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  1. I did too, which is why I stopped responding to this thread. Here's the story: I was trying to make a point in a subtle way by holding up an object lesson that I knew would be jarring. I was using hyperbole, which is not that uncommon...and I thought that that would be recognized, but almost nobody got it. That's to be expected on an internet forum, so I let it pass by...until I thought it was getting out of hand. Whereupon I tried to clarify without spelling out, in detail, the motivation behind every last line of the OP... Clearly, that didn't work either. At this point, the score stands as follows: Posts that are at least trying to be on point: 8 Posts that are way (sometimes completely) off base 10 Often these are responses to each other... Posts that are Star Wars attack and defense: 15 Add those to the off-base category, and you're 3 to 1 against. So, as I say, I'd given it up as a lost cause. Until Chris came out with this: So, I'll go back to my original point once more, with feeling (but, and this is key, no malice). On the whole, I don't think Tim Schafer and George Lucas are analogous either. I definitely wasn't trying to insult Tim. On the other hand, in one very specific way they are comparable: each was/is trying to do something that they were clearly hoping was going to be awesome. Can you argue with that? George has already taken his shot, and we know how it turned out... Certainly, those movies had some merits, but just as certainly they fell well short of the bar that was set for them. How did that happen? One of the ways (and Surplus Gamer hit it in his first response) was relying on spectacle. It now seems clear that the Prequels suffered from a serious lack of editing, in terms of which ideas were included in the final cut. I'd be surprised to find there were any ideas that George had that he left OUT of the movie... How does that relate to the DFA? To paraphrase DF Chris Remo, I'm not skeptical, but I do have a concern. I'm concerned about excesses. My recent exposure to Double Fine's work leads me to believe that in many ways they've been unfairly held back. Isn't that part of what prompted the whole Kickstarter campaign in the first place? A desire to 'get out from under'? I'm concerned that that desire might morph into a taking of perverse pleasure in twisting the knob the other way. Every scenario that got toned down in some corporate focus group meeting? Pop it back out there, and put the meters in the red, as it were. Let no concept be too outlandish...leave no idea behind. This is hyperbole. I'm exaggerating to make a point. I shouldn't have to say so, but clearly I suck at being subtle. That was the point of holding up George Lucas as an example of what not to do. One last thing: I don't distrust Tim. I don't hate the DFA. Heck, I don't even hate the Star Wars prequels... not in any pressing way, at any rate. I'm a fan of Double Fine in general, and of Tim's in particular. Of course I am, or I wouldn't have backed his work. Both DOTT and Psychonauts would be in my top 20, all-time (which is out of a list going back to Pong), and the latter would likely be top 5. I haven't actually sat down and made a top 20...so it might actually be better than that. Do I still think it's a good idea to say, in effect: 'Hey guys, please don't go crazy with the Cheez Whiz'? Yes, I do. Even if I don't suspect (which I tried to make clear) that it's currently happening. Even if it never would have... As Lightknight77 so aptly put it: Surrounding yourself with “yes men” is one of many ways to lose touch. Regards, -ZZ
  2. It is clear that some people missed the main point of what I was trying to say, which was as follows: 1. Stay true to yourself; don't let it go to your head. and 2. Don't go hog-wild just because there's not a Big Brother to say you can't. At this point, I would like to emphasize the parenthetical comment in the OP where I point out that I don't necessarily believe that either of these things is taking place. OTOH, I think they're both fair points and (even if I exaggerate in making them) worth mentioning. If somebody at Double Fine thinks about what I said for 10 seconds, I'll be perfectly satisfied. If they don't...no harm done, as far as I'm concerned. Regards, -ZZ
  3. To be fair, I'm not comparing Tim to George...I'm simply holding up Mr. Lucas as an example of how not to react when one finds himself in a situation similar to the one Tim's currently in.
  4. The Boy Who Suddenly Had Everything He Ever Wanted: A Cautionary Tale. Once upon a time, there was a man of great talent and experience in the field of entertainment. His work had enchanted millions, and he was lauded (and rightly so) as a visionary in his field. Eventually, his reputation became such that he was able (with the aid of generous donations from his fans, and those who wished to see more of his work) to step outside of the traditional production sequence, with its inherent shackles and work directly from his artist's heart...to write his own ticket, as the expression goes. After all, given what had come before, it was a sure thing that the result would be astounding, phenomenal, amazing... ...and then he made a movie called Episode I: The Phantom Menace, which (along with its two cohorts) proceeded to crush the hopes and dreams of a generation. By which all I mean to say is that (while I have no reason to believe that they won't) I hope Tim and Co. recognize the difference between unfettered creative thinking and the wanton dismissal of their audience's expectations. Whether or not they felt hampered by them, I hope the crew remember that their reputation was built within the constraints imposed by the big-studio budget men...and that 'Because We Can' is not really an acceptable reason for doing anything. Just a thought; delivered in the spirit of friendly advice. A word to the wise, as it were...
