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  1. I was wondering now that dust has settled on the game how DF did with MC. Not in terms of exact numbers but the overall feeling of financial satisfaction for the game. Did it break even or went below or did good? Because quite frankly, this is by far my favorite DF game and even though Brad's gone to Valve now, It would really be a shame if that franchise would just be this one game, never to be touched again or that DF would never try to take a stab at this genre. I think you guys created something really awesome and unique and I do have money in my pocket for more stuff like that.
  2. I know, it took me 2 seconds to back that thing when it was announced it was right up my alley and still, to this day, my favorite DF game.
  3. You know, the worst thing about this documentary is that it stops. This was really good stuff. I think there might be a market out there for that. I mean, if DF came out and said look, for 5 bucks you could watch this game being made or this game, film by 2 players prod or something of that quality of course, i'd pay.
  4. Massive Chalice is awesome. It makes me really sad people were not into that game at all. Its fantastic. Look, if you ever liked Game of Thrones, you'll enjoy Massive Chalice even more because you can kinda channel this fun you get of watching families and who marries who and whatnot into the game and sometimes the game gives you great random non-scripted narratives by itself. The gameplay and the universe is really cool and original. I finished that game twice now, its not that hard and I keep coming back to it every 6 months or so. I cannot believe there will never be a sequel or an expansion to that.
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