstarter again. It was a GREAT experience for all of us for sure, but development is tricky business, and I really think this game would be having much better press and better sales if this were made without us seeing all their stumbles. (Again, it COULDN'T have been made without us....but if he has options in the future, he'll probably avoid kickstarter in the future). Still though, I loved the game, I loved being here every step of the way, and I swear I'm trying so hard to get everyone I know to get interested in this game. Related: I wonder if they've made things smoother in the massive chalice side of things. IE less stress about the openness. Anyone here a double backer who has something to say on that?
  8. So this was just great, I LOVED the game, these episodes are always amazing, and I'm so so happy to see all the good reviews and praise POURING in. I'm so damn happy for you. What everyone else has been saying is so true, seeing you guys in action for the past 2 years has really connected me to the studio, I feel like I kind of know everyone there on the Reds teams and it just makes me so happy to see you all so happy/relieved. Though...I've gotta bring it up. Did anyone else notice the hardcore Greg Rice nippage at the 7:00? It was entrancing.
  9. I agree - as an adventure game noob (relatively), I found this much more enjoyable than some of the old classics - namely, Monkey Island. That game was definitely funny, and maybe my brain just doesn't work the "adventure game" kind of way, but I couldn't get through it, it was just too tough for me too early on, and I gave up and am missing out on a great experience. So I think at least act 1 did have to play it soft to not beat up the average player too much. Remember, a lot of people who supported this game are longtime adventure game fans who have a knack for puzzles, a lot of younger players out there these days didn't grow up with those.
  10. So what did everyone think? Full reviews encouraged. I want more than just "it was really fun, wow it was worth the wait!" I would love to hear very specifically the aspects, moments, characters, puzzles, frustrations, etc that stuck with you. My review: *vague mentions but no real bad spoilers* Vella's half gets a 10/10, hands down. Bagel's artwork works best in a natural setting, and as I started with the Vella story I was just floored by how beautiful that vista behind her looked. Then walking into her home, I couldn't help but notice how snappy the dialogue was - not just from a good writing standpoint, but literally the dialogue was very quick. Old adventure games (even Monkey Island) really bugged me with just how LONG they talked, and I was often done reading the subtitles before the characters were done with half of their line. And then there's her character itself - she was softspoken, but she had some fire and personality that I really saw shine throughout her part, she's not a super complex character but she's a very well done character regardless. The rest of Vella's half was very well put together, I got a very comprehensive feeling of the "world map" (IE how everything connected), the locations were unique, each "room" was put to excellent use - there was always something important, but no one room felt disconnected from the others, they all fit together quite cohesively. I just hated that bird who kept knocking my ladder. I don't know if that was a red herring or if they're saving that somehow for Act 2, but yeesh I spent too long trying to figure something out there. Shay's half gets a 7/10. Where Vella's story started very smoothly, Shay's story was a bunch of quick cuts - I didn't like that I couldn't explore immediately. Then I accidentally "solved" this first part on my second click, so I had to go and find those other rooms later. So the start was very finnicky story-wise. Shay himself felt off personality-wise. I get that he has been in total isolation and has a different perception of "normal," but the within-2-minutes complete trust of Merrick just felt...off. He had zero suspicions, and just blindly accepted to totally betray his own "mother" without a second thought. Then there's the awkwardness of how randomly "into it" he got with the simulations - sometimes he acted like a 4 year old totally digging the simulation, and sometimes he acted like a teenager and just sighed/seemed disgruntled. So...basically I didn't get a consistent character from him, and that bugged me a lot. The level as a whole looked beautiful, and I really appreciated the personalities (the spoon, knife, weaver, and especially a GREAT laugh line from the avalanche people). And that freaking red herring bugged me, in a good adventure game kinda way. Overall I think the level itself was fine and fun and great, it's just that I couldn't get as "into" it because I didn't feel a good story based compelling drive to finish it. Still overall I loved the game. I got really stuck on a total of 2 puzzles, but as a more or less adventure game noob I still thought the game was on the slightly easier side - but then again, this is only Act 1. Tim has stated it will get harder, and I'm sure it will. Also, as an entire other thread is devoted to, the ending is surprising and leaves you begging for part 2. If I were giving a review to metacritic, I'd give a 90 right now, and I only hope it goes up from there with Act 2. Good job Tim!