  5. Something said in the chat that I wanted to put in this post as well: The coolest thing about this game for me is how it's both new- and old-school at the same time. The juxtaposition of the graphics to the music. I can remember when graphics that pixelated would have been perfectly acceptable. At the time, it would even have been amazing the amount of effort that went into them to make the whole thing look 'real'.* BUT, at the time the music would have been nowhere near as sophisticated. The same is true, to an extent, with the anachronistic dialogue. I like the idea of their playing with our expectations that way. *These days, I'm sure you can start with a piece of art and work backwards using some sort of rendering tool, so it's more of a stylistic decision than an enormous chore...
  6. I'm kinda surprised nobody has addressed the glaring issue revealed in Greg's detailed description. 20 hours? 20 hours behind, Brandon. Really? THE COMMUNITY is watching you, Brandon...pick it up, buddy.
  7. On this side of the topic, I have a question: What is you guys' opinion of the idea of 1st vs. 3rd person? A previous poster mentioned Bernard Bernouli's iconic "I'd rather not...", which is, as he says, very memorable, and has the advantage of maintaining the connection with the character. On the other hand, games like Space Quest had an omniscient 3rd person narrator which has the advantage of being able to generate humor by breaking the fourth wall, and making fun of the player as well as the game itself. Some lines from the latter type are ingrained in my brain as well. I'll never forget the Space Quest guy's voice as I tried to power up the time pod with a bad code: "And finally, FINALLY...nothing much happens." Even my dad started quoting it because he heard it about sixteen times in quick succession...took me a while to get past that part. What say you all?
  8. I don't want to dis this thread, it's a fine thread...but I think it's intended as a discussion of concepts for how to handle the idea and/or implementation of 'That Won't Work' phrases. Nothing wrong with that, and it's good feedback to boot. OTOH... If you'd like to make lists of them, throw in some that you think would be funny... We have a separate thread for that! “That won’t work” phrases v2: Now with more “That won’t work” phrases. (<--link) I would recommend that the previous few posters repost their wit there.
  9. Well, [nods at everyone in the thread] I'm with you fellas...
  10. I'd like to see an environment where using the 'Take' option endowed your character with the properties (hardness, mass, slipperyness, formlessness, etc.) of the object in question. Bonus points for object variety in clever puzzle usage. on the darker side: Anything that has to do with mind control. Specifically, if you wrested control (I would guess chemically, or some sort of shock-therapy/brainwash thing) from the player, and they had to watch as their avatar did stupid, hurtful things. Players hate a feeling of helplessness, you can harness that hatred. [/emperor]
  11. I'd love it if you ever got to talk to people/things that weren't bound to a particular language (e.g. they speak 'Foreign'). Then, the following exchange could occur: Character: "Oh, nice to see a familiar face." NPC: "Echuta!" Character: "How rude!" In fact, I think the wink would really sell it, but this is a just a little notion of mine... (Edit: Arthur, above, reminded me. I can't read/hear the phrase "how rude!" without thinking of that scene)
  12. There's not enough liquor in the world...or so I've been told. Just thinking that has brought shame upon your ancestors. Yes...I see it sitting there, but, due to a localized quirk of physics, I just can't reach it. That particular tab was never meant to be inserted into that particular slot. Your gender seems to have offended him/her. As such, he's/she's not talking to any of you, just now... I know we said 'try talking to everybody', we did not mean the [inert inanimate object name here]. Talking to yourself will only make others shun you faster. (or 1st-person variant) Future scientists would look back on that as the point where their evolution went horribly wrong. (upon attempting to use an inappropriate object on a living thing) I promised Santa I'd give that up. (upon attempting to use an inappropriate object on yourself) Sure, then I could get disability benefits! I'll need to get rid of some more self esteem, first... I don't have anything he/she might want. Or so I've been told. (Inappropriate talk action) I'm afraid it might make a nest in my ears. I'm afraid I might get attached to it, I'd better leave it be. I can't touch that, there are girls/boys present. (a simpler version would be 'there are people around') I know my pockets seem infinite, but that would be pushing it. They haven't invented a wetnap yet that can handle that kind of nasty. It's not the sight of my own blood that would make me queesy, it's the thought that I was using it. I'm trying to keep all six degrees of separation between us. Well, I guess being drawn and quartered would be a new experience to put in my diary... You're making me blush, stop that! I like my lunch where it is (character pats tummy) I'd better not. (3rd person variant: if you like your lunch where it is...) I'd like to, but the [insert object name] took out a restraining order against me after last year's office party.
  13. Dead on! My typical forums are on Boardgamegeek.com. There the 'likes' (we call them thumbs, short for 'thumbs up') are just a counter, but with the added ability to see who gave you your kudos. It's nice to be able to look through the list and see who feels the same as you. AFAIC, this is a great system. They've tweaked it out a bit, over there, and you can also tip and such...but that's because they've got their own currency and they felt like making it as involving as they could (without causing drama). I just want a counter. A list of 'likers', if you will, would be pure gravy.
  14. Hear, hear on the pausing. I really don't want to have to shush / ignore the people I care about just because something 'important' is happening onscreen in the game I've invested myself in.
  15. NaNoWriMo (naming conventions aside) is fantastic for getting ideas onto paper. I don't think it's quite as good as billed for getting novels out of your head. My first try was a success, but I ended up with about 1/4 of the material I needed (for the novel I wanted to write, 50K wasn't even close) and a good load of that was in heavy need of editing. YMMV, naturally.
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