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  1. Not quite. The Linux build has DRM (because it requires libsteam_api) however it does not seem to actually require or use the DRM to run it. Oops I forgot to add the following: Assuming, SteamWorks is considered DRM, then the Linux build has DRM. Years ago I think it would have been reasonable to expect more from a Linux user but not nowadays. Linux has gotten easier to use so today's users do not need to know as much to get their system up and running.
  2. At least on Linux, you do not need Steam to play the game. I tested this out on a machine without an internet connection that never had Steam installed.
  3. I thought the main objection in the thread is that people thought they needed Steam to play the game? I'm curious, what are the other issues with the Steam exclusivity plan?
  4. I am too lazy to actually test out a solution for you, but below are 2 possible solutions: 1. Install a Linux VM on the Windows PC and copy the game from the Linux PC to the Windows PC. 2. Install Wine on the Linux machine so that you can download the Windows version of the game and then copy that to the Windows PC.
  5. I downloaded the game using Steam on my Linux machine. As a test, I copied the game to my wife's Linux machine, disconnected her from the internet and I was able to launch the game. So using your definition Steam is not DRM.
  6. On Linux, libsteam_api.so is installed. Below are some of the functions that library exports: 00006b34 T SteamUserStats 000090b4 T SteamGameServer 00006ac6 T SteamUser 00006b08 T SteamMatchmaking 00006adc T SteamFriends These functions match functionality described in this page about SteamWorks: https://partner.steamgames.com/documentation/api Also see http://www.doublefine.com/forums/viewreply/316471/ So technically I think the game ships with DRM but it does not seem to be doing any DRM (or if it is I am not sure how).
  7. Ah sadness. I assume running 'LD_LIBRARY_PATH=./lib ./BrokenAge' doesn't get you much further right? No that command works fine.
  8. As far as the audio issue goes that is very strange. Can you run the game directly (aka w/o the shell script)? Maybe the linked libraries are somehow not compatible... Nope you can not run the game without the shell script because the shell script sets the LD_LIBRARY_PATH without I get: ./BrokenAge: error while loading shared libraries: libsteam_api.so: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
  9. Do you see any error messages if you run steam from the command line and then launch the game? If not steam seems to be saving logs to /tmp/dumps/ you could look there to see if there is an error message.
  10. (Speicherabzug geschrieben) = memory dump written Well ClearDefaultReverb() seems like something to control the sound. I actually got the same error as you when I tried to launch the game from Steam. It launched the game with no sound but when I clicked on "New Game" it crashed. The 2nd time it crashed I saw this error: "ALSA lib pcm_dmix.c:1018:(snd_pcm_dmix_open) unable to open slave". However, I was lucky and the sound worked when I launched it from the command line. Are you using Pulseaudio?
  11. My wild guess is that there is a problem with texture compression (S3TC?). Do you have libtxc_dxtn or lib32-libtxc_dxtn installed? Also when you run "glxinfo | grep s3tc" does it show that you have GL_EXT_texture_compression_s3tc and GL_S3_s3tc?
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