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  1. Well, based on what I've seen of the artwork of both artists so far, Chan seems far more versatile. I guess I just have a hard time adjusting to the fact that the final product will be based on Bagels style. Ever since DFA was announced on Kickstarter, I've imagined that the art style would be picking up where Sam & Max, DOTT or FT left off. Why are everyone so touchy when someone is criticising Bagels style? He doesn't need you to stand up for him, he's a grown man, he can take it. I've put down a decent amount of money on this game, and I should be entitled to have an opinion on this subject.
  2. "In the end, all the artwork will go through Bagel, as he paints the final stuff.." Fuck... Just the thing I feared the most! I was so disappointed when i watched the trailer, seeing that it was Bagel's style all the way! Why couldn't all the artwork be processed through Peter Chan instead?? He's on an artistic level that is lightyears beyond what Bagel will ever hope to achieve! Turns out I had good reason to be worried in my earlier posts..
  3. Heaven/Hell (Hell is basically a Fire Level..) DoH! Mountain hideout, like "The Eagle's Nest" (accessible only by cable car, or a SERIOUS climb) Rooftop with arched windows (my favourite location in DOTT) Hilltop with a great view, like the one in MI1 (..and while we're at it, I'd really like the option of doing morally questionable actions that's not vital to the progress of the game - like the sinking of the SeaMonkey in MI1 - and maybe have a little reward of some sort after the end credits (also in MI1!) Penthouse top floor hotel room in an 'All included' luxury spa Rotating tower restaurant Err.. Ice level? No, wait! Interlinked Treetop Cabins! ..or maybe the insides of a LARGE hollowed out Redwood Tree. On the branches of a Christmas Tree - like Chip n' Dale on that Disney Christmas Special. Early nineties Beverly Hills Studio Apartment A seedy Funfair in Norway on the 17th of May (the national day) In the backseat of a Police Car A soccer game in London
  4. I'd like to see some finished comics of his, because this was not impressive.. I'm sorry if I come of sounding like a jerk, but I have a hard time warming up to Bagels style regarding characters. Again this has nothing to to with the way they're animated, it's the fundamental way he draws them that just dissonates with my liking. "Tough luck" as you said in an earlier post. Well, I have a pretty clear picture in my head, of how it'll all turn out if Bagel is given final say on the character style. I'm basing this on all of his work (finished paintings and sketch comics) I've seen so far. Hopefully this will be a collaboration among multiple artists, and that the style is tweaked into something less "alternative" (in lack of better word) and into something more eyefriendly further down the line. I don't think I'm being overly negative here, I wouldn't be in this forum if I didn't give DF (and 2player) some credit. At least we're seeing eye-to-eye on this one..
  5. When I mention "indie-games", I don't mean "indie" in its technical sense - I mean "indie" in its worst possible sense. Sure, there are a few diamonds in the rough out there, there are also some REALLY crappy ones as well. I think it's weird how you fully embrace Bagel's style when you're so eager to remind us that all we've been shown so far is placeholder art - you obviously have a lot more faith in this guy than I have. I think I have a lot of people with me though, when I say that DOTT's wacky character designs are way more easy on the eye than any of the characterdrawings I've seen by Bagel. (Notice how I'm emphasizing characters - the backgrounds are great (except the naiive way he draws some of the trees, but that's a different story..!) I also loved the similar style used in Leisure Suit Larry 5 and 6. (Toon Struck not so much!) I wanted to see some line art, because that is one of the presentation forms that separate the really talented artists from the lesser ones. Bagel's talent clearly lies in his overall weirdness and understanding of color, not so much in the other departments. The comics from your previous post would be best unshown. They remind me of scribbles made by children (or "helt rævva dårlige!" as we say in Norway), and I reckon it's an easy path to choose to hide ones shortcomings. I know I'm being unfair when I compare Bagel with Steve Purcell - they're operating in two entirely different leagues. I initially started posting in this forum hoping to persuade DF to go in a different direction with the character art (because I was shocked too see that terrible lumberjack - placeholder or not, he was really terrible, like something out of a low budget Czech childrens TV-show from the early 80s - I'd even prefer RedBot! - and don't get me started with the little guy/girl? with a stick in his hand, I won't go there!) ..but it seems like that train has left, and I guess I'll just have to come to terms with the art style of this adventure game being Bagel all the way.. I can't be the only one thinking that this might suck a little. I'm really looking forward to Art Update #3 - to see where this is going. Fingers crossed that Bagel delivers.