  11. Though here's my question - for something like Metacritic, they're basing reviews on just Act 1. Will those get updated/changed when Act 2 comes out? What if Act 2 is a legendary work of art that no other adventure game has rivaled? While I LOVED this game, it's very obviously a first act, and I think full set in stone reviews at this point are a bit silly.
  12. Seems like seasoned adventure gamers to adventure noobs ranges 2 to 5 hours (I was at 4 hours, I've only done a few adventure games here and there) - personally, I think that's FINE fine fine. I think it SEEMS a bit short because even though we cognitively know we're going to get another hit of that sweet sweet doublejuice, we still have this expectation that what we just sat down to play was the "whole" game, so our brains process this 2-5 hours as the "whole" thing. If you had sat down with the full game for the first time in a few months, I'm sure you wouldn't feel it was too short at all.
  13. I noticed 3 SMALL small graphical glitches that are just barely there, and I think the game crashed about 4 times - but it's autosave, so it took a whopping 20 seconds to be right back where I was
  14. That was just......awesome. Truly truly awesome. Thanks so much Tim, I've been reading most every announcement, I've seen every episode and sidequest, I've been following it every bit of the way, and WOW that was just an amazing amazing game. Act 1.
  15. Yup, I had 2 moments where I was pretty stuck and just couldn't for the life of me do anything about it - both times I got up, made food, sat back down with some noms, and it came to me within 2 minutes
  16. Absolutely love this, I would LOVE to see like a sidequest or something about this. Everyone else has said it all, but this was just fantastic. The orchestra was BEAUTIFUL, the people working on this project are absolutely lovely, and I just can't get enough. Merry Christmas and happy new year guys, see you in 2014!
  17. Absolutely fantastic episode guys, definitely one of my favorite. I got a lot out of it, a better understanding of how voicework is done, the alpha process, the ONLY thing it needed: Blowjob story.
  18. So I don't know the ethics of posting this, but I figure it's cool between 2 kcikstarters I'm backing. Here's a post that The Banner Saga guys posted, and I feel it's really important to read because they are very legitimate gaming industry vets putting their 2 cents in: "I would also like to talk about my personal opinion on this, and I'd love to be open and talk like a normal person instead of a PR person in damage control mode. Can we do this? Without freaking out? You can disagree with me of course, just be nice about it. This is hard. Like, way WAY hard. When we pitched the game we were hoping for enough money to get extra animations, maybe increase the length of the game. We thought we'd get, like, 2000 backers, not 20,000. A fine problem to have, right? Haha! Except that it's actually a huge problem. The hardest problem I've ever dealt with in my life. Now I know. We thought now we could do everything we ever wanted for the game, and got too ambitious. We thought we could make the game in six months, and I'm still not sure what we were thinking. That was stupid. I wish I could take that back, all we needed to do was put a different date there and nobody would be complaining. Whoops. We ARE still doing everything we want, and it's taking a long time. I don't feel bad about that. That was the POINT, right? To dream as big as we could? It's interesting to think of it from someone else's point of view. For many people, letting a dev shoot for the moon is NOT the point. For a lot of people the point is I BOUGHT A GAME, WHERE IS IT? They want the biggest, best game ever made, on time, for their $10 contribution. I can see that, too. I don't really agree... but I suppose it's a matter of perspective. If nothing else, I think the gaming community is finally getting a good picture about real game development. What would really shock people is that there is nothing unusual about any of this, except that you are finally seeing it. This is every game development story that has ever existed, except instead of the publisher dealing with it, YOU are. Budgets of 1 to 4 million are small-to-medium sized. Our budget of $650k (in actual funding) is relatively small, half a year of production for a small team. Budgets of kickstarter projects asking for $20k... that's not enough to make a game, that's just some content. Surprise! Games you've come to expect as "standard" like Call of Duty: maybe 150 million to make, rough guess. You know how much Old Republic cost? I'm not legally allowed to tell you, actually. It's that much. Now you know. Games take 1 year to make... if it's a casual iOS game, or an annual sequel. Medium sized games take 2-3 years. Large games take 4-5 years. Believe it or not, lots of games fall in a nebulous space between AAA and "indie", whatever that means. The Old Republic took over 6 years. Yeah, you started hearing about it 1 year before it released. It started production five years before that. For five years hundreds of people toiled on it 12 hours a day and you had no idea! Now you know! Isn't knowing about production right from the start wonderful? No, it's not. It's annoying. It takes FOREVER. That's why you usually