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  1. "Once upon a cloud" .... would be a lovely name for the cloud colony chapter, just in case there are "chapters" with title screens.
  2. Some ideas: - Double twine adventure - Double twined venture - Distantly Related - Jade Away (would require the girl to be named "Jade") - Split Souls - Runaway Twain - Joint Venture - Disjointed Venture - Parted Venture (can be read "part-adventure")
  3. Thank you, Veliremus! Here's something for adaptive background music: http://www.homeofpsai.com/ A technology called Psai (Periscope Studios Audio Intelligence) from Periscope Studios is an evolved successor of the fantastic iMuse system (hah, memories!), so to speak. It has been used in Black Mirror 3, and the music had a superb production quality and at the same time was highly adaptive and changed according to the player's actions. Transitions were smooth. There are other systems out there - like Microsoft's XACT, or FMOD Designer - but this one does the job best in my opinion.
  4. A friend of mine said he was cool and I wasn't, because he was now backing Tim Schafer and I wasn't. Had to investigate, of course. Now I'm cool, too.
  5. Wow, thanks for introducing that. :ohh: Looks like an incredible piece of software for 2D animation! Could be very useful for DFA.
  6. Suggestion: Let users rate the usefulness of a thread I believe the power of a big community can unfold if the community is given the power to organize itself. In our case here, "organization" means a way to separate the wheat from the chaff. I don't know what script this forum is based upon, but many social media sites have a way to express whether or not you found a posting valuable / useful. Take YouTube (comments) or Amazon (recommendations) as examples. Now, with thousands of backers around here, the "usefulness" value would actually have a significance. Most of us will agree the goal has to be that Double Fine enjoys these forums and finds valuable information. Some forum scripts offer a functionality like this as a plugin! Just my 2 cents.
  7. If you use Hansoft as your project management solution: There are very smart ways to also use Hansoft for other parts of the production. For example: You can edit your multi-user string table (dialogue lines) with Hansoft, using custom colums for the texts in the various languages. You can attach all sorts of workflow states ("Blocked", "Localized", "Shipped", "For pick-up list", etc.) to each line of dialogue or screen text, and there's also an XLSX export and import. http://www.hansoft.se/
  8. Tim will definitely have to check that one out Most adventure games from German studio Daedalic are made with Visionaire. It costs 35$ and seems very powerful. And it has a track record of commercial titles! -MustardMuffin- (from my mobile device)
  9. Thanks for that list, Greg. Very inspiring. Haven't yet played some of the games that scored high, will have to try them. See, backing Kickstarter already paid off.
  10. Hi. I'm one of the many backers from Germany! I'm a coffin dealer, and in my spare time I give trainings in relaxation exercises for hyperactive kids. :ahhh: I'm actually in the games industry, and Maniac Mansion inspired me to become a game developer. I enjoy hanging around here in the backers forums. You guys are awesome!
  11. DEPONIA is worth checking out ( ). It's German, but as far as I know there's going to be an English version. One of the very few adventures that had a kind of humor that was somewhat lucasartsish. And since it only came out in Germany so far, it qualifies for the list of games "no one (outside Germany) has ever heard of (yet)" .
  12. Hi all, I know that some of us backers are crazy enough to be working in the games industry or other creative industries ourselves. Have you ("fellow sufferers") stumbled across smart little tools that ease your creative work or organisation? Sure, you don't want to share this competitive advantage with others. But hey ... guys ... it's Double Fine. The deserve it. So, if you use any of those invaluable helpers, post them here to let Double Fine and other backers know about it. _______________ I want to start with a tool called articy:draft. It's great for flow charting (branching dialogue, non-linear stories, location graphs), but it also has features for character and object bibles. This video shows some of that: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S2NQJtkLnsw, other videos are linked there. And this is the website: http://www.articydraft.com - There's a 30-day trial version. _______________ So, your turn now. Tell us about your favorite "Pizza's ready" timers, Skype plugins, 2D sketching tools, Outlook plugins, etc.! -MustardMuffin-
  13. I kind of like the idea of a collaborative adventure game. It means a lot of design issues and challenges, but generally it sounds like fun. You could split up and explore different locations, and then team up again to exchange items, and there could also be 2-player-specific riddles. Hmm... interesting. But since Tim and the rest of the team isn't trying to re-invent the wheel but to create a traditional 2D point'n'click adventure, I guess it's going to be single-player.
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