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  1. 1. When I was playing as Vella in... seashell town (forgetting the name!) the background became black on the lower right section when i returned from visiting the dead eye god (I did not solve the riddle yet and this was not an issue after I solved the riddle). When I left to visit the tree and returned to the room again the upper right background also became black and eventually the game shut down after my conversation with the wannabe major after I gave him the sap but before the cutscene showing the successful building of the sandcastle. This was okay once I started up the game again. 2. When leaving the woodcutter's house I clicked on the mailbox and there was a jump in the animation. Vella suddenly popped forward in the screen to interact with the mailbox. I'm playing on Windows PC Hope that helps!
  2. Hey Doublefine, With all of the interesting feminist discussions/happenings going on in gaming recently (i.e., Bioware female writers posting and speaking out, Anita Sarkeesian's kickstarter, Donkey Kong edited by dad for daughter, etc.), I wanted to thank you guys for portraying female characters that are interesting and capable and for generally not relying on stereotypes (which is easy for you all because you're so amazingly creative). So yeah, my two cents. Thank you!
  3. I understand. But I think it depends if you wanna explain the charakter in the beginning or not. Yes, you can simply define it. But unleast you have to explain why she was chosen. Does she look Monster yummy? What does that mean?Do monsters prefer blondes, too? Why a girl? Maybe she was chosen because she is so passionate/smart/strong - insecure men/women/human beings are threatened by those they can't control, and those who are stronger/smarter/etc. - but having things so clear cut can make for bad writing. Plus, have you READ Nausicaa? She becomes a very different character at the end of the manga, she matures and understands the full range of human behavior, experiences, and suffering. While she's awesome at the beginning, she's a force to be reckoned with at the end, beyond anything I anticipated. She chooses her journey, however, and in many way decides who she becomes.
  4. Awesome hair and headdresses! It would be awesome to have several permutations of headdresses and hairstyles as she's making her way away from the monster/being sacrificed. I love her modifying her dress - but why only taking away? Maybe that's a little too stripper-esq, she could add a burlap sack cape or a dead snake belt... picking up things as she goes along her journey eventually creating an outfit that mirrors her developing/maturing personality, like a lower waist on the dress, putting her hair up, etc. Also, the haphazard passion she's showing is already endearing Should she be composed or more chaotic like Ed from Cowboy Bebop?
  5. A lot of people like P... its a cool image but isn't it a little too sexy?
  6. C is definitely a Nausicaa girl... This triangle dress reminds me of some Alexander McQueen, particularly his Spring 2001 rtw show. He always has interesting textures, bringing together the artificial and organic in nice ways and he was always dramatic. His images usually portray strong and supernatural ladies. Some of his other shows has more tribal looks, especially his Spring 2003 rtw line. He also used lots of feathers... The show: http://www.style.com/fashionshows/review/S2001RTW-AMCQUEEN Dress 1: http://www.style.com/style/view/38/50/100015038.jpg Dress 2: http://www.style.com/style/view/73/50/100015073.jpg Dress 3: http://www.style.com/style/view/75/50/100015075.jpg Dress 3 pt 2: http://www.style.com/style/view/76/50/100015076.jpg Dress 3 - the inside layer is made of sea shells and the wire-berry jewelry on the shoulders was made specifically for the show Dress 4: http://www.style.com/style/view/43/50/100015043.jpg - made of sea shells Dress 5: http://www.style.com/style/view/86/50/100015086.jpg - made of microscope slides and ostrich feathers
  7. Yay! This crazy underwater ancient city off the coast of Cuba http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2002/05/0528_020528_sunkencities.html the catacombs in paris Papua new guinea Kentucky - where the blue people live http://www.rootsweb.ancestry.com/~kyperry3/Blue_Fugates_Troublesome_Creek.html
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