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  1. Daggish, I work at Touch Vinyl, right down the street from Plan Check! That place is good, but Father's Office is the best. Enough with all these damn gastropubs though, amirite?
  2. For the record, I love my ipad and there are tons of unique and innovative games for it. Simogo made two of the best games I played last year on any platform, Year Walk and Device 6. Year Walk is getting ported to Steam this year and I can see it translating fairly well, but Device 6? I dare you to play it and tell me not only how brilliant it is, but how the hell it could ever work on any other platform. Sorry for the tangent, but I felt the need to defend my baby computer from the glorious PC yada yada yada.
  3. Read The Man In The High Castle a looong time ago, so totally forgot about Operation Dandelion. The hexagrams OP mentionare from the I Ching, or book of Changes, the ancient Chinese book of divination. They refer to fortunes, not shapes. It's kind of hard to explain how it works, but if you're curious: www.ichingonline.net
  4. Not on purpose at least, but there is a very direct (and by direct I mean completely obtuse) reference to that part of Strangelove in Full Throttle! Self-destruct code = "purity of essence." Funny, I didn't think you could die in Lucasarts adventure games.
  5. Peter summed up my feelings about this episode thus: "Perfect." Dave, I can tell you were kinda crushed. Not just because you had to do the scene over, but because you were genuinely proud of your work. For what its worth, I think Tim made the right call but I wanted to give you a hug nonetheless. And I came away from your follow up interview just having mad respect for your creative ambition. Wanting to one day "prove Tim wrong" is an awesome goal to have. You're not about meeting expectations, you're about shattering them. Keep at it.
  6. Soooooooo cool to finally attach a face and personality to Khris Brown, a name I've seen in the credits of every Schafer game since DOTT. And what an awesome chick, potty mouth and all. Her passion for her job is palpable, and goes a long way toward explaining why the voice acting in his games is always so damn good. The line about the lonely kids with computers, the one about never hiring celebrities for the sake of it, the coprophagia too. I have a crush on you Khris, and you can poop in my mouth any time.
  7. Here's a minor one. You can show a little more compassion for your companions when playing as the adventurer in her section by avoiding the plates that bring the spikes ever closer to their heads. That reminds me of my favorite line in the game: "an Englishman would never have this many spikes. It's...unseemly."
  8. Ghost Lyon

    The Voice

    Ah, he was Sasha Nein and Bonita Soleil in Psychonauts. Knew I recognized that voice from somewhere.
  9. Awesome, sounds like you guys know what you're doing. It warms the cockles of my heart to boot up an iOS game and see the DF logo, and I think MMoj is going to become one of those addictive little time wasters for me. One thing that really sets it apart from other games of its ilk is the fact there's an actual narrative. I love how the missions lead up to boss fights, makes the whole thing seem less repetitive. So is it safe to delete and redownload so I can reset the game, or will that not work since its been taken down from the app store? Like I said, it shows up on my purchased list, but I'm hesitant to do it for fear of locking myself out until release!
  10. Wow, guess I lucked out when I peeped the new releases in the app store! Digging it so far, although it goes pretty abruptly from hand-holding tutorial to you're on own. I'd really like the option to reset game progress. I'm tempted to delete and reinstall to start over, but scared that I won't be able to re-download for a few weeks until proper release! It shows up on my purchased list, so it'll probably work, but I don't wanna chance it!
  11. Idk wtf all this disturbing eugenics and MMA business has to do with anything, but I agree with whoever said the term "strong female character" gets taken a little too literally. A strong character of any race or gender is an interesting character, and an interesting character is flawed, maybe even weak. Don't get me wrong, it's great to see the gender gap narrowing in terms of tough-talking, ass-kicking, wish fulfillment characters that feed that adolescent power fantasy. But they're just as boring as their male counterparts. And it's also great to see men getting objectified too in movies like Magic Mike. I'm probably just a weirdo, but one of my favorite female characters in recent memory was Anna Farris' in Smiley Face. Could've just as easily been played by a dude. Not particularly strong, smart, or independent, but neither is she Madonna or Whore, and that's something.
  12. Hey all, first post and super psyched for the DFA! I'm no MIDI expert, but I use an Akai MPC sampler/sequencer, which is MIDI-based. As you digitally sample sounds (mostly from old records in my case), assign them to pads, play and sequence them into a song, the MPC, unlike a lot of software based programs, uses MIDI to track and trigger the samples, which are temporarily stored in RAM. This got me thinking that maybe its possible to emulate this system to achieve a MI2-iMuse-like dynamic score with live recorded instruments, if it was composed in a sample-based way. Thoughts?
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