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  1. Only $100+ backers got their name in the credits. Whoops! I think myself among many others forgot about this considering the project started 2 years ago now I am in the same boat of having forgotten about it
  2. Went back and forth when I got a little stuck at one point. Took me by surprise Ending took me by surprise because I kept expecting one to end with the next or some sort of weird Vella becomes Mother and Shay becomes the dead eyed god mobius strip time vortex thing
  3. Favorite Joke? (Spoilers!)

    Now I can cleave the infinity of space! ~Knife
  4. 4 Hours to Complete Act 1... really?!

    I haven't finished it yet. But the thing that millions bought us was if nothing else the engine. They built a brand new engine to make these games easier to make. It is entirely possible that we'll see more of these games after Broken Age finishes. As for the game itself, it's beautiful and not ridiculously difficult but at the same time not so simple its boring. Loving it.