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  1. I think they are. Other questions that I ask myself: Is it a coincidence that a new Grand Mog appears every 14 years (which could be Shay's age)? Or does the mog/ship care for a boy until he reaches the age of 14 and then starts the "Marek" program to make the boy rescue creatures/abduct girls? Was the "Overmother" maybe really a sacrificial girl a long time ago and got integrated into a ship/mog? Who's the Father then?
  2. I wasn't there either, not under "O" or "Ø"...It's sort of fine by me though. Getting my name on a good game isn't that important to me. Eh, I'm not in there either. Worse things have happened to me. ;-)
  3. You know, it was just right for me. I'd rather have something short than something that drags on unnecessarily.
  4. The cool thing is that in retrospect it all makes so much sense.
  5. Just finished the game and I have to admit that I did NOT see that plot twist coming. Totally, completely not. Maybe it would have been different if I had played Shay's part first, but daaamn did I NOT expect that. The last time I sat in front of my PC with my mouth open like this was after the ending of Portal 2. For me, this is on the same level with the plot twist in KOTOR. Nice work!
  6. After restarting the game and reloading my save the bug has disappeared and the sound is ok.
  7. Same here. I finished Vella's story (at least I think I did, it switched to Shay's automatically) and when Marek gave me my first object and the according mission, I got the beep soundloop. I played 2 hours nonstop before the bug appeared.
  8. I love it! This is truly impressive and beautiful. Hipster Lumberjack and the Dialogue Tree need to be in the game though. At least as an easteregg.
  9. - a place where words manifest themselves as objects - the edge of existence - a secret cow level - a painting of MC Escher - a level where you meet the stone mason that created the 4th wall - a fridge - the location of the Tunguska event - a place where water is lighter than air - a place where lots of elefants put all the bubbles into lemonade - combustible lemons planet - the royal court of a Russian Tsar - Nikola Tesla's lab - somewhere that is never "now", but always "soon" (what does that even mean?) - the perfume department of a big mall - the Academy Awards - EXPLODING CUPCAKES
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