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  1. I'm kind of torn, too... On the one hand, I want the best game possible and as close to Tim's vision as it can be, regardless of how long it takes and where you get the additional money from. On the other hand, I fear this split release will hurt the game and most of all the reputation of Double Fine. The general reaction to the announcement seems bad enough as it is, at least outside of this forum. Yeah, it's a difficult decision, but in the end I would lean torwards the "split", since that means we will eventually get the "full" game. So keep up the good work, I really like what I've seen from the game so far! And I'm absolutely enjoying the documentary, even the tough parts. Great job, 2PP!
  2. I restricted myself to 4 votes, namely for Echelon, The Knockover, Shine Run and Turk. These were mostly votes to show support for ideas that sadly wouldn't make it but sounded interesting and/or fun. That said, I like the final 4, but they all had a comfortable lead and didn't need my vote anyway. As for the rest: Interesting/fun, but not enough to vote: Black Lake, Bragging & Fighting, Cloud Prix, Primordial Slime, Flopulus. Sounds nice, but not my kind of game(play): Kaiju Piledriver, Milgrim, CritterVerse, The Flock, Battle Bros, Redbot's Reboot, Double Fine High Did not like: Silent but deadly (Never been a fan of this kind of humor), Bad Golf (Golf = ZzZZzz, would play the "racing" part though) That leaves Zumbi Chained, where I have to admit I dind't get the idea what kind of game it should be. I would like to add that I had trouble with several pitch videos, where I liked the idea, but they missed important information explaining what the actual gameplay or type of game would be. The game design document (if present) in most cases didn't add enough to that as well. That would have left digging through the forum and asking questions, which I considered too time-consuming to be honest. Maybe also extending the pitch videos to 1 minute would be better?
  3. Well, I'm not really sure I "get" the whole idea, but it sounds awesome nonetheless! And while I think that games that have a stronger focus more on audio are slowly showing up more and more, they are mostly limited to music and music-influenced visuals. So there a still a lot of unexplored possibilities there.
  4. This seems like a perfect combination to me! Since the planning phase is one of the most important parts of a heist, I think it interacts very nicely with the card game aspect. And I really dig the art style too!
  5. This is a fascinating game idea! I especially like that its mechanics are rather simple, but could be offering very complex gameplay possibilities. Sadly it seems to be too niche for most people...
  6. I like the general setting and idea, really sounds like fun! And yeah, beards are awesome! The problem is that I have a really hard time visualizing the game. Some images or sketches of different scenes would work wonders. So lets see if I understood it correctly: This is a first/third-person open-world racing game? Like Driver or one of the newer GTA titles? How exactly would you get missions/runs/quests? Would a mission take place in the world itself or be on a separate track or a confined part of the world? Any idea how the rest of the managing/upgrading/etc. would be integrated in the game? And a more basic thing: While I think that the pitch video is funny and refreshingly different, it sadly doesn't do a good job of getting the game idea across. Sorry. And it would be nice to have a really short, concise explanation of the core gameplay idea. There is, for example, a big difference between a top-down and a first-person racing game.
  7. Sadly, the general style doesn't appeal to me, too... But if I HAD to choose the ones I liked the most it would be C, and circled M and maybe circled E of the new ones.
  8. At least one of these (or something similar) was already mentioned, but anyways: - at the edge / outside the universe - a world which is essentially a giant ship on a water world - a place where everyone has only one sense (smell, touch/feel, see, hear), but none of the others. Or where the senses are distributed in another fashion (ie. one group can see and smell, the other can feel and hear, etc.) - a place which is initially (almost) blank (to the player), but fills when the protagonist hears about things, i.e. someone mentioning places, objects, people. This can be expanded to the inhabitants knowing only parts of their world, meaning everyone just sees/interacts with what they know - this one is kind of stolen : a theater play. Everything is a prop and the inhabitants are all actors, but behave as if it were a real world. This is only obvious to the protagonist, meaning a person "speaking aside" is only "heard" by the player, even if there are other persons around.
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