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  1. Music

    Huh? I'm blocked from seeing that page :-/ Even I'm blocked too! Think there's a 5 missing off the end of that URL. Found the music discussion after reading about it above. Corrected URL
  2. DOTT on GOG: No Mac Version?

    Gutted that the mac version isn't out on the 22nd too. Been looking forward to this for a long time. DoTT was one of the first boxed PC games I picked up. I still remember the sealed hints booklet
  3. Introduce Yourselves!

    Hi everyone, I'm Matt, 31 years old from the UK. I started out playing Zak McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders, Maniac Mansion and The Secret of Monkey Island on the Atari ST and Amiga platforms. I also dabbled a bit with the Sierra adventured games but struggled a little with the fact you could walk off the edge of a cliff (which I often did). The Leisure Suit Larry games were always a favourite growing up but I really struggled to get past the questions on Leisure Suit Larry 3 - hey who needs parental controls?. Then again, in this day and age it would be easy enough to pull out a smart phone and find all the answers. Anyway, I digress, point and Click games were always my favorite type of games. Moving on to the PC, one of the first games we got was the 7th Guest, enjoyed that. I remember picking up a boxed (cardboard box style) Day of the Tentacle from a computer fair(I remember it coming along with a sealed hints booklet) along with Beneath a Steel Sky a year or so later. Full Throttle followed and I've built myself up a collection of original boxed games all of which I've imported into ScummVM so that I can dip into some old school point and click gaming when I feel like it. Playing through Monkey Island is like watching a movie you've already seen before. I know exactly whats going to happen, exactly what I need to do to finish but the journey is oh so much fun. I pledged $110 to the project as this was about the highest my budget would allow with an 8 month old baby. I'm looking forward to seeing the project develop, getting my hands on the game and hopefully it becoming a classic along with the rest of my adventure games. One of the biggest things I'm looking forward to going into the future is introducing my son, Harry to these games. Whilst it's still a little while off yet, playing through The Secret of Monkey Island with him is going to be so much fun.