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  1. Till this day the best story in entertainment ever. Thanks for this great content!
  2. Only got stuck a little while for about 4 times. For instance I was trying to use the treestuff on the sand itself instead of giving it to the mayor. I played many, many point & click adventures and love the genre but was never really good at playing them. I have to say this was one of the first games where I didn't have to use a walkthrough. (and I never even came close to looking up a walkthrough)
  3. Looks like a really nice event, wish I could be there. That game is shaping up soooooo frrrrrrrrriggin good!! I can't wait to play it !
  4. Yes! The more options to support this game, the merrier. Hope the Early access thing will create a big buzz, it's pretty crazy what it did for Prison Architect. I will try so hard not to play Broken Age before full release but already know I will fail miserably.
  5. ESC for skipping cutscene and SPACE for pauzing. I really wouldn't like a visual button popping up on the win/mac/linux versions, suggested above. Maybe make right mouse skip the cutscene also?
  6. Here's a question for the lovely people at Double Fine I want to give a good friend of mine the Broken age game and documentary as a birthday present. Now I see that when I donate through Paypal, the backer account will be linked to my Paypal email. Is it possible to donate and submit my friends email instead?
  7. I've been reading some of the comments on the new Broken age trailer on youtube and I find it always funny to see these extreme discussions fire up, no matter what video it is. I know I shouldn't be paying attention to a lot of this ranting but some of these reactions are just too funny not to share. This one made me laugh the hardest: "They get millions of dollars to produce´╗┐ racemixing propaganda? Thanks, but no thanks"
  8. Nice! Good exposure and very beautiful new art and a good name :cheese:
  9. Wow! I can't thank you enough for getting Mr. McConnell on the reds project. :cheese:
  10. beautiful episode. Loved the moment when they push Tim car out of the garage
  11. might I add playing Grim Fandango . It's real easy to get it running with ResidualVM for mac
  12. Nice! I have a question and maybe it has already been answered but I couldn't find it on the forum. I want to buy DFA as a birthday present to a friend + some extra donating for the cause. Is it possible for me to enter his e-mail info etc. instead of using my Paypal e-mail?
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