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  1. Got an ETA? Can you make sure it has detailed sales stats & a post-mortem from Justin?
  2. I guess it was obvious to me but may not be for everyone, but It's basically a hint that you've reached as far as you can with Vella at this point, and you need to now move Shay along.
  3. Also, when can I order a Hexipal plushie?! Does it come pre-wired to dance?
  4. I finished this morning - what an incredible game! Everything about Act II has improved the game dramatically! - the puzzles were a lot more detailed, required me to pull out a notepad (yay!) and were FUN to solve! I didn't get stupidly stuck at any point (the team clearly avoided the temptation of introducing any of those "use a monkey as a wrench" type puzzles to choke on, as Oliver put it) and the game sensibly hinted and pushed me along the entire time. And ofcourse, the story and writing are terrific! The documentary and now the finished product have been absolutely incredible. I was one of those complaining about the length and difficulty of Act I's puzzles, but with Act II this has now been delivered in spades. I also didn't experience any bugs or glitches (played on both Windows and Linux no less), so great job to the DFA team on making it through that final crunch without leaving any (noticeable) residue! Thank you Tim, Greg, Justin, Lee, Oliver, Anna, Ray, Bagel, Camden, Peter and the rest of the incredible team! What a great ride!
  5. Go to your Broken Age humblebundle page to get a link with a VHX code that will create you an account on https://www.vhx.tv/. It is a video distribution platform.
  6. Thank you kindly. (( I've enjoyed being a part of this community here. DF will need to announce/kickstart another similar game to keep their fans engaged.
  7. Kinda related, but does anyone remember when we should be seeing the next documentary ep? Will it be with the launch or a while after the launch or right before the launch or ...
  8. Your English is perfect and I'm in total agreement - I couldn't resist watching this video either and I too am super hyped for Act II !
  9. This thread has gotten pretty derailed but I agree with KestrelPi's comments, and I suspect so do the majority of backers who've been watching the documentary and generally been keeping track of things. As to answer 2PP's question: I wonder if it's possible to capture a separate video discussion with Justin on his perspective on how the game overall has performed financially, what they might do different in the future, comparing it to working with publishers, etc. - something that other games aiming for crowd-funding may be able to learn from. I know this was touched upon about Act 1 in one of the documentary episodes, but an overall wrap-up with hard numbers would certainly be interesting. When DFA launched it was an almost unprecedented new form of building a game and hearing from the 'business guy' on whether it's actually worth taking this approach would be cool. And for those of you complaining about YouTube comments, try installing the http://alientube.co/ extension plugin - will give you reddit comments instead of youtube comments for videos.
  10. Could just be that they're stalking you KestrelPi.
  11. The real issue for them, and why this time around they won't do an embargo/early release, as Justin pointed out, was that they wanted the public to have the option to buy and play the game as soon as they saw reviews, as not being able to do so potentially hurt sales.
  12. Pretty sure they'll be requesting updated addresses via a Kickstarter Poll once we're closer to actual shipping dates.
  13. It doesn't help, because the majority is irrelevant. Doesn't anyone understand the basic terms of a contract? I should try this with my mortgage company and see what happens. I bet they'll be really happy. Could you explain what you mean please? Didn't understand the point you were making.
  14. Definitely needs to be made public, however you choose to do so - paid or free. It'll only further serve DF and 2PP, both of whom have done a terrific job throughout. I think a free, gradual release might get you more publicity. Maybe a pay-what-you-want for all of it at once? I'm sure Justin already has his spreadsheet with ideas and projections ready. To appease us horrible people, just make sure we're all added into the end-of-doc-credits somewhere Or better yet, divide the list of backers amongst the REDS team and get them to say our names at the very end of the doc. HAHA. (No that's mean. Forget I said that.)
  15. Nope - this'll happen sometime after the second act ships - the box will then have a complete version of the game, and presumably other rewards will be completed around then including art books, blurays of the documentary, etc.
  16. Sounds like they've got Oliver working overtime on porting to just-one-more-platform
  17. Excellent talk - presentation was engaging and well-paced throughout - I didn't intend to, but I somehow ended up watching the whole ~ 59 minutes. Very interesting insights and nice to get a frank and transparent view of the, uh, transparency, with which Double Fine has experimented. It would be nice if you could somehow share this in the same format as DF Anna's last talk, since you can't make out the majority of the slide content... reuse the talk's audio rather than re-record and just push it out with the slides.
  18. I think this is what you're looking for?
  19. Exactly - the art style of BA is gorgeous and fantastic, ofcourse, but it looks like a lot of the time and effort and budget went into the art and animation, rather than into Tim's vision of the game in terms of storyline, puzzles, etc... which is why they had to cut so much of the game to meet their deadline. If they had gone a more simplistic route, I'm sure they'd have been able to fit in more content. That being said, Thimbleweed Park looks a bit too old-school for my liking.. I'd have preferred something along the lines of Day of the Tentacle rather than Maniac Mansion...
  20. Same. They've got this great engine now, so much of the problem is solved, they don't need to spend a few months implementing the 2D toolchain, then another few refining and getting up to speed with it, they can just go from concept to execution in one step. Broken Age Part 1 + 2 will have taken them just shy of 3 years to complete, and I feel like now they have the processes down they could do another one in potentially half the time. If they ever have the funds to do that, I'd love to see them try. Perhaps have ScottC or someone as the artistic lead in this one, and see how that works out. but hey, something small and old-style could be fun too. .I feel due to the choice of interface in BA, a lot of the potential humour has been lost in the process. I used to thoroughly enjoy stretching my imagination with usage of the verb-coin, and seeing / hearing all the different responses. Taking the single-click to 'look'/'pick up'/'use lips on that' is certainly simpler to implement and requires less work, but feels like it loses a bit of the charm... to me at least. Full Throttle and Monkey Island 3 did this best...
  21. Play Full Throttle!! You'll love it! And it isn't a very long game (ofcourse, this depends on how long you take to solve certain puzzles), so you may be able to fit it into your schedule. Warning, opinions below: I really enjoyed Discworld II - the voice acting, the setting, everything was just excellent!.. but Discworld I was a bit too intentionally convoluted and difficult for me, and took pixel hunting to a whole new level. If you're talking about the original Sam & Max Hit The Road, if I recall it is best to play after you've gotten a good feel for adventure games - it is a tricky, but thoroughly enjoyable game! I didn't care much for the characters in Vampyre Story, or for the inventory mechanics, but that just might be me..
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