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  1. Great documentary series! I'm very surprised that the final word didn't go to Tim, however
  2. I second the motion to include the original Pitch Video! Motion passed; let it be done
  3. Guess I'm in the minority here and say don't release it publicly. Beyond the fact that it was a Kickstarter exclusive, I don't really think that anybody with an axe to grind is going to be swayed by the (admittedly awesome) videos. Why reward jerks for being jerks?
  4. Wish Nintendo kicked in a few dollars.... Broken Age seems custom made for the Wii U
  5. Awesome story Justin! Your recollections about "acquiring" games as a kid sounds just like a young me :-) Thanks for the awesome Sidequest!
  6. Really liked Justin's story! Could totally relate to his childhood method of obtaining games, and the part about "growing up" and dumping his prized game collection was soul-crushing! As an aside, it seems a requirement that everyone at Double Fine wear really trendy slacker clothes - typically with a sweater. I live in Toronto and haven't seen as many sweaters - is San Francisco that cold or does Tim just like to crank the A/C?
  7. The mystical "riddle of Yorn".... when it turned out to be "dang that Becky Yorn...she thinks she's so smart" :-)
  8. The snake is the Shellmound version of Marek :-)
  9. Thank you Tim - you and the team *did* it! You had me fooled with the whole "two stories in one" thing! What an amazing game - in fact, the ending was such a twist it made the already great storylines even better :-) Broken Age was exactly what I was hoping for during the Kickstarter campaign - a "modern", "updated" take on the adventure game genre that I loved so many years ago. Looking forward to the final Act! - Kevin
  10. "It's better to lose an A than an I" :-)
  11. No, not end, delete. Why are you trying to shift this discussion to other keys? There's plenty of space on the forum for threads about those. I don't want to sound like I'm trying to control the discussion or keep a tab on you. But we're nearly a whole page down and we're no closer to resolving the delete issue. I think we should all pause, take a break and get back on track. I know some of you want to escape the real issue here, but I'd really rather we home the discussion in on delete. Winner of the Internet :-)
  12. Is 2PP free of its commitment after the release of the first half of the game in January, or will new episodes be made right up until the end of the complete release of the game?
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