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  1. Obiviously Tim and the Crew are doing brainstorming right now and probably were even before the end of the kickstarter thing. So my question is when will we start to get news? This forum is made to work on and for the game, so what we know will further it. With that in mind my main questions are about the news. Will they be in live cameras? Just watching the people working? Brainstorm and problem meetings? Two Player uncut footage? News write ups? Thoughts in a word doc put up? What will it be posted as? And how will it be presented? And then of course when?
  2. I have played more than any human should have ever played of games. I have beaten most of them. I also decided to watch a hell of a lot of movies. My name has a bunch more meaning than you'd think at first or second glance. I have a really good sense in writing and design(or so I'm told, I dislike myself so I can't say) and I'm working towards becoming a game Dev. I live north of DF. Not that north.
  3. General or alternative DFA. When you don't know where it fits but it does. Also maybe an alternative board non-DFA for things that aren't off topic but don't fit into the forementioned boards.
  4. I don't care. It's not the setting, it's the handling of it. Much like Monkey Island was so unlike other pirate games. But it could be cool. But it doesn't matter enough.
  5. Sure it's interesting, but releasing it for free is giving away what you put work into. In the end they're a company, and have to make ends meet.
  6. Well that sounds cool, much like iCloud or steam cloud stuff. But to cross platform em all...You'd have to make a server, with a dedicated back up and have a save with a modifiable/removable header. Really you'd have to create interworking saves(not too hard, they're on the same engine) and a way to transfer them. Probably cloud, although they could have a USB transfer I guess(Apple cord thing for IOS).
  7. Throw in some hidden refrences or jokes while keeping the style. Everything else should be new.
  8. Not going as far as to say I won't tell people a few things or at least be able to. But I don't want to leak stuff or have it be leaked. I mean it probably will happen, we DO have 80'000 people or something. Let's just hope for the best.
  9. Incarnation of Morry in a bottle. Every time you try to use it on something Morry comments, not you.
  10. If it doesn't affect writing then...How many DF games star women? That's right, none. Sure Costume quest but it's an option. That said I think DF girls are done really well, and I'd like to see one as a main character.
  11. It was interesting, but the implementation turned it into a rote fetch quest. Even if you had to think of it on the spot I wouldn't really be interested. It's up for shots but I really don't care.
  12. I would love to see sequels to some of their games but not with this. I want something new, something that isn't in this plane of existence yet. But yeah new.
  13. Things like this that could be messed around with would be great. Often adventure games have things that don't always click or are vague. Making multiple solutions, different ideas coming into play, randomization...there's potential that's never really been explored as most of the change came in the narrative, not the play.
  14. Spy Party. A point and click adventure game based on the upcoming sure to be hit.
  15. That whole spanish armada thing where it goes into slow mo quick time but with point and click.
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