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  1. Worst case scenario, at the moment that Broken age is finally released you are awoken by shock therapy to discover that you are in a mental ward and suffer from a delusion, Broken age never existed, it was just a metaphor that you constructed in your delusion to represent your broken reality.
  2. I bet Peter Chan went for a nice long walk on his island after that phone call.
  3. I totally agree, this episode just reminded me of every production I have ever worked on. The part where Tim said "they always work out how to do thing twice as efficiently", made my eye twitch, but teams always pull everything together in the end even though there are moments when you can't quite conceive how.
  4. I'm kind of confused by your posts... What benefit do you imagine there might be - converting to "vector animation?" The concept just might be going over my head, but I'm not getting it... It is possible to export cell shaded 3d to vector images. I have working on a project that has done it from 3ds Max. I can't remember the name of the plugin we used but I'm sure if you search around you will find the equivalent for Maya. The reason you would want to convert to vector would most likely be for the file sized restrictions of web base flash type games.
  5. Wow people in the forum remind me of all the horrible clients I have worked for. Artist-Here client take a look at this test example we mocked up to test our engine. It will give you an idea of our process and the animation style. Client- I don't like the character design, and the background is boring and it doesn't have enough pizzazz, it needs at least 85% more pizzazz. Artist- Oh, well this example wasn't intended to represent the final design, it was just to test our engine and give you and idea of our process and animation style. Client- Ok, but all the feedback I gave you still applies, so make sure the designs I haven't seen yet incorporate my feedback, especially the part about more pizzazz. So Double fine, you guys are doing a great job. I really enjoyed the insight into your process.
  6. That Google banner was for Russia Day 2012, so I would say the inspiration came from Russian art, which although I am not very familiar with, I am sure would contain plenty of skys, houses, and hills. but I do see what you are getting at.
  7. Well, it's not super accurate, but it's a lot better than I would have expected someone to be able to work up based on our vague posts! Ok then, I think we should leave staff floor plan puzzles out of the Double Fine Adventure Game. but I have a question, Drew took a photo of Darth Vader and Elvis, which I assumed had been taken from his kitty corner (had to goggle that phrase) across from Patrick, which would make the staff member visible in that photo, the legendary center of the universe Patrick himself. Is this so? P.S I hope people in the office start calling Patrick the Legendary center of the Universe, or the LCU. You could say things like, "we will have to consult the LCU on this part of the project", or "I'll meet you over near the LCU".
  8. Wait Gabe needed to be near and outside wall.
  9. Ok, here is where I think some of the staff that have posted sit in relation to the center of the universe, aka Patrick.
  10. -on the surface of an atom - in the bristles of a paint brush - flatland (2 Dimensional reality) - An Enlightened plain of existence - World were thinking things makes it happen - cheese land - pogo stick land -the ancient Scottish highlands in an underwater reality - Atlantis just before it disappeared -Easter island during the creation of the statues
  11. The Backers of this project are essentially the Client. As the Backers we were presented with the Brief, which was to make an awesome adventure game. So the preliminary interactions between Client and Production company is complete. At the moment the production company is working on pre-production which has already had client input in the form of the brief. At some point in the pre-production process we will probably be present with concept art and story concepts. A common technique when presenting a client with material to gain approval, is to present the client with several variation to choose from. This gives the client the sense of decision making. In the case of this Kickstarter 87 000 clients scenario, variation selection will most likely be the only type of input technique we are offered.
  12. When I think back at adventure games that I played, I think what I loved about them was the experience of an interactive story. I can understand why some of the people in the episode said they were not fans of the puzzles because some adventure games the puzzles were not integrated into the story, they didn't add to the story experience. So I hope in this game the focus is on telling a really good story that the player feels they have a part of telling, rather that a series of puzzles that a player overcomes so that they can get to the story. I guess there can be a divide between those who want to be challenged by their game and those who want to be entertained by their game. Great episode, very inspiring to hear how Tim goes about his creative process.
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