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    That's my assumption as well, but I can always hold out hope that there's a super rare alternate out there somewhere!

    So, I've been buying packs of Creepy Treat Cards from the company store, and trying to put together a full set, and I noticed that in the most recent pack I got that the name of one of the cards is actually subtly different from the name of the card in the game. I got the "Fun Size King Size Bar" card, but in game it's actually "King Size Fun Size Bar." What I'm curious about is if this is a misprint that occurs on all of the cards, or if there was just a particular batch of them that were misprinted, making the actual set, including the misprint, 46 cards instead of 45. If you were wondering at any point if I was dork, this line of questioning will hopefully clear that up. Seriously, though. I love trading cards. Always have. This is the first set I've tried to collect in about 16 or 17 years, but the love never left me, and I know I'll keep trying over and over to get both variations if I know they exist.
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    I vote for blue.
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    Why is it that the games you guys don't make are so much more interesting than most of the games other companies do make?