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  1. Aha! I hadn't seen the arrows for selecting powers. And as soon as I train one of my heroes up to the required intelligence, I'll let you know if anyone else can't research as well
  2. Hi DF, I've been playing MMOJ a bit this morning and ran into a couple of bugs: - Surge Protector won't do research, no matter what. I assign her to do things and she just stands around in the research lab. Is there something else that I have to do in the Lab (add workstations, etc) to actually get the lab to function? - After training in the Training Room, how do I use my new abilities? They didn't actually show up in the next battle... Great game so far though, some really fun and interesting visual elements (and some that could use some spit and polish...) but I'm really, really liking it so far! P.S. I'm running this on an iPad 2. And the suggestion - allow us to lock characters into repeating a certain action or letting us queue actions - I want the manager to always be doing desk work and making money unless I tell him otherwise!
  3. I am so, so excited for this game. Is there any way to be automatically notified when it is released so I can download it immediately?
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