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  1. Thought I'd take a break from trying to compose some in-game music for BGCE to bust out some quick little win/loss stabs. They're finals, but if people think they need more polish I can go back and work on them some more. Posted them up in issue #11.
  2. Great episode! Too short though... want to watch MOAR. Really looking forward to seeing the team's reaction to all the backer feedback and what gets tweaked and changed because of it. Good work, 2PP!
  3. That's... odd. I would have to go and play the start of the game over again to figure out if there's an issue with it, but isn't there only one object you can pick up? Therefore only one object you can use on everybody? And only two options with what to do with the object when it comes to Grandpa, one of which is the puzzle solution? Unless you're experiencing some glitch where the solution isn't an option to you, I don't see how it's possible to get stuck on this puzzle for a protracted period of time.
  4. I think if I had been drinking anything while I read that I would have snorted it out my nose. Sorry you had a bad experience on that puzzle, OP! Honestly though, I'm not sure you're going to find many people who had the same experience. While solving a dialogue-tree puzzle often is trial-and-error based there were only... what, two or three options to choose from? Hardly time-consuming. Considering the character flat-out tells you that they know where the knife is, you have a small amount of dialogue options to choose from and only one object you can manipulate... it's not exactly up there with the game's most difficult puzzles.
  5. (I know the thread title says it, but I'll reiterate: SPOILERS!) No, it was not a give-away. I was too busy wondering why Shay wasn't dead, what with having no oxygen in space. Really, there's not a whole lot of time to piece it together before they see one another, which is the really big "aha!" moment. I think no matter whose story you finish last, it's still an ending with a big impact.
  6. Pretty sure you didn't miss anything. I was surprised too.
  7. I thought they mentioned in the doco somewhere that act 2 would be shorter? Harder, yes, but not as long as act one. I hope I'm wrong...? It'll be a good length when the 'acts' don't exist and you can play it through as one entire game.
  8. Never got stuck so had no reason to switch. Vella all the way through, then Shay.
  9. I'm unsure how more transparency would have helped solve the issue of puzzle difficulty. You see Tim struggling with it in the documentary, and to solve that problem they did extensive playtesting - more playtesting than any adventure game he'd been involved with. There's always going to be some people who say the puzzles were too easy for them, but how better to strike an overall, best-for-the-average-gamer balance than extensive playtesting with people ranging from backers, non-gamers and game developers? I think they did as much as they could have, considering time and budget constraints. Whether the puzzles SHOULD have been best-for-the-average is a different argument altogether, of course.
  10. It speaks to the quality and immersiveness of the game world that we all wish we could have spent more time there.
  11. It was to the left of Curtis' cabin. (The talking tree was to the right.)
  12. Oddly enough, Steam says I have only played 25 minutes. Must have been the result of a very late crash just before I finished Shay's story. Anyhow, THE ENDING. So great! Also feel like I should have seen it coming, but just didn't. Tied everything together wonderfully. I finished Vella's story first, then Shay's. I'm glad I did, I think it made the ending have slightly more impact. Either way though, top stuff. Very much looking forward to a more challenging part 2!
  13. First thing I thought when I heard Curtis speak. Wil sounds surprisingly like George Clooney in this game.
  14. Just on two of your points... I also hope they make it so you can’t “click” on objects that have no bearing on a puzzle more than once to hear the flavor text (e.g. the fishing rods). I agree this can be annoying, but if you somehow manage to miss what was said the first time, it's always nice to have the option of hearing it again. What they REALLY need is a way to skip over dialogue that doesn't skip the entire conversation. This would kill two birds with one stone. I’m curious about the purpose of the snake. It seems like the game could have easily done without it. I mean, I don’t recall it being essential to any of the puzzles. It's most likely part of a puzzle in Act 2. The game was always meant to be played as a whole - when it's not split in to acts, it will probably be more cohesive, and you won't notice this.
  15. Oh. Huh. I totally missed that too. Hopefully there's something DF can implement to direct the player's attention to visit Gus before solving his puzzle? I hate missing dialogue! EDIT: And yeah, I thought it was weird that this person I'd never met before already knew Vella by name, but the moment was over so quickly I didn't get a chance to think much more about it.
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