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  1. Oh thanks! Im somewhat relieved. Well, then Im looking forward to the announcement and wish Ron all the best with this Project! Edit: Just read the article again, and they even say its not THE DFA, well next time I should read more carefully, but my excuse is I just got out of bed and are still half asleep ;-)
  2. FTL - cant wait! It got 2000% DFA Wastelands Americana Dawn - free 16Bit adventure in SNES style Banner Saga Shadowrun Returns Leisure Suit Larry Grim Dawn - one can never have enough Diablo clones Legends of Eisenwald - I hope this will be what Disciples 3 never was Skyjacker - Space flight Sim <-- needs more attention FleetCOMM Xenonauts - one can never have enough real XCom games Unemployment Quest - another 16 Bit Adventure Battle of the Bulge - Panzer General for IPad Lodestar - SciFi RPG <-- needs more attention too Kinetic Void - another Space Flight Sim <-- needs more attention too This is what I would like to fund in the near future: X-Wing vs. Tie Fighter successor Master of Orion 2 successor Starbound Dwarf Fortress (Paypal really sucks for me)
  3. Ive just read on joystiq.com that SEGA may be the publisher for DFA? Is this true? If yes what will be the role of SEGA? [EDIT: For anyone just skimming this thread, no, The Cave is being published by SEGA and is totally unrelated to DFA. -DF Chris Remo]
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