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  1. Now, you might think that the biggest thing standing in the way of a psychonauts sequel is the fact that the game didn't sell well, or the fact that it put a publisher out of business. You'd be wrong on that count. If our mighty overlord wanted to make a sequel, there would be no question that some publisher would agree to publish it somewhere down the line. No, the biggest problem is that schafer is an intelligent, funny creative individual with lots of crazy ideas and he doesn't particularily want to work in the same world again. I get that, believe me I do. I'm constantly envisioning new game concepts that I hope I can someday make and there's no way I can bring anything close to all of them to life, even if I don't make a sequel to a single one. But I don't necessarily think that Psychonauts 2 would be all that similar to the original, especially not if it were to continue where the first game left off. Once Raz leaves training and enters a big world of international psychic intrigue, the whole set up of the game would have to change. He'd be infiltrating terrorist compounds, doing psychic duels with enemy agents, and going on adventures much closer to those of james bond than of a little kid sneaking into an insane asylum to rescue his girlfriend. My point is that there's a lot of the psychic world that deserves to be fleshed out and explored, and if Raz were to do that as a full fledged psychonaut his ways of doing things would inevitably change. I, for one, don't want another tale set in whispering rock. I want to see raz team up with sasha and milla to save truman zanotto from whatever shady organization was behind his kidnapping, (It couldn't have been oleander, he was there the whole time. you all saw him) I want to see him travelling the world and dating Lili on weekends. In short, I don't want more of the same, I want a new, different story of a more grown up Rasputin exploring more of the amazing world that schafer crafted for the first game. Of course, I also want to see what new project is undoubtedly in the process of being made as we speak, but I want to see a sequel to psychonauts just a teensy bit more.
  2. twice. once on ps2, and once on xbox (100% completion)
  3. Hi new guy. I don't think I shoud too attatched to you, because Miriku is going to kill you eventually.Why you ask? Well, you put Okami as your seond favuorite game. Miriku is an Okami otaku, (see what I did there? A little bit of Japanese terminology for ya, enjoy.) She also likes to stab. See where I'm going with this? Nice knowing you. Or rather... not. oh. oh dear. Well, I'll be sure to keep a razorback on me at all times then. thanks for the warning. also, crash, congratulations on solving my fiendish riddle. sadly, I would rather not sound american, as being canadian is more fun and less likely to get you robbed in foreign countries.
  4. "Hey, if Activision liked it, then they should have put a ring on it," Schafer said. "Oh great, now Beyoncé is going to sue me too." tim schafer is officially my idol. I mean, he was my hero before, but now I am going to start some kind of cult dedicated to him. This is the best retort to a lawsuit in the history of ever.
  5. the easiest way to get testing experience is to play betas of upcoming mmos and the like. If you send in frequent, detailed bug reports you could even get hired on full time for the quality of your work. to paraphrase seanbaby, if you want to get paid to do something, do it for free, and if you're good at it people will start paying you to do it.
  6. hello, I'm G_off, I'm sure that with a little detective work you can figure out what my real name is, but I warn you that it is a logical challenge on par with the toughest of professor layton's puzzles, and that your mind may shatter in the attempt. Anyway, I'm an aspiring game writer/designer with lots of ambitious ideas bottled up in my head that will probably be rejected a lot before one brave developer takes a chance on one and I am skyrocketed into stardom. Yep, those expectations are totally realistic and down to earth. I prefer to play adventure games, rpgs, platformers, good first person shooters (like half life. none of that halo clone crap) and anything else that happpens to be unique and original. Systems I own: ps3 360 wii dreamcast n64 snes nes psp ds 5 All time favorite games: 1. Steambot Chronicles 2. Okami 3. Grim Fandango 4. Earthbound 5. Psychonauts
  7. I'm tall, so I went as manny calavera in his work clothes last year. I'll send you pics if I can find some.
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