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  1. If only we can find extra time to put Dave in front of a green screen! Just have him reenact big Gary Oldman scenes.
  2. 2PP probably spent more like 5000 minutes on it, so they will probably be sad about your comment. It's never enough! Hahaha, that is probably a close estimation. This took me a longer time to edit than I would like to admit. Mostly because I could not figure out what to cut and I kept getting entranced by his energy and stories, despite hearing it more than 60 times (most likely).
  3. Hang onto your hats Adventure fans! This Sidequest is a long one! We sat down with Animator on Broken Age, Dave Gardner, and with his exuberant energy and great stories we couldn’t help but give you nearly an hour worth of quality non-stop chatter from him! Enjoy! A long list of Episode notes will follow! [vimeo]72861477[/vimeo] Episode Notes: 1:07 - Pong Home Machine 1:16 - Mattel Electronics Intellivision 1:52 - [Wiki]2:14 - Sega Genesis (Kinda weird I think this is the first time that Genesis has come up in the SQ Interviews) 2:19 - LA Times article about the Wizardrome! Sadly we couldn’t find any pictures, only their old logo that we put in the interview. 2:46 - Neo Geo 2:51 - 3:08 - There is also another ad that I found for this series, 3:12 - Super Mario Nintendo 64 Ad 4:10 - Japanimation Even Wikipedia redirects Japanimation to Anime! 4:15 - 8 Man After 4:25 - John Woo’s Hard Boiled Classic Chinese action movie! Let’s see if Dave will suggest some more to check out! 5:23 - Lionel Trains 6:28 - GI Joe Defiant Space Vehicle on GI Joe collector’s site Original retail: $99.99 in 1987, adjusted for inflation puts it at $207.76 in 2013. [GI Joe on Wikipedia] 6:53 - GI Joe Aircraft Carrier on same site Original retail: $89.99, adjusted for inflation: $196.22. Mint in Box can be up to $1400 [source] 8:22 - Whip Rush Genesis 8:24 - Hellfire Genesis 10:18 - Super Star Wars 10:50 - Final Fantasy II It was known as Final Fantasy II in North America but in Japan it was actually Final Fantasy IV. 15:01 - Homer Goes to College 15:27 - Bryce 3D Modelling program 15:39 - Razmig Mavlian This footage of Raz is from 2PP’s Amnesia Fortnight Coverage where Raz worked on Hack ‘n Slash. 15:55 - Dave Gardner “adding funnies” for you, the viewer. 16:37 - Academy of Art [Wiki] 16:45 - SGI Computers 19:00 - The 2007 national average salary for an entry-level animator ranges from $47,041 $61,391 19:43 - SCEA 20:26 - Rise to Honor 21:41 - San Francisco Metreon That building is such a big deal it even has it’s own wikipedia page! 22:40 - Nihilistic Software Since Dave worked for them, they changed their name to nStigate Games. Their most recent game is “Call of Duty Black Ops: Declassified” for the Playstation Vita. 22:45 - Vampire: The Masquerade - Redemption 23:03 - Starcraft: Ghost 23:57 - Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects 24:13 - Power Stone 25:50 - Conan the Barbarian series 25:58 - Conan (video game) 27:58 - Gamespot [Wiki] 28:34 - Gamespot review of Conan (XBOX 360) 28:39 - Metacritic review 30:20 - Elliott Roberts is another Animator working on Broken Age, you’ve probably seen him in the documentary series. 35:30 - Tasha Harris. She currently works at Pixar as their Lead Franchise Artist! 36:09 - Castlevania 36:47 - Ghosts ‘n Goblins Oh that wacky Arthur... 37:30 - Mother 3 38:01 - Mode 7 explained on its Wikipedia page 38:03 - Chrono Trigger 38:07 - Illusions of Gaia 48:48 - Independence Day .49:00 - Remember to send your metaphor tips and suggestions to Dave on Twitter, @IruinedYourDay.
