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  1. I released a new book. You can download it for free for iBooks on your ipad/iphone. It's about depression and called "I Can't Get Out of Bed" - https://itunes.apple.com/us/book/i-cant-get-out-of-bed/id1065162708?ls=1
  2. The Advising Board is a long way from being the CEO.. Dan did setup the company and run it for 10 years... and he no longer is..
  3. It's no doubt Telltale has been a success as a company.. but look at all the people they lost getting there: Dan Connors Jake Rodkin Justin Chin Dave Grossman Mike Stemmle Brendan Ferguson Harrison Pink Chuck Jordan Sean Vanaman That's a damn talented group of people...
  4. You can't blame Telltale for making games that sell really well and make them lots of money... I have abandoned all hope for ever getting another Sam & Max game though...
  5. Thanks for the update Greg. Enjoy the holiday season and a well earned break and it looks like we will have something exciting in 2015.
  6. The great thing about Ron's game is it means they can focus on the writing and the puzzles.,which is what I loved about all those old games... Too much attention focus and resources was spent on Broken Age's art in my opinion which just isn't that important to me.
  7. Here's the problems with games these days..actually not even just games most forms of entertainment.. they don't want people to think anymore.. everyone assumes we don't have enough time to think about something...take your time..try and solve a problem.. and we are worse off for it because everything ends up dumbed down to the lowest common denominator.. maybe forcing people to think and be challenged is a good thing...
  8. Arhhh.. well I appreciated your kind demeanor and positivity.. Sorry to hear! TTG forums are a long way from there glory days.. it used to be a pretty funny and cool place to visit
  9. Greg we appreciate all the work you and everyone working on Broken Age is doing. I know it must be tough. I'd just take the forum comments with a few kilos of salt I'm sure no one intends to attack any of you personally..
  10. Woe is me, I paid 15 dollars for a full adventure game, a (so far) 16 episode in-depth documentary series on the making of the adventure game, a huge number of in-depth posts to the forums about the making of the game, and regular updates about the production status. Come on, this is by far the best value for 15 dollars I've *ever* spent on *anything*. I hope the doublefine people reading the forums don't get upset when they see comments like this. Well hang on, I spent $110 for a game that was meant to be released October 2012, and it is now October 2014 and the game is still far from complete. I don't think you can just dismiss backers who have concerns about this..
  11. Hey Greg! Thanks for the update. We've waited almost 3 years don't worry about December, just finish off the game and make it the best it can be.. A few more months polishing will give the game the best chance of success over the long run. Thanks for all your hard work on the game! You've come off really well in the documentary!
  12. Hey Justin you have talked the most sense out of anyone in the documentaries. I'm glad you are working for Double Fine you are a real asset! I hope you can take DF to the next level and thanks for all your hard work so far!
  13. Thanks for the update.. I can't believe Tim is still writing this 2 and a half years later...
  14. I thought they said if they released the game in 2 parts the second part would be released May 2014
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