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  1. D and J are definitely my favorite. They give a more mature vibe, giving the idea that she is like a 16 year old girl, which would fit the idea of a confusing part of her life. They really fit the "idea" of the character, if you see what I'm saying.
  2. Man is 2PP just really talented. This is definitely the best episode ever. I just got a really heartwarming feeling from the Double Fine team, and just how much they are like a family. Also, I like how Brad Muir's only presence was him saying "holy sh**". That was great.
  3. I'll give it a shot. - I have always found the shape of a bottle is really cool. Plus a level set on a Ship in a bottle would be really neat to see. - Some surface that is like a cylinder, so you can walk up the side and then be standing on the ceiling, and then walk around the other side. That'd be neat. - Somewhere where your character is very small and a rainstorm is happening, maybe through a "forest" that's actually just grass, and the raindrops are huge. - A keyboard level would be super cool! Like your character is going through a maze but its actually just the spaces between keys on a keyboard. I got that idea as I typed this up. That's all i got, hope it helps!
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