don't hear anything until it's almost ready to ship. Delays, content cuts, pushed back dates, plans to make revenue sooner- this is how games are developed. Bioshock Infinite, the biggest game of 2013, got delayed for half a year, AFTER pre-orders were sold. Journey took 3 years to make a 3 hour game and had to go back for more funding from Sony TWICE. That's how game development goes. They didn't know they'd need to do it. Humans are not good at estimating creative endeavors, no matter how "professional" they are. We released a truly free demo hoping to make some extra cash for development, and got brutalized for it. But without that income and development time our single-player game wouldn't be as good. Some people will never understand this. I've worked in games for about a decade. Some companies I worked for had their stuff together better than others. Some were a huge, hundred-million dollar, extremely delayed nightmares. Every company had delays and went over-budget. You know what a release date is? A guess. We're just guessing. Essentially, I hope people don't freak out too much about what's happening with Kickstarter right now. It's not deceitful or underhanded. It's not a conspiracy. It's normal stuff, whether you like it or not. If Broken Age wasn't a Kickstarter game the first time you would have heard about it would be a couple months from ship, and that it was a two-part adventure game. And you would have been fine with that. Our game is coming along better than I could have imagined, even if delayed. BECAUSE it's delayed. I'm super happy with it. Other companies have way bigger problems, but that's game development. NOW YOU KNOW. I sincerely hope everything works out the best for them, and you should too. At the end of the day, they're nice guys trying to make good entertainment for you. I, personally, will cut them all the slack in the world."
  19. Adding onto the sentiment of some others, I also feel a major problem with the general gaming public (not the backers) who're hating on this is that they look at our kickstarter backings as a "pre-order" only. But that's not why I backed (entirely), and not why a lot of other people here backed. We backed it because so many of us love Tim and all of DF. Kickstarter isn't a green-logo'd preorder form for games, it's people putting money to something they believe in. And I believe in these guys. The obviously have some budgeting issues, but heck, most companies do! This is just getting publicized because they're being fantastic and OPEN with us. I wish you guys the best, and I'm behind you every single step of the way.
  20. So this is how I'm seeing it: DFA backers (90-95%): Alright! Go for it Tim! We love everything about this game so much, take your time, you're just working to make a better game for us! Rest of internets: THAT IS SUCH BULL*@*(#@. IF I WAS A BACKER I WOULD BE SO ANGRY RIGHT NOW, WHAT A RIPOFF!!! Caveat, however: I feel both of these opinions are very legitimate. As backers, we care about this game. We've seen the crew, we've seen the creative process, we FUNDED it, we feel personally emotionally invested in this game and want to see all of this turn into a stupendous adventure. The rest of the internet, however, sees this as another game. So how would most people react if, say, that new Tomb Raider game (most recent thing I've played) let out a press release while it was in production saying they got too many ideas and were going to be selling half a game? Honestly, it doesn't sound great, and the gaming websites aren't helping by sensationalizing it. Also, Tim: I feel ONE change, just ONE little thing would have changed SO MUCH of the blowback (and you could still technically do this): Saying you're releasing half a game sounds.....wishy washy. It sounds like you messed up, and you're dependent on customers buying the game to have any future success. If you just said, instead of "we're releasing half a game," "I realized the scope of the game is so grand that we're splitting it into 2 episodes!," the whole atmosphere of the statement changes. I feel people would be totally receptive! I mean, just look at the Walking Dead. People are in LOVE with episodic things right now because of Telltale, and it would have gone over a lot better. And you can still technically say this!
  21. I don't think this is cheesy, it's old-style cute, which seems the style the game's going for. Remember, anything cheesy, expressed well enough, can be convincing.
  22. You know, I think I appreciated this episode more than I liked it. Previous episodes have been more about the active making of a game, something of short films, and the last episode had some great tension due to the roadblocks they were all hitting, whereas this episode was more a progress report of much smaller hurdles and to show that the game is going along. In that regard, this felt much less cinematic than the last episodes, but by having less chaos I appreciated the kind of non-business talk we got to see, from the "Developers F*** us in the a$$" comment to all of the actual gameplay/sneaks we finally get to see. Good on ya.
  23. Best of luck on the internship, you definitely seem to have a good grasp on this stuff. Hopefully your STARDOM in these here forums will launch your career.
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