  4. Yikes man, thanks for the catch. I guess I didn't take too much time to think about my phrasing.
  5. Gruß Adventure Backers! This is the ol’ 2 Player Productions Intern, Marc, here again with another Sidequest interview! This time we take a look at Oliver Franzke, Lead Programmer of Broken Age, and his journey through the industry, starting with learning programming on an old East German computer, creating 3D models in his teens, graphics research work in college, then to programming professionally among a variety of companies. He also shares about his time at LucasArts, pushing their creativity, and working on the Monkey Island Special Editions, then coming to Double Fine and eventually working with Tim on Broken Age. He was even a backer of the project as well! Also just as a note, this interview was from about two weeks before the sudden news about the LucasArts closure. By the way, if the titles look off its because they are temporary ones. Asif is away and won’t be able to make titles for about a week but we wanted to get this video to you folks instead of sitting on it. We’ll be putting in fresh, muy guapo titles as soon as we can! Look for Episode Notes after the video! [vimeo]66427675[/vimeo] Episode Notes!: 0:23 - You know, because of the Cold War and the Soviet influence in Eastern Germany. 1:07 - KC 85 series. 1:43 - Here’s the link for the full episode of this clip. [Here is the playlist for the entire series] [Wiki] 1:45 - The Berlin Wall 3:12 - BASIC 4:02 - Junost monitors I swear the screen is that blurry and the image is at a very high resolution. Gotta love those CRTs! [Original picture] 4:57 - Zak McKraken and the Alien Mindbenders 5:01 - Maniac Mansion 6:13 - Command and Conquer 6:43 - POV Ray Homepage [Wiki] 8:25 - 8:32 - Films Oliver made while at college. 9:08 - Turbo Pascal 9:21 - Myst 9:39 - Human Schock 11:00 - TerraTools 11:05 - Urban Assault 12:08 - Dot Com Bubble Burst 12:50 - SIGGRAPH 14:35 - Pictures from Oliver’s time in Glasgow 14:47 - Sony London Studio 14:59 - EyeToy 15:10 - LucasArts. And the recent announcement of their closure. Just to say it again this interview was from before the news of LucasArts closing became know. 17:29 - The Secret of Monkey Island You know, in case you don’t know everything yet. 17:50 - ScummVM, but I’m sure you’ll nearly all aware of that by now. 18:01 - The Secret of Monkey Island: Special Editions 19:23 - Lucidity (2009) [steam] 20:18 - Once Upon A Monster Thanks for watching. Hope you guys are enjoying these interviews!
  6. Yeah, its from the Kickstarter pitch, I was just joking around because I assumed it was pretty apparent where it was actually from since we all must have watched that video a bunch. And that's too bad about the second link because I found this awesome gif of that puzzle, try this url out. http://lparchive.org/Monkey-Island-2/Update 27/30-mi_27_28.gif I guess I don't know how to work too well with forum codes. That's why I'm just a film person. Haha. The link doesn't work even with the url tag, but it seems the img tag works with quotes Thanks man, I'll keep that in mind for next time!
  7. Yeah, its from the Kickstarter pitch, I was just joking around because I assumed it was pretty apparent where it was actually from since we all must have watched that video a bunch. And that's too bad about the second link because I found this awesome gif of that puzzle, try this url out. http://lparchive.org/Monkey-Island-2/Update 27/30-mi_27_28.gif I guess I don't know how to work too well with forum codes. That's why I'm just a film person. Haha.
