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  1. Just want to say a huge thank you to Tim and the Red's team and 2PP for this whole amazing journey. It was like belonging to an open (well, closed really, I guess but you know what I mean) university that helped us learn so many valuable things about the gaming industry, the creative process, project budgeting, technical craft and teamwork. I am very proud to have been a small part of it. The end product is delightful and fun. But it is obviously so much more than that as well. The adventure was in the process and the process was a beautiful thing. And the game is somehow for me fully imbued with the beauty of that process. Any given patch of paint, every musical measure and each single spoken word or phrase represents a tiny perfect piece of the collectively expansive, immeasurably generous spirit that is Broken Age's heart and soul. The game glows with it. Bravo! I hope with all my heart that this adventure leads to greater freedom and independence for Tim and the DF development team and that the community as a whole recognizes the exceptional industry art and craft as well as the creative spirit that the game represents.
  2. I agree. Ha! Yep I agree with myself there too. Hard to argue with the logic.
  3. I think they have lots of options available to them, especially if we're really only talking about January to May. Which I remain skeptical of. Regardless of whether or not the backlash over this is justified (which it's probably not), it's utterly predictable, and it's a blow not just to Double Fine, but to Kickstarter as a whole. I feel like to put themselves out there to take such heat on a torch-bearing project like this is not a good decision. Nope, not LOTS of options. 2. 1) Scale back radically, or 2) Complete and ship in 2 shards so backers, even dedicated ones, don't get tetchy over lack of active gamecuddle. C'mon, let's not kid around. We WANT the BIG game, we want that big game in the TS head, don't we? I know I do. And I know I am going to get it. I have no doubt that I am going to get it. I didn't expect it. I signed on at about 3500 backers and was content with a flash game, but I would honestly prefer the one I see coming together from Tim. And ultimately the entire endeavor was and is about giving creativity sway and scope without publisher constraints. As I said, the only option available (I will add, in these particular circumstances) was to ship in pieces. I personally would rather see a later, finished game, but this team is intelligent and careful and so sparked I think they will actaully find ways to take advantage of the episodic form. I trust them. I trust them because nothing they have done is nonsensical, or weasily, or off the rails in terms of the orignal aim of going to Kickstarter in the first place. And, again, this is exactly the ride I wanted. The backlash seems to be coming mostly from nonbackers who have no stake, but do have some sort of dullish axe that demands negative attention in order to stay sharpened, which I would call a Janus axe, as I recall only an outpouring of "AWESOME" when things were going very well over here - hey, maybe that cheap old fairweather Janus Axe could be one of the special relics in Massive Chalice, who know?
  4. You are forgetting that grim fandango was more then 10 years ago. With the current inflation number would be more 4.5 to 5 mil about the same amount this game is probably going to cost. 1998's $3 milliion = $4194782.45 in 2012 using latest available annual CPI. (I look smart, there but I just used one of the many available Inflation Calculator websites ). But CPI is really just a general indicator and doesn't reflect all cost rises (such as salary jumps especially in certain "hot" fields, for example) and also that doesn't take into account the mitigating factor that GF was made by a large company with many existiing resources, human and otherwise. I think DF encountered a problem for which there was no perfect solution. Creativity resists Taylorization and that's ultimately a good thing for all of us. We are not investors; this is much closer to the patronage relationships of old and there is no return on investment here except the joy of supporting a brilliant group of people as they collaborate and create something from nothing in front of our very eyes for our eventual gaming pleasure. Episodic content, or even things that arrive in two or three parts have been with us for a long time and aren't necessarily causally related to poor product. The Three Musketeers, Anna Karenina, and practically everything by Charles Dickens was serialized. What a slacker that Tolstoy was! I think it was the only move they could make. I trust I will love the eventual game, because nothing I have seen so far tells me I won't, and this is all just the ride I bought my ticket for.
  5. Wonderful episode. Unfortunate that some journalists have taken Tim's spontaneous thoughts and feelings captured on camera as part of the social contract with backers to allow us access to the entire bare-naked process, which we all understand in the full context of the development we have all now been watching for a year, and have reported these as though they were part of a public interview. Very poor and stinky stealth journalism. I am a very modestly upper level backer (not in the stratosphere but "let's just say I got the Tshirt and the poster") and I am perfectly content with this difficult decision. Like a couple of other posters, I think that the team can make this work to their creative advantage. Make it a feature... Broken Age - Coming Apart in 2014! Also consider avoiding calling it Part 1 and Part 2, or Episode 1 and Episode 1. Call it Shard 1 and Shard 2, or Piece 1 and Piece 2 instead. And choose the breaking point carefully...then perhaps link this in creatively as an intro to Piece 2. Maybe some time time has passed for the characters too....as they contemplate difficult options... I didn't like the name Broken Age before, and it is being exploited negatively at the moment on the internyet, but I love it now and see it as a gift that can be positively and creatively exploited.
