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  1. SUPPORT THEM! WOW! brand new old school point and clic adventure! link below! https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/thimbleweedpark/thimbleweed-park-a-new-classic-point-and-click-adv
  2. great! in neustral spanish nerver must be used VOS.. it must be use TU USTEDES is equally recognized by you in the REAL ACADEMIA ESPAÑOLA diccionary. and is a form of verbal time. the literal translation of HOMER to spanish is HOMERO. its a law in spain that the first name an last name of a person or character must be respected as the original. and if a word of a thing or something come from another country must be respected in accent and pronuntianion. thats why you say Vídeo with accent in the I and latin american said VIDéO with accent in E.. because VIDEO is a english word. is the same law that all the movies must be dubbed...
  3. I left this a couple of days and is a complete mess. If I bought a game that is dubbed to Spanish and I must listen the Spanish from Spain, all the game lose the right feeling. For me, Latin American speaker. If the game is english speaked and subtitle Spanish, it would be great for ME, in my opinion, do not read words like VALE (means ok) or COGER (means pick up) that are only used in spain as slang word. Because they have also "TOMAR" (pickup also) and BIEN OR BUENO ( good or all right) Is only in subtitles because is awful hear, for me, dubbed games in Spanish. Have de ps3 and a lot of games automatically switch to spanish.. Puaj! I switch all system to English and then I got the English version of the game. Besides, the Spanish version of homer from the Simpsons is like homer speaking in British English. It simple couldn't be. I think this is the only language that has the problem neither French or German or Italian have this situation, that's why I like to discuss here.
  4. yea... well my story is this: here in argentina we didnt have at ´92 many computers stores that sell original video games. if exist, they was expensive here. and imagine, for a 11 years old guy, $60.- is very very much. so, the copy games populate. i remember a place where do you take the list of games, for example Alone in the dark. You see that was 11 disk of 3 1/2 high. so it cost you $1.- the copy of each disk if you bring them or $2.- if you must buy them with the copy. i remember like was yesterday. those 12 blocks... wait 30 min with vga copy to copy all 11 disk. walk 12 blocks again.. 45 min installing and discover that was CRC error in the disk 11. *!"·!"·$%&$%&$!!! so... CODES? photocopy my friend. photocopy. a pair of sissors and a cutter blade for the interior squares. what else? it bring me joy and fun those games. years after... i retrieve all that i cannot paid in those days buying special editions for ps3 and pc at steam of monkey 1 and 2... buy the lucas arts adventure pack and maniac mansion, the dig and full throttle OEM original. and now.. backer at tim.. what else! thats my story. if you loose them.. PHOTOCOPY !!!
  5. sure.. they always add in the credits the coffe guy. and thanks to george lucas.
  6. yes.. concept art was, be, and will be awfull reward... i imagine starting te game.. and all retro pixeled style in CGA colors... with loading sound of disk and noisy cooler in the background. bi bi bip.. and then some think like: search the page 20 from the PDF of the manual and make clic at the left of the bottom page number then you will be redirected to the code page ( last page of the manual) and insert the code to get more fun! then you realice there is no code and a legend saying: there is no code, you idiot. you couldnt get more fun.. is fun enough. remember COURSE OF MONKEY ISLAND--- OPTIONS MENU --- GRAPHICS--- HARDWARE 3D ACELERATION THERE IS NO 3D ACELERATION IN THE GAME!... also a joke .
  7. WO WO!... think THIS AS A JOKE! C-mon.. is like meisjoe said: its funny that a pirate game is protected from piracy.. and this days.. with piracy... and DIGITAL... again.. if you played the MONKEY ISLAND 1 Low density 5 1/4 disk, when your searching in the forest.. you find a chopped tree.. open tree and the game request a inexistent disk.. that was a joke.. to... they laughing about the thing that you need 3 disk to play the game... ALOT!
  8. Haa... i remember those old days where the games have those ridiculous and awesome passcodes to enter the game. let me see. my first game was Maniac Mansion. it had any passcodes? dont remember.. but YES! I REMEMBER monkey island passcodes. and the indiana jones crusade! and fate of atlantis. and Day of tentacle. and i remember monkey island 2 and of course! the san n max passcodes was great!. monkey island pascodes was the most funny of all. For those who didnt know, all video games in that time was very "copyable" in diskettes. There was not security options like today in cdr or DVD. So how the programmers could do to retard PIRECY? well, they invented codes at the beginning of the game. so you open up and discover this awfull thing. wait! i must enter a code to play? YES! and if you buy the original game it includes all the codes. As i said the monkey island, for my, is the most original of all. consisted in two disc (the image is below) and the game ask you when "something" (die, live i dont remember) this pirate in a certain island. you must turn the disk to coincide the top face with the down face and see in the colum of the island the date. VERY VERY CLEVER! perhaps TIM could told us more about who invented this passcode metod! Monkey 2 had the same, but with other mix. the mix of voduu flavor. In day of the tentacle, you didnt use the codes til already begin playing. like lucas arts said: Oh! so you copy my game.. sure... play with it.. come on.. what? you live in a place where there is no distribution of the game ? soy you download it via BBS? ok, play with it.. BUT! NO! it request secret ingredients for a SUPER BATTERY and.. as you guessed... it was in the manual of the games those codes. i didnt find an image.. so.... tim help! the SAN N MAX use a dresser to combine different clothes for san and max and you must enter the correct. again, didnt find image.. indy jones! indy had the same as Day of tentacle. you play the game, and when you reach some point it will ask you something.. you must open the manual and search the code.. LOOM too.. but my relation with loom is hate/love and i dont consider a POINT N CLICK adventure. SIERRA ONLINE haved the same.. but with questions. because i do not like larry and space quest and others.. do not know. BUT I KNOW SIMON THE SORCERER ... yes.. that guy had the same. some combinations of things that at the beginning. So, what do you think? FOR THE OLD TIMES? it would be great to have a joke with passcodes? or even a special feature? tell me your opinions.. sorry for my english..
  9. haa...... find an original copy..... maybe, sometimes, feel like jack sparrow will make great achievements..
  10. HAHAHA! ok...i will xplain, but is difficult if you do not speak spanish to know what im talking about. neutral spanish is spanish without accent or slangs of any kind. for instanse. the latin american version of shrek, donky, was a mexican burrito in his accent and use some slang word from mexico that in the rest of latin america we are not familiarized. all latin america use for OK, or ALL RIGHT the term "BIEN" (good) or "esta bien" (its ok). spain people use "VALE" (like worth) and i dont use VALE to say ok.. i say OK. As i said. neutral spanish is a term use by filming doubbling companies to reffear a language that is neutral in accent and terms.
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