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  1. Based off of the Offline Practice mode, I can only play a 16 player game without the framerate going through the floor. But otherwise, my Steam user name is JJkul, if anybody is interested in TF2, CSS, or Gmod.
  2. Brink. That's about it. And yeah, it's a shooter, but the story is looking amazing, and it's much more about teamwork than pew pewing people.
  3. My name appears in Scarecrow's sig, I find this interesting.
  4. Pepperoni (Pep and Mushroom if it's Pizza Hut, since they use fresh 'shrooms) Hawaiian (Canadian Bacon + Pineapple) Pepperoni and Jalopeno (if there aren't too many Jalopenos, I like the flavor but the texture can be a little meh) Pepperoni Alfredo (cheese with no sauce) Canadian Bacon and Mushroom As for other stuff, I like it all. Parmesan, Red Pepper Flakes, and Salt. I'm I'm not having Alfredo I like lots of sauce.
  5. *tries to resist keeping on the "resisting" combo, but fails*
  6. I've got a few, and I'm not sure which is stupider. 7 or so years old, I'm at recess and am running along the parking lot to 1st to get in line (we got in line before going back to the school building). I fall and scrape my right knee, and tore a whole in my pants. On the plus side I got a totally sweet band-aid that was a map of the world. I was on a dirt hill with a ton of small rocks on it. I hear a bug, and assume it's a bee (I'm not sure if it was one or not) I start running, and fall over and scrape my right knee (sound familiar?). 9-ish years later, though it's a little hard to tell you can still kind of see the mark/scar. About 8 years old, I'm playing this game (I forget what it's called, it may be "Perfection"), where you push the board down, and as the timer ticks you try to fit all the different shapes (triangles, circles, etc.) into the right wholes. When the timer's done, the board pops up in a rather surprising fashion. Well, one time I got up and started running away, and smacked my foot into a wooden chair, thusly injuring on of my toes like nobody's business. I'm around 10, and we're packing up to go back home after a trip. We had turned in the key, already, and were using various methods of keeping the door open. Well the door gets locked (my fault), so I start running around the entire hotel so I can get back to our room and open the door, and I trip and scrape my elbow (at least it wasn't my knee this time). Thankfully it was winter, and I was wearing a sweatshirt, so the damage was reduced considerably.
  7. Every time I see your avatar I get confused. Ssss. I'm going to have to wait to get costume quest. But i will! Because you think you from last year time traveled forward and is now posting under my name? Or just because you don't know why I'd steal your old avatar?
  8. Good, I was getting scared of not having enough place to be random. Even though I rarely have a burning desire to be overly random, it's good to have insurance just in case.
  9. So, I hear this is a good place to be random. Is that correct?
  10. I'll definitely play the trial, but I owe my mom $20, I I have another $15 called for, and I want to get a second GCN controller and Super Smash Bros. Melee (as a matter of fact, it IS 2001)
  11. Good idea! I could use some rich-ness right now, with Birth By Sleep coming out and me not having a PSP.
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