  6. Yeah, yeah. I am rubber, you are glue. Fair enough, there's no doubt that the "dark palette" of the picture and the clearly rushed walk cycle animation is nothing to worry about at this point. We all know that the animation will be excellent, either it's done the traditionial way or the "Flash" way. What IS worrying though, is the thought of Bagels characters inhabiting these scenes. It's clear that people are visiting his webpage in order to understand what his artstyle is like, and Bagels webpage is crowded with drawings of characters with eyes that are mere random placed dots that just seem ...waaait for iit... Dead and Lifeless - and sort of feels like "the easy way out". It's not just the eyes, it's the nose and the mouth as well.. Every character has that same constipated expression, and it have diffculty accepting that the main character could look something like this. It kind of reminds me of the way these two guys are put together: ..and I can't shake the feeling that Bagels style of characters are way too simplistic for this adventure game. This should not be some indie-game made (or funded) by fans, nor Braid for that matter. This should be THE ONE game that brings the genre back from its hiding place, and thus should appeal more to mainstream tastes. I just think that the decision of using Bagel for both backdrops AND characters, is sort of spitting in the face of Steve Purcell and the high quality artwork previously created for the 2D LucasArts adventures from the first half of the 90s, and the high quality style that we (..or at least I) come to expect from this a game of this caliber. Somebody show me some of Bagels artwork (preferably line art) that can convince me that this is the right guy for the job...
  7. I was thinking the exact same thing when Tim announced his idea :-) DOTT was truly a masterpiece!
  8. I wholeheartedly agree! This REALLY needed to be said, and Chibi Kami and Mowren are one of the few who dare to say it. "Criticism" is not a negatively charged word, and I think all of DF employees are professional enough not to take offense of a little constructive criticism. (BTW, this can't be the first time Stapley has heard this being said about his work!) I think a lot of great ideas has come up in the forums so far, and DF will benefit greatly by reading through the them from time to time. The different level gradings of the character as he navigates through a scene has been done before (I remember I first noticed this being used in COMI), so nothing new there - but the "depth-scrolling" is a first for adventure games as far as I know, and I love the idea of having eastereggs hidden between some of the layers. Stop being so defensive and protective of the work that has been posted until now, a lot of good things come out of criticism. All opinions need to be heard, even now at the very early stages of production.
  9. There's no misunderstanding, I'm just saying that the certain style the character is drawn in (big head and eyes, thin long limbs, lacking expression) is a touch too "childrens book" for my liking. Sure it's placeholder art for now, but this could very well be the art style they end up choosing for the finished game! I'm just expressing my conserns for having the game end up looking like one of Stapley's paintings. His brushstrokes are well suited for this particular part of the early, iterative process, but I hope we're seing a more detailed "line art" approach being implemented later. I'm not hating the lumberjack as a character, i'm just not liking the "alternative" painted style - at least not in a game genre that weirdly enough has become "alternative" enough as it is, since its glory days of 1987-1998.
  10. The "depth-scrolling" is awesome! I love the concept of improving on the traditional 2D adventure formula, while still keeping within the "rules". The lumberjack is aw...ful - as someone earlier mentioned: "That hipster-character better not be in the final game!" :-D
  11. I remember it fondly. King's Quest III way back in 1987. My friend and I didn't know what we we're doing at all - but we had so much fun! We spent hours just walking in and around the Wizard's house, bothering the the animals, pulling out hairs of the cat and feathers from the chickens... I remember we were mindblown by the fact that we could leave the mountaintop and explore the nearby surroundings - and bother the local residents as well! Space Quest I, Police Quest I, Larry 1 and the excellent Hero's Quest I followed shortly thereafter, and I've been hooked ever since!
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