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  1. I thought for sure you were just making this up but no this totally works. Magic Eye hidden messages in a game announcement. Double Fine once again shows how they are the coolest kids at school =)
  2. I did not have to do anything special. I am using 7-zip on a windows xp box. The file is "12,976,128 bytes" on disk.
  3. hacknslashthegame.com Click on the picture to download the file: HacknSlashAnnounce.zip.jpg Opening it in an image view gets you a snazzy picture. Unzipping it reveals the following three files: Outdoors.mp4 MainTheme.mp3 WorldTablet.txt I suggest playing the theme song on loop for the next part. The text file is straight forward to read, with each three word phrase repeated once. It is "A note from the Acting Regent Wizard" The video, other than just showing a nice scene, displays a series of characters on the bottom left. I assume they can be further decoded into a message. I also assume there is more to discover. Edit: Here is a summary of what has been discovered to date. Looking at the file in a hex editor reveals a message. The MP3 file has some interesting metadata. The text file is more interesting than I first thought. It actually contains a hidden 3d image (yes seriously!). Here are screencaps of the symbols in the video. The message in the video has been deciphered.
  4. Exactly. Glad to hear you feel you're getting your money's worth! Getting our money's worth? This footage is more than worth it's weight in gold. The topics, the music, the production values, the intimacy, seriously this is blowing away all of my expectations. You guys at 2 player rock!
  5. Old Man Murray had the best rants back in the day. I went back to the site for nostalgia's sake and was pleasantly surprised by the relevance of the last post on the first page: Death of Adventure Games For what it's worth I will add my 1/87,142 voice to say to the entire team, you guys rock and thanks for having us along for the ride! =)
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