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  1. +1 I fully agree - but you of all guys could make a little difference by talking more about it in your podcast
  2. this episode makes me really sad, because you all sound disappointed about the sales I remember a thing that Joss Whedon once said: "I prefer to do great stuff, that some people REALLY love and care about to mediocre stuff, that many people consume but never think of it again".. rest assured, that there are a bunch (many ) people who really love what you do!
  3. if the question was purely about the game - I would have to say, that it was "ok" overall - but "ok" means a lot for me. Let me explain why: Sadly I could not warming up with the graphic style. This is purely a personal thing and I can absolutely appreciate how gorgeous it is and how well crafted the whole look of BA is, but it just isn't the kind of style that I like. That said: everything else is absolutely amazing. Animations, voice-acting, sound-design, soundtrack(wow!), story, characters - everything at LEAST as great as I hoped. I did enjoy the first part of BA and I think that the game stands on its own. Therefore I would call it a success. But (because the question ist directed at me personally) I just don't like the graphics-style and look. In this case - this is what you see most of the time and besides all the other great things - I cannot overlook that. That's the reason, why I have to say, that BA is "ok" for me. I do know that this is purely a taste thing and for many people this isn't an issue. The other question is: Would I kickstart this thing again? Answer: without any hesitation - absolutely yes. Because of the great documentary I got to "know" the people behind the game over a pretty long time. The documentation alone is easily worth double of what I paid for the kickstarter. Plus: it helped me connecting to the game so that I could really enjoy everything - even though I'm not the biggest fan of the art style. (I hope, that Bagel isn't sad because of that. He is a great artist and I am in awe of his artistic abilities!). So: after BA is done: keep 2PP for everything you do and I will continue throwing money at your kickstarted projects!
  4. Hi! I can't believe how great and creative some of your pitches are and it's really hard to boil down my choices to just 3 games So I would kindly ask you for one of the two things: - Make more than 3 Prototypes (that would be great ) or - Please allow more than 3 Votes and just create the 3 most popular. The Thing is - I really really like many of the pitches (and guys who did them) and I would love to show them some appreciation. It feels bad to leave out so many great guys/pitches. There are some really talented, creative and cool people on your team - wow Just wanted to let you know this. Thanks and have fun
  5. yeah "Hocker" would be a better term, BUT: then all feaces-jokes (yikes) wouldn't work as they do now, when you just call it "Stuhl", which is fine.
  6. 1- Marek is totally the Dead Eye God from Shellmound 2- Talking to Gramps at the beginning, apparently the people of Sugar Bunting (then Steel Bunting) decided to stop being violent and became 'soft'. Remember the Dead Eye God says that Steel Bunting is a town full of badasses? (Which was my fav line in the game!) 3- A computer, programmed to take care of him. Simple as that. 4- (See #1) 5- Not sure tbh 6- I think that the thing at the end of Shay's part was some kind of wormhole/blackhole which appeared when the lasers got shot at Mog Chothra. 7- Not sure what you mean. 1 - could be 2 - yeah I know - but I want to know WHY they changed and what happened - there has to be a reason for this (especially since the time frame has to do something with the crash-landed spaceship) 3 - I think this ist too simple - where or what are his real parents? 4 - perhaps 5 - interesting 6 - what I mean is the following: What does the "ship" need Shay for? why do they plot all these adventures for him? why the mother figure? why the story of sacrifice girl? why why why?
  7. Hi! What do you guys think about the soundtrack? it does sound gorgeous and it's great, that they used real instruments it all fits very well - it feels like the Songs vor Shay use kid's toys - so everything fits really well some parts I didn't like as music but they were quite good for the setting and mood - but a few tracks stand out and remind me of some things: - "Mog Chothra" has a real "John Williams" vibe - REALLY like it!! - "Lumberjack's Cabin": sounds just like it came from a firefly-episode - SO GREAT!!!! thank you for this!!! LOVE it - "Shellmound Festival: hello Monkey Island! (thank you for this as well! ) what do you guys think? do you have the same associations?
  8. I really have to talk about the story with you guys - but first a few things: - took me 4 hours to complete (perfect in my eyes! ) - LOVED the Animations, not quite the fan of the overall graphic-style - but it is impressive and beautiful - no really big bugs - just a few here glitches here and there so - now on to the story-speculation and questions for Act 2 - what do you guys think? - who is marrek? and what does he know or want to do? - what changed in the past, that the people stopped fighting Mog? (the space-ship crashed - but what were the Mogs before? ) - who is Shays "mother"? - I was pretty shure, that Shay was the guy (the dead eye god) that Vella meets - but that didn't turn out right. (but shay and "the dead eye god" used the same words ("was hacking the navigation computer"...) - why the parallels of "mother" ("sacrifice girl" and Vella? - ist there some kind of time-travelling, parallel-universe, paradox? - why this sharade for Shay? questions over questions - what do you guys think?
  9. yes - this is a nice treat - thank you!!!!
  10. had the same Problem - but I think it had to do with my firewall - it blocked something - after I turned my firewall off - the crash didn't reappear.
  11. During the Cutscene to the Cloud-City: Vellas legs are layered in front of her Skirt. OSX 10.9.1 nVidia GeForce GTX 780M
  12. you have to wait for an email from DF with a unique URL. we are all waiting for this
  13. yeah - that ist exactly what they told us in the mail yesterday oO
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