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  1. Good work Double Fine! And I mean that. i've been a backer from the beginning but I was only moderately interested in the project and thought this would be a fun, kooky idea and something to connect to my teenage years but nothing special. And honestly watching all the episodes up to current I’ve maintained this thought. However watching this episode, experiencing the ‘love’ and dedication of the people involved I now see this as something special, really something special. I’m really looking forward to playing this game. And props to the Melbourne symphony orchestra for getting the gig for music. Aussie pride.
  2. Hi Double Fine I was just watching (for the second time) this episode. When an idea struck me, why is it that Double fine focuses so hugely on printed media versus other media online? You provided game informaer a full interview and play through which has (based of wiki) roughly 8 million readership per month however their online contribution is far less. Based off these numbers Online media has an on-par or greater number of viewers, for example the Yoggcast receives on average over 500,000 views per video for a new game in the first two weeks. It feels as though Double Fine have/are missing a great promotion opportunity by only focusing on traditional media. I would hate to see the number of sales hindered by the focus on traditional media.
  3. I've got a few beers ready and I'm ready to watch. I'm curious to see how things have progressed after last episode. **edit** I'm 2 minutes in and my early prediction is that double fine have been able to save the game by shaving off Tim's beard and selling it in little jars
  4. All the updates are available right here on the forums, you can compile them into a .pdf for your own use. Um... I'm pretty sure you should already be aware of this, but just in case you aren't, links to all the updates are neatly organised here. Yes, I realise I can make it myself and would if it came down to that (for personal use), however I figured it would be best to ask if double fine wanted to produce it themselves professionally before doing it myself and ‘maybe’ making it available to everyone else against their wishes.
  5. Hi Double adventure. As a backer I’ve really enjoyed the not just the documentary of the development/production process but also the entire development (written) series, finance, artistic and programming etc. Although not part of the original backer deal, I personally have really, really enjoyed reading the updates from the various teams as they’ve all been incredibly informative and interesting, however I don’t believe I’ve been able read all the updates, and those that I have read I’d like the opportunity to read again (as a kind of development story). Would you guys consider consolidating all the major written updates from the various teams involved into a comprehensive pdf?
  6. A very informative series so far, as a player you never see this side of game production so goodluck with producing the rest of the game. I look forward to seeing how things develop. I'm curious though, seeing the issues between imaginitive ideas, development and budget. How did Tim imagine the game would evolve if double fine only received the amount asked for originally (400k)? That is regarding music, art, story, etc.
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