  6. I don't like any of them mostly because I would not buy them. They don't provide any strong sense of fun or adventure. Some of them also sound a lot like you wanted to call it something else but couldn't because something else was already called that... Late to this, but here are games I would buy: There Be Monsters Nothing Ventured, Nothing Maimed Entanglement (based on the lovely quantum physics theory) ...
  7. I understand why you feel the way you feel. And I don't think this is a lousy thread. I think it is an important thread. You had an inspiration and you wanted to share it. I think that is cool, and, who knows, there was a chance that DF might have gone, Wow, who is this guy one of our backers got inspired by?. We really have to hire this artist! And you would have felt great that you had helped them connect with each other. I also understand Chris's response because he has to not only reply to you but has to consider all of the other people who will read your post and read his response. And it is a fine line between saying "Thanks for the Info!" and that's the end of it, and a flood of nearly identical posts that happen because his response will be percieved not neutrally, but as encouragement for random inspirational posts of which yours would be merely the first. So, I think he gave you (and all the rest of us inspired readers) great guidance and also great info. Becauseeeeee if you go to the link he provided and get past the Bunnies (but it is really hard to get past the Bunnies, I agree) you would have read the bit where they say they are Always Hiring Everyone All the Time. Why don't you contact the artist that inspired you and tell the artist that you think he/she has a Double Fine sensibilty and encourage him/her to apply to DFA based on their AHEATT policy? That great connection you perceived might come to something after all....and, if not, well, you've shared and you've cared, which is a very backerlicious thing to do!
  8. Well, I loved this. I have lots of trouble streaming from here in Kazakhstan because the IP is so, well, internyet, but other than a very brief loading wheel for a couple of seconds before starting, the movie ran without a single stutter, which is pretty miraculous for me. It looked beautiful. And I love the movie, too! Thanks for asking us to do a trial run of this. A nice backer perk. or...berker... Running IE9 with Windows 7 64bit.
  9. I would ask for nothing less than bedazzled backer pants, and am always happy to employ the Nigerians to get some. Unbedazzled backer pants just don't cut it now-a-days on a Kickstarter. Though I have also tried these backwards engineered Russian pants, and with the fly in the back, boy is that uncomfortable! It isn't just a comfort thing with those Russian pants. It's that most of us want to bedazzle people as we walk INTO a room, not when we walk out of it. Oh, well, at least it explains why everyone always seems so happy to see you go!
  10. I too loved Myst Revelation (if that is IV and not Uru, Ages Beyond Myst standalone, not on the list), and it also seems to be the hardest of the Myst series to buy in a downloadable format anywhere for some reason. So if anyone knows a reputable site where it can be purchased for download I would love to play it again. It would have been my second choice. I went with The Longest Journey as a richer all round adventure (and it didn't require me to babysit anyone) Machinarium would have been my third choice.
  11. Especially the bells! Those alone made the extra $50 donation worth it.I'm not sure why Tim had to personally call me and get my bank account information for this pledge level though. You'd think he'd have better things to do. You wouldn't recognize his Russian accent from the videos at all. Seriously I would totally give him my credit card number too. Funny he had a Russian accent, but kept mentioning his friend the Prince of Nigeria. I didn't know he was friends with royalty! Well, I think Nigeria is the only place that actually manufactures these bedazzled backer pants, but I know for a fact that you can get them unbedazzled in plenty of places. Russia actually backwards engineers them. But then you have to wear them backwards.
  12. Thanks! I will see if that works, although I don't know if the very reduced image will be clear, so I will explain my "solution" here too. Image is in the attachment So...notice how the little guy (LG) moves through the pages of his adventure, which gradually change from sketch quality through to full colour, and so does he... he climbs the ghostly moon tower and slides down the light as a sketchy little thing (SKL), he lands in origami world which is all inky, he turns the boat into a bird and flies UP landing on a pair of stilts sticking in the ground of the oh so bluey world (OSBW), he uses the stilts to climb on top of two of the bloated fireflies (BFF) and the debloatification process whooshes him up to the string of lights in the beautiful coloured world (BCW). All journeys involve changes.... Wheeeeeeee! Solved!
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