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  1. I'm as angry as you are. About completely unrelated things, but still....
  2. I think it's mostly a problem with getting agreements for all of the licensed music on another platform. But goddamn do I wish this would happen. I want to play my Brutal Legend again.
  3. No trouble! Thanks for the fun!
  4. old and not so tasty


    I love the game so far, but I can only play it in very short bursts because of how badly it makes my phone heat up. I know they said they are working on performance fixes, so I'd guess this is being addressed. It really is a great little game, though.
  5. No release date has been announced, but it has been picked up as a full series by Amazon. I would guess a premier to be around fall of next year.
  6. I wasn't able to actually find it on the Xbox, but if you go to the marketplace website you can purchase it there, and it will then show up on your Xbox as ready to download. I thought to do this because I had to do the same thing with Portal for some reason.
  7. Today is the day! Psychonauts is now backwards compatible, and I can finally play it again!
  8. I finally got the last card I needed! I also got the comic yesterday, which was pretty great.
  9. It's weird that you posted that today, and I read it about five minutes after getting an email from fangamer that my package was delivered. You creepy bastard, you.
  10. I was thinking about handing out the doubles to Trick or Treaters!
  11. I've considered writing them, and asking if there was a way to ensure that I get the card I want, but at the same time I don't mind throwing a little extra money at Double Fine, and collecting them is where the fun is anyway. Once I have the last card I'm just going to put the damn things away. I don't know. I probably will mention it if it goes on too much longer, and see if they can help a brother out.
  12. I'm missing one card, man. One damn card. I'm over 200 dollars in with these things now, and I'm missing one card. Let's see what happens around the 300 mark, I guess!
  13. Fangamer's shipping is pretty quick in the US, but I can't speak to how quick it would be for over seas shipping.
  14. I would imagine that if the cartoon takes off and does well then it would be a lot easier for them to get funding for a third game. I hope they do. I loved them both.
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