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  1. You ARE in the zoo...Go back to the Zoo gate and, unless you have dyslexia, you will realize it says "OOZ" because it is backwards since you're on the inside! That's why there's the electric eel tank, the broken-down gift shoppy/food court-like place with the vending machine and the giant monster in that cagey part of the cave! lol My bad for reviving such an old thread (didn't read the year!), but I had this same problem. Next time, must read Controls more thoroughly...
  2. I always thought the kids should have been able to steal all of the other kids' costumes...well, maybe not the hobo...But I definitely wanted to be able to transform into a Mummy, a Ghost & a Witch. Costume Quest meets Chrono Trigger sounds pretty awesome too though...I could even imagine some kind of crossover where the kids would be able to dress up as other gaming characters! OMG! Costume Quest: The Video Game Convention (or maybe Cosplay Quest?)! Instead of candy they'd be after swag?! Even if it was just internal Double Fine characters it would still be freakin sweet!
  3. Yeah, I got Costume Quest & Grubbins On Ice during the THQ sale as well (also picked up the YDKJ packs) and had a blast playing. I desperately wanted there to be a NG+ option! Wish I'd had enough to grab Stacking as well, but I've been saving & hoping for a ME DLC sale...>_> The ending cries for a sequel! My mind went to when Jack found all the holiday doorways in Nightmare Before Christmas....
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    *My Pretty Panacea* The website appears to not be a thing anymore? It's still listed in the XBL description and on Steam as the website...Is there a new website?? I pretty much just joined these forums to ask (might've been helped by the fact that I just think the game was awesome).
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