  8. Hello once again backers! Its the 2PP intern, Marc, here with another Sidequest for you guys. This one is an old interview with Designer for the now titled “Broken Age”, Lead Designer for “The Cave”, and Project Lead for the Amnesia Fortnight prototype “Spacebase DF-9”, JP LeBreton, that took place in April 2012, back during the filming of Episode 2: A Promise of Infinite Possibility. Here he talks about his history in the industry, working with design heroes, his time with and the nostalgia of adventure games, his perception of design mechanics, and growing the medium of video games. This interview was also from before “The Cave” was even announced, so JP refers to it several times as “Ron’s Project”, so keep that in find and I hope you enjoy. Look around after the video for the episode notes. [vimeo]62748492[/vimeo] Episode Notes: 0:10 - JP did a self portrait in a Commodore 64 ACSII painter a while ago and it translated pretty well for the title, check out the original here. 0:28 - Irrational Games 0:30 - Bioshock Series 0:37 - Human Head Studios 0:43 - Blue Fang Games 2:00 - Aeuter is a word from film theory (hooray for my film education) meaning a creative director that has a significantly distinct style between films or in this case games, like Tim’s comedic writing and wonderfully unique worlds. Notable film aeuters include Alfred Hitchcock, Howard Hawkes, and more modern one I would say is Quentin Tarantino. Here’s a really good segment in the intro of the wiki article: “In spite of—and sometimes even because of—the production of the film as part of an industrial process, the auteur's creative voice is distinct enough to shine through all kinds of studio interference and through the collective process.” I never heard it applied to game designers before, so I got pretty excited by how true it is. 3:51 - Ken Levine 3:53 - Thief Series. Also, in case you haven’t heard, they are rebooting the series. 3:55 - System Shock 2 4:18 - Unused footage of Ron Gilbert caught in the wild, being grumpy. 5:45 - Yup, I bet people at Valve are very big fans of having a variety of hats. 6:01 - I couldn’t find any definite articles on how many people contributed to Assassin’s Creed III but the Assassin’s Creed II team had 450 employees! And then imagine the extra hands after that launch needed to make that a yearly installment. 6:15 - 2K Marin 6:21 - 2K Marin staff photo after the release of Bioshock 2. 8:16 - Monkey Island 2: LeChuck’s Revenge Now remember folks, don’t trust a retired pirate’s contest grog. Otherwise, this will happen. 8:33 - Guybrush can hold his breath for 10 minutes. . .10:20 - Peter Molyneux 10:22 - Populous on the Amiga, his award winning God game. 10:24 - Amiga systems The golden oldies! 10:25 - Given that this interview was a year ago at this point, JP was pretty spot on about Molyneux leaving Microsoft to form a small games company, 22 Cans (it happened the next month). Perhaps he heard the call of JP as well as other huge fans and knew what he had to do. Also his new God game is called Godus and was funded through Kickstarter. Score 2 for JP. 10:30 - John Romero website [Wiki] 12:03 - Maniac Mansion II: Day of the Tentacle 14:49 - Digital: A Love Story, [Wiki] Blog 15:16 - What mother wouldn’t approve of this treatment? 15:47 - Grim Fandango 15:47 - Have we mentioned this lineage of LucasArts adventure games enough yet? 17:06 - Psychonauts 17:35 - One of my favorite G-Men lines from Psychonauts! , all of them are so good though.18:38 - Popular: High School Social Simulation Postmortem 18:38 - JP LeBreton’s personal website 19:06 - Kairo, a game by Richard Perrin JP sent me this game as an example of a modern adventure game and its looked so cool in its immersiveness and atmospheric nature that I had to try to find a place for it. I encourage you guys to check it out more! 19:19 - Whenever I heard supernatural westerns I would always think about that new-ish movie Cowboys vs. Aliens and would chuckle a bit.
  9. Thank you man, I tried to get that 2PP feel down without straying too far from my own. I'm really excited that my work has been received so well from the community here. Not gonna lie, I was a tad worried at first, mostly just jitters though. Brandon was also great to work with to get his story down, he made it all very approachable. Also that's awesome that you worked on the ResidualVM project, must have been a bit of a shock and cool moment to see it mentioned like that.
  10. Sorry to hear that, I've tried a few time and its not happening for me. Is it still happening? I can check with Paul about it next time I'm in the office which should be on Monday.
  11. Haha, for sure. I knew I wanted to make an introduction but I figured I shouldn't make you guys suffer through it to get to the video, for the people who don't really care too much. :-P Yeah, its awesome to have that all-around experience in these small teams, and I know I'm incredibly lucky to be where I am and be around these amazing projects and personalities.
  12. Yeah, no worries, its a definite plan to get it out to you folks soon. We all made our resolutions for the New Year just before midnight. :-P
  13. Thank you, I'm really pleased with it too and I'm excited that I got to release a product as a part of DFA, makes me feel all professional and whatnot. As for Paul and the guys, they've just been preoccupied trying to make sure that their new Minecraft documentary gets its proper release support, but we're still working and filming around the offices here.
  14. Thanks, but I haven't really worked on anything noticeable. This is my first gig out of school. For the most part I help film when Paul Owens and Asif aren't around, but I've done other supporting post-production stuff for 2PP, partly edited some other videos, previewing DFA footage and tagging it. Sometimes just providing another set of eyes on the rough cuts. This is my first official video with them that I've done from beginning to end. But I'm hoping to be cranking out some more Sidequest content alongside them. But the footage I actually helped film started appearing in Episode 5 I believe, which made me super excited to see for the first time.
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