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  1. Just caught the episode; I'll be very interested to compare the final "Vella's Fields" music to the version Peter McC played in the video. It's a pretty sweet track already, so it'll be fun to check out the final cut (since Peter suggested he'd make some changes before the crew was satisfied with the piece). I enjoyed the rough blocking discussion; Elliott Roberts' enthusiasm was nice to watch after the somewhat on-edge talk about transparency and so on. I thought this episode's animation segments were pretty engaging, partly since the team overall seemed pleased to view the progress. It was neat seeing that glimpse of sifting through all the audition material. Personally, I felt differently than Tim about the second Merrick voice--I liked the guy's slightly higher pitch since it felt more distinct, unusual and intriguing, but I didn't care for his delivery as much since it felt rather predictably melodramatic. But then again, I suppose the character is probably intended to speak in a melodramatic way. Anyway, thanks for the episode!
  2. I've read a lot of people's "basic rules for creating characters", and this one is way more helpful and useful than most. Organizing the traits & details like this helps bring attention to underdeveloped or predictable aspects that need work. Thanks, Tim! Considering your comments about people liking your character more if you mention they're attractive, I'd be interested to see how much difference it would make if you phrased it differently to people. After all, Attractive and Repulsive are relative terms unless you specify "conventionally physically attractive/repulsive". They often refer to a character's manner, behavior and style, so naturally people would find someone more appealing if they're attractive in general. You might find people more open-minded if you said "pretty or ugly" instead. That aside, here's a character from a comic I'm working on! IDENTITY Name: Tessie Molkus Age: 28 Gender: Female Nationality/Ethnicity: English Parents: Father is a distributor for a company that makes trash cans; mother is an editor for a successful regional newspaper. Tessie currently lives in their basement, due more to apathy than financial hardship. Siblings: An older brother, finding work as an actor. Significant Others: Carl, a composer. He is one in a long string of boyfriends, but he has managed to stick longer than most. Occupation: Manager of a post office. Location: Factory district of a mysterious, heavily-militarized city. Religion: Agnostic, likes to believe all mythologies are partially true and can be combined like a jigsaw. Class: Has a lower-middle-class lifestyle but thanks to her parents she is upper-middle. Marital Status: Single Education: Graduated high school; half a semester of state college. PHYSICAL Fat/Skinny: Fat Tall/Short: Short Strong/Weak: Weak Hair Color/Style: Long, rather greasy blonde hair. Style of Dress: A hodgepodge of whatever was convenient that morning--an ill-fitting bright-blue long-sleeve shirt over a purple t-shirt; slacks; pink boots. Attractive/Repulsive: Mildly repulsive. Unusual characteristics / markings / disabilities: Wide face, glassy eyes, short stubby legs, almost no sense of smell. BEHAVIOR Speech (accent/pitch/dialog tags): Chirpy and fast-paced, with a slight Scouse accent. Temperament (cheerful/grumpy): Cheerful Social Skills: Friendly and talkative, but boorish and obnoxious. Ambitions / Desires: To enjoy high living until parents' money runs out. Perhaps also to become a great artist or poet, but she'd rather not bother with the commitment. Fears / Hates: The thought of growing old, peppermint, wide open spaces, being ignored, responsibility. Hobbies / Obsessions: Being an expert on useless, esoteric subjects or styles (in music, philosophy, food, etc). Shopping at thrift stores. Breaking things and occasionally making junk art from them. Dropping rocks on cars from overpasses. Special Talents: Has a wide array of interesting esoteric knowledge, but doesn't retain much since she's constantly seeking a new gimmick with which to impress people. Self Image: A wild and crazy fun person whom uptight people could learn from. Emotional Baggage: Accidentally burned down family's house as a child, spent much time in hospital mostly because of stupid attention-getting stunts and substance abuse, went to anarchist meetings for a while (before becoming bored with them) and got involved in riots and police raids. Secrets: Tessie cannot keep secrets and opens up to anyone, no matter how personal or dark the subject. Smoke / Drink: She is alcoholic and experiments with home-brewed concoctions for both drinking and smoking; she has never successfully gotten high in her life but has attempted many times. Self-destructive / defeating: Pretty much her whole lifestyle. Mannerisms: Drinks much of the time; favors "cute" humor and gimmicky catchphrases. Intelligence: Low. Technically she's booksmart about useless things to make her look cool, but that's the limit of her intellect. Strong / Weak: Weak Leader / Follower: She leads conversations and likes a captive audience, but she has no direction. She's too self-absorbed (and has too short an attention span) to be a follower. She holds a managerial job through luck and confidence rather than skill. Mean / Kind: Usually easygoing and kind, but she can be cruel, often just for kicks. Right / Left brained: Left-brained. Brave / Fearful: Her life is dominated by her fear of responsibility, but she refuses to acknowledge or directly face that fear. Graceful / Clumsy: Clumsy. Seeks attention / isolation: Attention. Funny / serious: Funny. Mellow / energetic: Energetic, but still a physically sluggish person. Humble / arrogant: Arrogant. Obedient / Rebellious: Rebellious, but not in any calculated way. Favorite music: Experimental noise bands, the more obscure and distantly-foreign the better.
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